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November 28, 2005



my grandma do the same "oooh do you see what they do in this house?"


> Note to readers: Democracy Island is CLOSED. Um, yeah. That's what they mean by Democracy. A closed private island.

To clarify, Democracy Island is still being built. That's why it's closed right now.

stupid fucking idiot

As a stupid fucking idiot, I can undoubtedly say that everything Prokofy says is sheer genius.

Prokofy Neva

Who gets to build it, SNOOPY? Did you pay DNA Prototype and others? How is it that Zarf gets to put his business there? How were these decisions made? I mean, anybody can do anything they want, put together any group they want, etc. But given that this is university-funded, how did they do it? Just go through their existing contacts and pick their friends? Was SL involved? Are Lindens in the group? etc. Youth wants to know.


Ms. Profoky writes, "Blah, blah, blah."




Democracy Island is the definition of pure irony.

It's basically one guy hiring out another group to build it based on the concept of another person.

How exactly is that democratic?


Look, we all know that SL is founded on a lot of bullshit.

I mean there is so much don't ask don't tell going on that I can't even keep track of it anymore.

That's great for the press, but lets not go around kidding each other anymore.

Prokofy Neva

blaze, maybe you'd like to tell us a bit more of the don't ask, don't tell stuff you're aware of?

In a democracy, it's fine for a group of students and a professor to make a kind of model democracy center, like they said they made a model UN. Except...they're not using the word "model" or "experiment" or anything. Instead, both the UN and Democracy Island immediately jump to this hype about "serving the community" or being there for "groups in the world to communicate" or some such vaunted role. I find that pretentious. And wrong.

Prokofy Neva's democratic for those people anyway, blaze. Where 2 or 3 are gathered in Philip's name...

Hiro Pendragon

Prok, don't confuse the purpose of Democracy island with a form of government. The island is not made to create government; instead, its purpose is more of developing tools and groups to help promote democracy and public involvement. In the same way a voting machine company wouldn't let just any person onto the manufacturing floor, the island is under construction. Big deal.

It was unprofessional rude of you to make such a hissy fit before bothering to actually do some *investigative reporting* and actually *ask* one of the Democracy Island people before you accuse them of bloody murder. Your opinions are baseless and your attacks are libelous, plain and simple.

Prokofy Neva

Hiro, even people with little projects can aspire to be a form of government by modeling and often end up ruling quite a lot. "Making tools" is in fact having a lot of influence over people and that's *precisely* the aim. Geez, your analogy is really quite troublesome -- this purports to be something as pervasive as an actual voting machine?
And who are they? There's nothing libelous about reporting, discussing, and stating your concerns. It's right and just to ask what kind of impact well-funded and privileged projects with influential people in them are going to have on us all.

Democracy Island didn't ask me for permission before it spawned in my world and began to influence the discourse. And the free press doesn't have to ask permission to discuss things of this nature.

Awful how kids today have no grasp on the basic rudiments of what democracy really is and what free discussion in a democracy is all about, and can so easily be swayed by group-think. Stop trying to intimidate people and make them conform.

Trust me, the ideas being developed here are not just "some little project". It's right and just to question them to the hilt and challenge them.

Kyrah Abattoir

Prokofy, queen of the lies, truth bendings, extrapolations libels and verbal harrasments YAY


"Democracy Island didn't ask me for permission before it spawned in my world and began to influence the discourse."



i am soo confused please Prokofy "PEOPLES CHAMPION" Neva exsplain to me in what way is it affecting anything other than making you get all whiny about something else??
once again your sky is falling rants are so limited in scope as to be in this case flippin irrelivent to 99.99% of the residents of SL
and OMG i find it soooo funny to see you of all peopel bemon the lack of a clue what Democracy stands for
some one with the socialist agenda you push so vehomently...sighs

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