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December 07, 2006



Good. Best news I have heard all day. Hope its permanenet

Lordfly Digeridoo

Shortest post ever about the evil ficerati? Shameful!

Lecktor Hannibal

Excellent news ! Looks like the prophecy is coming nigh! How much longer before they pwn ravenglass Prok? Keep on pushin' babe.


The best news I've heard all day is that Places and Classifieds are fully searchable again.

If they pwn Ravenglass can I have the dam?

Jarod emailed Jeska long ago and asked to be banned from the official forums so he'd stop wasting his time arguing and getting his hopes us that the Lindens might "come around."

She turned him down. Go Figure.

Cocoanut posted a riot at SLU today about Torley asking for "community input" when the Lindens deem it necessary until they deem having enough which they can do because they always know what's best being flawless and all. I can't roll through the sentiment as effectively as she does.

Weren't you banished from the official blog once before Prok? Perhaps these informal IMs aren't as permanent as notecards telling you that you haven't actually done anything wrong but are going to be banned anyway just because people are tired of reading your posts. Really go figure.

Am I rambling again? Sorry, must eat more pecan tarts. Night All!

King Frederick

Perhaps you should try to be a reasonable person playing a game now, rather than a raving conspiracy theorist struggling to gain political power in a Bitmap wilderness.

Frans Charming

Prokofy did you post any comments on this Post?


awww dammit. I was tryin to get banned from the blob before ya, Prokness


I just don't HAVE it anymore

Prokofy Neva

No, Frans, I didn't have any other posts up.

taco rubio

didn't i just ask you about this 2 days ago ? for somebody who feels they have their finger on the pulse of LL, you sure don't keep track of who's comm monkey at any given rotation, or how they react to stuff.

I'm sorry you got banned, I read what you had to say, and while naturally abrasive and mostly-off in your guesses, i think you mainly suffered bad timing again, during a torley "i'm in charge here" moment.

hope it gets undone, and joust windmills more on favorable weeks.

David D

First Lewis,

then Prok,

uhoh Coco I smell a trifecta, hope you Lewis and Prok aren't attached to your assorted inworld land holdings/businesses/adorable widdle houses. The hand writing is on the wall.

Sweating yet?

John Hurliman

You're still going to be promoting libsecondlife at the next town hall though, right Prok?

Prokofy Neva

No, I'll be challenging libsecondlife, tough guy.

And no, David, why would I be sweating? I haven't done anything wrong. I've broken no TOS rule. I'm singled out selectively. There is far worse personal attacks and bitter nastiness to the Lindens on that blog than anything I approached. They are just doing their usual "message-sending".

And if they seize my property and expel me, they send a terrible signal to all the businesses interested in SL -- unless you imagine like yourself, businesses in fact are hoping to sanitize worlds of critics and behave like fascist governments. Some might, but most understand the value of critical thought and speech.


It's ME he thinks should be sweating, Prok.

Who is this David D person? Is he in LibSL?

And is this yet another example of the fine, upstanding adult citizens we have running LibSL and thus running everyone else's lives in SL and deciding what is going to happen to them next?

Which includes quite a few adults paying quite a bit of money for their places and their businesses on the grid.

While, I might add, LibSL gets sims given to them gratis to run their little destructive experiments on.

I do not appreciate these bratty children running amok and then rubbing our noses in it, and I most CERTAINLY don't appreciate LL for giving them the go-ahead to do so, and sending them love-letters in the bargain.

Does LL know this David D person is on this blog threatening and hoping I get banned as well? Do they have any sort of idea what these LibSL people are like?

And what sort of mind is it, anyway, like David D's, that wants people with opinions different from him banned?

It seems to me if I had an organization, such as LibSL, I would certainly not act like a snotty brat towards those who disapproved of it, hinting that LL should ban those who disagree with my organization, or the latitude given it.

I would be taking a high road, and treating those who disagreed with me or my organization with respect.

But then, I'm an adult.



I really think someone should point this out to LL, that their darling little boys are here threatening that my business will be taken away from them, because I dare to give my opinion that they have entirely too much power in SL.


David D

Ah, reading comprehension... I wonder if this time it'll take 40 pages and 30 odd posters saying the same thing before you grow a hint of a clue coco? Likely not, mostly because most people have given up trying with you.

Nope not I'm in libsl Cocoanut, but thanks for once again showing just how freely and frequently you accuse, and are completely willing to do so with utter absences of any evidence at all. That is what will be your undoing and the beauty is you you've been told that a hundred times but still can not see it coming. Given your and prok's inability to follow even simple posting guidelines and going off topic on nearly every post in the Linden blog and failing to heed the warnings, no second sight is needed to see the inevitable outcome. Just look at your continued and once again baseless assumptions and accusations, even in the two posts above, priceless, thanks. ;)

It's pretty easy to predict that if someone is walking on the tracks and refuses to hop off them even when they feel the train coming, that there is a good chance of what will happen. That isn't a threat, or a promise or manipulation, its common sense and thats something that there is a noticeable deficit of around here. I hear a whistle blownin' in the distance Coco, do you?

