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August 20, 2006



"Anti-Age Play Demo against Daddy's Escorts in Yangpa; Sim Crashes Twice"
Haha, my friend was at one, she said that the guy go so upset that he packed up and sold his land. Is this the same one?

bryan campen (cyrus huffhines)

The only thing that I saw that was off with the Scion was that Shaun's tail was sticking out of the car, but he said that was normal. And hey, I have to say that it was Millions of Us who did the Scion release simultaneously at SLCC and in SL :D
Will drop one on you when I get a fresh batch.

Prokofy Neva

I like it that Shaun's tail was sticking out of the car. Furries rule! I think that people branding into Second Life have to realize there are other people here with likes and tastes and...tails. Tails that will stick out of their cars so they may want to design some to accommodate their new customers : )

Talon Lardner

I just usually detach my tail before boarding cars... But that Scion does look quite cool, sadly, I wonder where I can snag one, and how much it costs...

bryan campen (sl: cyrus huffhines)

Talon! IM me inworld and I will see what happens;)

Kyrah Abattoir

prok there is ctrl+a to add in your shortcuts memo

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