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September 26, 2005



Quote: "'You will cost us our game, you critics!' is the threat that every Forum FIC can wield at anyone who pushes them too hard."

I've never heard this. What I have seen is criticism turn into features of the platform.

You would be a lot more convincing if you would only quote things that were actually said.

Prokofy Neva

I guess you've never read Nolan Nash's posts in which he makes this claim that if people keep up the way they are, the forums/SL whatever will be shut down. I'd suggest you look them. I guess you've also never read all the transcripts of the meetings that took place with MJW, RAC, CR, etc in the last weeks, when one of the constant refrains, in these meetings and their discussion on the forums, was "You keep this'll threaten Linden Lab's business and harm their ability to have this game which we all love."

This is such a pervasive ideological position that I don't know where to start in getting you to see it if you don't. I'll see if I can pick up some links, but I doubt anything can convince you if you don't see that it's been a feature of all our debates lately -- there are always some who start piping up that too much criticism will rock the boat so hard the whole game will crash.

Um, you'd be a lot more convincing if you didn't post anonymously. Furthermore, your notion that criticism turns into the platform features is pretty skewed stuff -- where's the end of bounce scripts, for example?


You paint a scary picture, Mister Neva, about this "FIC" that you keep on talkin' about. I want to join the Second Life community, but after reading this, I believe I should wear soft shoes so as to not disturb the "powerful locals".
I really like your writings, though. They are very interesting...and humorous at times. I guess I have to think a little harder before joining a community that only respects a certain few and not all of its players.
Keep writing, Mister Neva. Don't stop for anyone besides yourself.

Tony Walsh

Very interesting deconstruction and analysis, Prok. Clay's last name is "Shirky" by the way.

Prokofy Neva

Oh, thanks for the correction, Tony, my bad. I'm glad you stuck with this meandering post and found it interesting. I wish I could write it up better, but I don't have the time now. I know there are some better arguments to be made about Shirky's postulations, I just have to work at it.

Gosh, Eimemo, you shouldn't let the FIC scare you away from SL. Please do join and look me up and I'll help you get started with newbie stuff if you need it. The point is it's a very big world and you can easily walk around these robots and never interact with them. You can make your own game. But they do own the forums and they do try to keep a hammerlock on the economy and the policy...what's interesting is that they don't succeed in that.

I've asked for one vital statistic from these Lindens that I can never get: telehub sales figures. I want to see the numbers. When we see that certain telehubs that aren't owned or operated or rented by these top FIC anchor stores do better, if we could even break it down to stores and types of products, we'd see that they are not the rules in quite the way they think they are, but are desparately clawing to stay on top.

I think generally the Lindens try to have an overal policy of creating a community where people can be respected. But their commitment both to freedom and to excellency and merit hobbles them at times because they err on the side of feting those whom they think are "the best" (and they are often not demonstrably so) or they let things like W-Hat fester long past the sell-date.

I think the solutions to fixing this world is just to bring a whole bunch more people in it. Now that I've been here a year. I'm going to sit down with my international rolladex and invite 100 people into it from all over the world. I didn't use to think it was worth bothering them with, but now I do. The solution is not to be scared away from this grand experiment but to enter into it so it is not left to these mediocrities who happened to stumble on it first and hobble it with their cramped vision.


nice, comfy place you got here :)..

Cristiano Midnight


Well it is glad to see some things stay the say. Your sad obsession persists. Just wanted to clear things up, since I didn't read most of your diabtribe. I don't play World of Warcraft 8 hours a day, in fact, I have been so busy with RL related stuff and pesky little things like preparing for hurricanes that I haven't been around much. Also, I have never bought or sold gold from IGE, though I gladly sell L$ to IGE. I endorse them highly. Finally, it is true, I have not been a creative frame of mind, so I have taken a break from SL. Thank you for your concern about the traffic in my stores - oddly enough, my sales have been stronger than ever. What remaining free time I devote to SL right now has been spent adding new features to Snapzilla. Take care, my love.