Prokofy Neva

It doesn't matter if David D. isn't in libsecondlife. First, I'd like to hear David D's SL name, because the rules for this blog is that you must post under your SL name in the People list, and not nick=names.

Second, he is typical of that impudent, fascistic spirit in young people these days (and not so young) of the technical class that seek to make others conform, and constantly threaten punishment if they don't. They imagine that they're in power, and this is how they will wield the power -- they also imagine they are absolutely in sync with those who are in power.

I haven't gone off topic whatsoever in that thread or others; I have indeed followed posting guidelines. Any rational, intelligent person can see that there's nothing wrong with my posts, and that if they are going to arbitrarily decide that defending an opinion contrary to the tekkie mob is "trolling," then they've got to ban a half dozen other people there on that thread. And if they decide that merely debating whatsoever is trolling, then they've got to ban many of the tekkies in that thread, too.

That's what people like David can't understand. They think the arbitrariness of unjust power will always be in their favour.

These smarmy little prudish lectures about "walking on the tracks" are typical of this oppressive class of people. As I keep saying, you have to fight and defeat them, or they will take over. Thank God there are many, many more people doing this now.

King Frederick

"And if they seize my property and expel me, they send a terrible signal to all the businesses interested in SL -- unless you imagine like yourself, businesses in fact are hoping to sanitize worlds of critics and behave like fascist governments."

Oh? I seem to remember when 60 people, who you arbitrarily named "GRIEFERS," lost all their property and their land you didn't lament it, but celebrated it. In fact you posted a thread called "THEY MISSED SOME" afterwords.

I will laugh when Ravenglass joins Satyr.

Prokofy Neva

They griefed Second Life repeatedly, this is well documented, and they even spread grey goo and crashed the grid. The are rightfully banned, and their property is seized under the TOS.

I haven't griefed anyone, and have not violated the TOS.

These distinctions aren't relevant of course to fascists like you.


David D, whoever you are, it is you who lack reading comprehension (as well as the courage to use your real name), or you would notice that I phrased it as a question.

"Most people have given up trying with you." You mean you and your SC cronies, who like to think that people who disagree with them are obviously morons who just don't get what "we keep trying to tell you."


David  (D)

" would notice that I phrased it as a question."

You learn at the feet of your mistress well young sith-puppet. I bet since you new about copybot 6 months ago you, nimrod and prok have been planning the release of copybot for months now, right?

Did you help nimrod set up selling points for the copybot in world? How long did prok know of your plans? Did she use Ravenglass rentals to pay off Nimrod for false statements and manufactured logs? Were the sales of your widdle houses used for these villainous attacks on our community? What? They're just questions as a person with access to a blog I'm therefore a reporter, and the people have a right to know how deep the "evol" plot between you, prok and nimrod lays! We must push back! You can't take are SL from us! Shame on you if you tried to destroy our secondlives with not telling about the copybot months ago! Do you have any idea of the any and suffering your complicit in???

Just questions right?

Freedom of expression right to post and threats of censure in the comments section of a post about censure. Taste that irony. ;)

King Frederick

"They griefed Second Life repeatedly, this is well documented,"

Please list all 60 Satyr/V-5 members and their griefing crimes.

"I haven't griefed anyone"

Lots of people think your long, rambling conspiracy theories and personal attacks(usually based on your resentment at rejection -- "They have X group which is not open to everyone/ME that's not FAIR") constitute griefing. Including Linden Labs as you have now been banned from both the blog and the forums.

And its not because you're particularly insightful. It's because you're a self-interested muckraker with a raging envy for people you perceive to have any kind of power or influence over you. Whether it be content creators, the Lindens themselves, the "tekkies," or anyone else who has some kind of talent or responsibility that scathes your sense of entitlement and fear of rejection.

"These distinctions aren't relevant of course to fascists like you"

Yes, that's me, sitting on a throne of ice throwing thousands of people into the gulag for daring to question my rule.

P.S. You should come see the Christmas Village Baku build, it is really cute and funny.

Verbena Pennyfeather

My griefing crime was being pure awsome.

Jesse Malthus

And you say that you don't believe in karma? (Yes, I'm expressing a *spiritual* belief in a "latter-day secular humanist pagan" sort of way)
Also, two properties of life that you must recognize:
1) There is no such thing as bad press.
2) Forbidding or condemning something only makes it more inticing.

Kyrah Abattoir

Sound like a well deserved little slap on your kiddo wrist Prok.

Prokofy Neva

No, I don't believe in karma, it's not part of my religion.

I haven't done anything wrong.

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