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August 11, 2006


Marc Sirkin

Great summary - I was there but "bolted" because I had to drive 2 hours back to CT and wish I could have stayed. Next time I'll come up in my 30's male meat suit and say Hi.

I appreciate the write up and the discourse - without you in the room, it would have felt a lot like a 90's pre-boom style meeting with no reality check in place.

MY 2 favorite parts of the meeting were:

1. When you summarily threw down that guy about "democracy" - beautifully done, if not a bit harsh :)

2. The zefrank clip about ugly myspace. One could make a similar (if not scaled down)arguement about how ugly SL vendors and displays tend to be (yellow gradient backgrounds with red serify text yikes). Self-expression is where it's at!


Stan Pomeray

Sounds very interesting. A bit far from London for a one-evening event though (even when there ARE planes taking off!).

Prokofy Neva

1. If you mean the guy at the very end who asked why weren't we raising democracy, I didn't throw him down at all. Not sure why you thought that. In fact, I was very glad he raised the issue that a lot of tekkie types just aren't interested in and therefore don't consciously put in a program like this or don't ask it as a question from the floor(I suppose because they figure they'll just get democracy for themselves at least lol).

He was absolutely right to raise the issue of whether we'd all have rights and what there'd be beyond property rights, and I was very glad he raised it and shared his concerns.

I didn't feel this was any smackdown, but I did feel I had fought enough for rights myself that he was coming to the wrong address on it. The point is, he may have disagreed that avatar rights have to be housed in respect for property. I might argue that they would have to be because you don't have another place to start. People bitch about the founding fathers being an elite group that is propertied and doesn't have women, slaves, immigrants, etc. involved. Well, sure, but at least they put their rights in later based on the framework they had created, it allowed for that.

That doesn't mean you never have constitutional assemblies because they are inevitable limited to elitists, those who bother, propertied, etc. I found people later all too ready to junk all those institutions of democracy from the old meatworld as if what they're going to do in cyberspace isn't as bad or going to be worse! It already is, and they've merely substituted the programmers and the content-creators for the propertied, slave-owning class.

2. The zefrank clip was great because what he was saying was interesting, but he also combined two genres, the goofy slapstick Youtube type of video genre with a serious educational genre where he said deep-think things in rapid-fire progression.

BTW, the textures on the Moonshine Herbst RENTOMATICS are among the most hideous things in SL. I began using Hank Ramos' rentomatic long ago not only because the commission was cheaper but because you could put your own texture on it.

But there's a simple reason those colours and that ugly graphic are used -- people see and notice it. Yellow and red on white have simply proved to be the most visible colours in SL, and possible just as they are in RL, with traffic lights. You can get all arty and have pastel blues like I do but then a lot of people can't even see your rentomatic and drive you nuts asking you where it is lol.

The most important thing about zefrank's clip was that he said not only about people beginning to make their own movies and such, but that in the course of having to learn a lot more technical stuff about how to make art, that new free tools would give them, like learning about the angles at which you shoot in a "reality movie," that they'd begin to ask more questions and be more critical of the stuff the companies were pushing at them, i.e. they'd see through the lie of reality TV or whatever.


Hmmm. Very interesting! This is not a very intellectual response, but anyway . . .

You mentioned someone saying all things in SL can be copied. Well, actually, they can be flat-out downright CLONED, if you have the right exploit. (And, I believe, if permissions are mod, but I'm not sure about this.)

A little story: I was making my angels for the Azure Islands Tree last winter, and Zeboc was with me, and I mentioned how I would love to reach into the computer and take them out to put on my own mantel.

Some days later there was a package in the mail. Zeboc had made the angel himself! Out of styrofoam and some things! So adorable! One of the best gifts I ever got!

OK, carry on . . .



P.S. That was confusing. The Zeboc story had nothing to do with the cloning thing.

Prokofy Neva

Yes, well he's the very guy doing that. That's the guy. Using those cloning things. Exactly.

bryan campen (cyrus huffhines)

Really refreshing to read this piece. I have not been to your blog before and am glad that this dense and engaging article was the first one I read! Only wish I had been in Manhattan Thursday.
More later but thanks.

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