Prokofy Neva

Cristiano, you wrote on the forums that you had just completed a session of playing WOW for 8 hours straight. So it was reasonable to assume that you might have decided to move over to WOW. I didn't write this, you did. Next, little sympathy-inducing stunts like saying you have to prepare for hurricanes is just self-aggrandizing grand-standing. I have relatives who had to completely move from Louisiana. So? Life is tough all over. Don't introduce RL into an SL debate. You talked about your concerns for WOW, and given your love of IGE (entirely misplaced), it seems reasonable that you'd be more concerned about WOW gold than IGE Lindens. Whatever. Again, I just read what you write and comment, I don't "make up slander". If you don't play WOW 8 hours *every day* -- glad to hear it! Bet you play it *a lot* though : )

Traffic in stores is a significant marker. It might be down to 0 and you could still be making a killing of Good for you! But I think traffic in stores is important too to tell the measure of how much a person is in the world, and bothers with the world. Clearly, you don't.

We're told that in the next patch, any resident -- not just you -- will be able to send photos out to other sites or to their grandmothers or whatever -- that is, they currently show up on the website ONLY if they write but in the future, they'll be able to write or Can't wait! Bet they won't do that though lol.

Cristiano Midnight


Saying I played WoW one time for a long period does not translate into playing it for 8 hours a day. That is the problem with your writing - you make these ridiculous statements. As for the hurricane, Hurricane Katrina first hit Miami Beach, about 5 miles from where I live, so don't talk to me about hurricanes from your little apartment in New York. RL and SL do mix. Not having electricity, phone service, etc for several days, and also scrambling to prepare for Rita on short notice has taken up considerable time, as has dealing with the aftermath of it with family and friends. BTW, anyone can send pictures to any site they want to right this minute, and they always have been. I don't know why you represent that they can't. You are the only person who really seems to care about the front page of The pictures aren't even there half the time. Considering the vast majority of pictures come from mature sims, the checkbox you are so slathering over won't make much difference. Have a wonderful day.

Prokofy Neva

The problem with you, Cristiano, is not only that you have a thin skin, you have a literalist mind, and often a tiny mind. You said you were playing WOW for 8 hours straight. Guess you meant just *that one time*. Wow, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to imply you played WOW 8 hours *every day*. My mistake, Cristiano! There, happy now? many hours a day ARE you playing. Be honest, now. You're among friends. The first step to overcoming addiction is *admitting that you don't have control and that there is a Higher Power*.

"so don't talk to me about hurricanes from your little apartment in New York."

Um, ok. I'll be sure not to mention that I live a few miles from Ground Zero, that I lost one of my jobs in 9/11, and neighbours and fellow parishioners died. Oh well. On to the next disaster, I understand!

I'm sorry you had to cope with all those things. I have things to cope with that are hard too. But I don't parade them to strangers on the Internet, and don't peddle them for sympathy, especially in debates. I don't face a challenge to the issue of my store's traffic by saying "Oh, got busy in RL climbing Everest without oxygen and racing in that cancer race, as a cancer sufferer, but hey, I'll be on soon". I stand by my claim that people should not use RL as a coin of the realm in SL. They should not attempt to get credentials, sympathy, or special treatment in SL using RL information. I oppose that. That doesn't mean I don't "get how" RL affects SL." Der. Obviously when I have to rush a kid to the hospital, RL affects SL, hmmm? But I don't get on SL and say "Oh, pity me because my child is sick" or some such RL type of thing. So spare me, Cristiano, I have utterly, unequivocally, NO sympathy for you in SL when you do that. NONE. As for RL, well, I can feel the sympathy I feel for many other strangers caught in these horrors.

Sending pictures to other sites, sure, we all got that. What I mean is sending them to other sites and HAVING THEM STOP THERE ON THE SL FRONT PAGE ON THE WAY TO THAT OTHER SITE.

If you think the front page isn't important, then you haven't gotten rental sales or just visitors to interesting events based on what pictures are up on the front page *shrugs*. Your insistence that the SL front page isn't "anything" and that it's not working sometimes so you are "above all that" (this thing that you spent your life on) is really silly juvenile posturing. What would you be, Cristiano, if you didn't have the SL front page in your resume? Would you be anything more than a fanboy with a snapshot fan site? Please.

Yeah, the checkbox will make a difference. You'll see lol.

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