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October 23, 2007


57 Miles

Well, I guess it could have been worse :)

Prokofy, I'm sad to see you go. You were great on those podcasts, which will not disappear, but will, if you'll allow me, be made available for download on which I'd still like to give to you.

My offer still stands: I'd like you to have the domain, and the audio, and do something fantastic with it. It was always your show.

Hope you'll consider taking me off mute sometime.



Prokofy Neva

SO the reader understands -- a domain name purchased with the name is being offered me.

Not a domain that is rant

Sorry, no sale : )

Prokofy Neva

Oh, and podcasters beware! When advertisers and big metaversals come around to lean on you, "having your own show" means...having your own show out in Siberia ROFL.

Tenshi Vielle

Good. :) You're commentary was heresy.

sean percival (sean voss)

Telling me to fuck off? I really dont care. I'm not easily offended and it just helped to serve my point to Nick. Any traffic you generate for him is not worth the damage to his brand.

Looking forward to the day you give up on SL and move on to harass another VW. As far as I'm concerned you are too counterproductive to be a part of what we are now trying to build here.

Virtual Illunamti Out.

Cocoanut Koala

Damage to brand.

Well, God knows, that's the most important thing.


Cocoanut Koala

"As far as I'm concerned you are too counterproductive to be a part of what we are now trying to build here."

Who is this "we," kemosabi?


Maxx Something

Shame on nick for bowing to pressure from outside sources.

Crap Mariner

I thought SR was informative and entertaining, and I'm going to miss it.

Alex Nikolaides

Prokofy Neva wrote:
"Nick Wilson (57 Miles) in Second Life, IM'd me during the IBM/LL Interoperability meeting today and told me that he was canning my podcast, and banning me from his island, group, and site."

57 Miles wrote:
"Prokofy, I'm sad to see you go."

Nick, when I need to hear wooden and misleading language I can turn on my RL TV.

Patchouli Woollahra

@Alex N. :
With anything that revolves around Prokofy, or anyone else for that matter, there is always another side.

I would be interested to see the 57 Miles' take on this matter somewhere. Hopefully, it will be significantly shorter.

\will definitely be shorter than Prokofy's average Second Thought.

\\ Just a thought.
\\\ nope, no second ones.

Maxx Something

Never ceases to amaze me how many people want to swipe--and usually without success--at Prok. Personally, second rant was one of the few second life podcasts I listened to each week. Given, there are hundreds of them out there--most worthless tripe from people who excel at irrelavance--stupid, idiotic podcasts dealing with clubbing, romance and other witless crap I could find a million other places. Prok and Nic worked great together, I thought, and I'm going to miss Second Rant.

Prokofy Neva

Patchouli, you're such a fanboy and such a conformist. It's sad, in one so young!

I think this chat is instructive, if you are looking for "sides":

