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September 13, 2006


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Joshua Nightshade

You're beyond idiocy at this point.

aEoLuS Waves


Now this is really funny!

Phoenix Psaltery

Oh, my god. You guys are dorks, but I must admit that whoever wrote this is a comic genius.


Oh man, this is great.

Dildo Baggins

I concur...a masterstroke of comic genuis. It stands alongside such greats as Linden Labs development philosophy, Boliver Oddefellowes exapnding ego of metaverse developer domination, and , last but not least ...hmmm....god...actually...there a whole bunch of wankers positioning themselves to be the Netscrape of the multiverse are there not, so lets just leave #3 open to whoever the reader chooses? Holy frijole! When will it stop!

irvin maltz (W-hat member)

Oh, you're back :)

Yay! :D

Joe Public

aye...what can I say to that but.."A caricature is putting the face of a joke on the body of a truth."
Joseph Conrad

Showdog Tiger

Dearly Darling,

Very amusing!

Ever Yours,

Mrs. Showdog Tiger

Little Merit

Prok will you ghost-write my autobiography? You bring a whole new experience to American literature and it's something I want to be a part of!


Cat Cotton

roflmao PRICELESS :D

Gene Replacement

Can someone summarize this plz I don't have time to read this crazy cat collectors blog.

Squeedoo S.

Pruella, I hope you really wrote this. I mean, it'd be nice, but due to the recent hacking of your site, who knows?

Very cute, though.

Gordon Spice

This fabrication would bite you.

""It's a game," Sgt. O'Hara of the Southern California branch office of the FBI told reporters. "We're supremely uninterested in games as we have real stuff to do," he said."

Then again, who'd put a crazy old cat lady in jail?

katykiwi Moonflower

Brilliant satire!


""It's alive, all right," Nimrod Yaffle told World Tech. "I asked it to reduce my tier bill to 0 this month, and it did; now I can land-swoop to my heart's content, and who's to know?""

I'm a land swooper now? O_o


BAHAHHAHAHAHAHA :) Thanks for this. Was a fun read over this morning's Starbuck's :D

Gwyneth Llewelyn

I still haven't stopped laughing, Prok :) This is simply deliciously hilarious :)

Excellent, delicious, succulent satire; we want more!

Fan-tastic! Now, can I join your fan club? I saw that the *other* nostril is still not worshipped...

balsamic prunes

i am getting scared

Hernando Ricardo

I believe I may be on the Internet.

Max Case

Prok - when did you get a sense of humour? This was funny - not laugh out loud funny, but funny none-the-less. I almost read the whole thing.

Miles Edgeworth

it's like satire crawled into a hole and died

Miles Edgeworth

hell, scratch that

it's resentment and loathing dressed up in a Satire costume made of trash bags and tempera paint, which then proceeded to crawl into a hole and die

Miles Edgeworth

hell, scratch that

it's resentment and loathing dressed up in a Satire costume made of trash bags and tempera paint, which then proceeded to crawl into a hole and die

Huns Valens

I couldn't bring myself to read the whole thing. Also, Winston Churchill was gay. That is all.

Loydin Tripp

Jim Dandy.

I did not get a lot of it because I am not inside enough but I am getting there...

Sadly I usualy get to have the good times before the sarcasm sets in but the Lindens won't give me a chance.

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