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March 09, 2006



Okay, I like you again! Great post.

The place in McFee is Heaven Above the Clouds. The people who go there for conversation rather than sex like it because it's like 'Ahern with Possibilities.'

It's an anomaly, a badly designed place with awful lag. There are ten places better, but great people keep landing for some reason. The Eventide 'Mile High Club' should get twice the traffic, but it's rather new as yet and lag-unproven.

Squeedoo S

Hahaha, okay, this article made me laugh. Very funny and informative.
And why are you so surprised that your tenants keep on hitting on you? You ARE gorgeous, you know. ;3

Schw. G.

Shorter Prok:

Internet sex is weird! Here are my opinions about it.

Prokofy Neva

No, Schw, I don't take instructions from you all.

I write as I please.


sExual iSsues reAlly arises because of these new technologies such as ceLLphones and internet.. but lets put 2 our mind that the use of these technologies is depend to the users which means you as users must know your limitations upon using these, besides it's you will be affected and not others. Use these descently and you have to protect yourself from these issues.

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