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March 11, 2006



Good God almighty! Are you telling me that Hamlet would not allow you to post this?

And he DARES to call himself a journalist?

Just confirm this please, that I am reading right here, before I truck your post over there myself.


Prokofy Neva

I posted it. He took it off. *Shrugs*. It's HIS blog on a privately owned site, Coco. He can remove WTF he wants.

I keep staring at it to see if it contains a personal attack. I hardly think that saying "Serves him right" about the Bush guy being called the Bush guy because he devalues people's land -- and not being called the Impeach Bush guy even to make sure his message was clear -- is the ultimate irony.

We all know he's called "the Bush Guy". The message is lost.

I personally didn't vote for Bush and oppose many Bush policies.

I suspect that if you challenge Hamlet on his blog policy of erasing me upon impact, you'll be erased, too LOL. What a dick he is.

Kyrah Abattoir

well he sensor his blog as he like, like you do, like i would do if i had so much time to waste in a blog

vince braver

who cares

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