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On the first leg of your journal you're hustled over to learn how to ride a vehicle even before flying (!), which is of course the worst possible idea for new people unfamiliar with controls and not (yet) part of the people Mitch Kapor disparagingly says "have a high pain threshold".

These three lucky welcome areas -- Morris, Miramare, Waterhead -- get an extra-special newbie stream because anybody getting frustrated at this level is pushed towards just these three -- and judging from their traffic, it works like a charm.

Of course, coming to Miramare, they're right next to the Lindens' new patch of condos, Chicago-style, which they'll be selling on the auction in competition with their own residents.

These three infohubs have some of the most unfriendly architecture in SL. I always called Waterhead the Headbangers' Ball back in the day of the telehubs. In Miramare and environs, I still fall into the canals.