7:45] 57 Miles: hey prokofy, do you have time for voice chat about 12:30 SLT today?
[7:49] Prokofy Neva: I won't likely be online -- can you talk now or in IMs?
[7:49] Prokofy Neva: I'm semi AFK right now
[7:50] 57 Miles: no, will be cooking in 10mins
[7:50] 57 Miles: ill try to catch you later
[7:50] Prokofy Neva: well if you are calling to issue reprimands for your groups and lists and comments -- as you say -- talk to the wall.
[7:56] 57 Miles: Nice
[7:56] Prokofy Neva: Live by the sword, die by the sword, 57.
[7:58] 57 Miles: well lets do this in text then. I have to cut second rant, and participation in the site, and on the land prokofy. I hate to do it, but you went too far yesterday, and have left me little choice.
[7:58] 57 Miles: I'll be back in a bit. will stay logged in.
[7:58] Prokofy Neva: well that's very chicken of you Nick, it really is
[7:59] Prokofy Neva: Thre is nothing whatsoever in my podcasts that is objectionble, and you know it. If people harass me in comments like John Lopez, I have not bitten their bait, and you've had to close threads.
[8:00] Prokofy Neva: You should not have allowed people in group chat to harass me as they did, read the transcript, you have nothing to say about them doing that?!
[8:01] Prokofy Neva: I would suggest that you *not* be a coward, and if you don't want me to come to your events or chat in your group, understood, but the podcast is truly unrelated.
[8:07] 57 Miles: I've spent a lot of time defending you, and defending my position on you, but the harrassment of others in comments, the actions on muse isle, the last podcast and the im's in the metanomics group i just cant defend.
[8:07] 57 Miles: and if i cant defend it, i shouldnt condone it
[8:07] Prokofy Neva: I haven't harassed anyone in comments, and you yourself edit podcasts, and I can't imagine what is objectionable in the last podcast
[8:08] 57 Miles: it's note the situation i would have wished. i consider us to be friends, but i really have little choice, as your behaviour is being linked to my business
[8:08] Prokofy Neva: Where's the lecture for sean Voss who has been stalking and harassing me for week
[8:08] Prokofy Neva: You are being pressured by your worry about advertisers to suppress critical debate, and that's wrong
[8:08] 57 Miles: ill be speak,in to him, and guissee. they were at least not helping, if not partly to blame
[8:08] Prokofy Neva: and no one excpects that of you
[8:08] 57 Miles: the fact is i have to stop this now though
[8:09] Prokofy Neva: I think you have just been looking for an excuse, Nick.
[8:09] Prokofy Neva: and you are suddenly piling on with some score skeeping
[8:09] Prokofy Neva: I have more listeners than any of the others, and people really appreciate this podcast, I don't see that it harms you one bit
[8:09] 57 Miles: actulaly i welcome critical debate. but death threats are not critical debate, no matter how much you may have been provoked
[8:10] 57 Miles: im sorry. i cant defend it anymore.
[8:10] Prokofy Neva: there aren't any death threats, there's a telling off of someone who behaved OUTRAGEOUSLY
[8:10] Prokofy Neva: how does he even know about my son being in an accident?!
[8:10] Prokofy Neva: who told him that?
[8:10] 57 Miles: im happy to give you the domain, have it as a gift, i'll even set it up as a proper podcast site for you.
[8:10] Prokofy Neva: did you read what he said?
[8:11] Prokofy Neva: Um, if I need to run my own podcast, I can do that, what is interesting about it is that it is a kind of debate between people with different outlooks
[8:11] Prokofy Neva: to reward these smug assholes like Geius Dassin and sean Voss is REALY alarming
[8:11] 57 Miles: i saw what you said on muse isle. you were threatening to kill him. he may be a dick, and in fact. clearly is, but that was too much even for me to defend
[8:11] 57 Miles: brb
[8:12] Prokofy Neva: read what I said
[8:12] Prokofy Neva: avatars cannot kill people
[8:17] 57 Miles: I know that. i read it prokofy
[8:17] Prokofy Neva: My son is sitting here unable to walk, and will be like this for 6 weeks
[8:17] Prokofy Neva: why does this moron get to know about my son and harass me with a reference to him?
[8:17] Prokofy Neva: that's ok? and call me names and disaparage me for an hour
[8:18] 57 Miles: I really hope you appreciate this is not a situation im happy with. I'ts not one im changing my mind on either though.
[8:18] Prokofy Neva: I think you should not be a coward, and open up a debate that makes you look bad for cutting a podcast that has nothing objectionable in it
[8:18] Prokofy Neva: it will look like you are commercializing and sellnig out
[8:19] Prokofy Neva: if you want me to refrain from comments and coming to your meetings I can do that
[8:19] Prokofy Neva: I don't come anyway
[8:19] 57 Miles: Im sorry, this is just the way it has to be. Im not planning on making a big fuss about it, or embarrassing you (not thqat i think i could), but it is stopping now.
[8:19] 57 Miles: I will happily help you set up the site though.
[8:20] Prokofy Neva: I will be forced to become a sharp critic of
[8:20] Prokofy Neva: which I've refrained from doing
[8:20] Prokofy Neva: I will have to blog about what you're doing, even though I really would rather not
[8:20] 57 Miles: i know that. you'll get your revenge. that's expected.
[8:20] Prokofy Neva: I don't need any help setting up a site of my own
[8:20] 57 Miles: i wish it wasnt, but it is
[8:20] Prokofy Neva: It' snot about revenge, it's about keeping a space open for critical debate
[8:20] Prokofy Neva: you are shutting it and becoming consumed with concern about how you look to advertisers
[8:21] Prokofy Neva: ugh, Nick I thought you were better than that
[8:21] 57 Miles: well you dont have to accept help, but i hope you'll accept the domain, it's a good one. is yours
[8:21] Prokofy Neva: seriously, that's retarded
[8:22] 57 Miles is typing...

Prokofy Neva

[8:22] 57 Miles: perhaps. but people are linking your behavior with and that's not good for my business. Besides that though, i just cant condone the behaviour ive seen recently, business or no
[8:23] Prokofy Neva: There hasn't been any "behaviour" Nick, don't be ridiculous, if I tell somebody to fuck off who has been stalking me, and tell somebody who has the gall to harass me after a meeting about my son, that is not behaviour, that is self-defense
[8:23] Prokofy Neva: because no one else is defending me
[8:24] 57 Miles: id stil like to talk in voice. i hope you dont think for a moment im avoiding that. im cooking dinner between IM's P:0
[8:24] Prokofy Neva: I just represented your publication at a major industry conference, and had nothing but positive feedback and wrote 6 stories that I truly think are above reproach
[8:24] 57 Miles: yes, i loved them.
[8:25] 57 Miles: it doesnt change anything though. you crossed a point. to a position i cant defend, or condone.
[8:25] Prokofy Neva: you are complaining about a podcast that you could have edited, and I don't get what it is anyway in that podcast, it was a normal discussion
[8:26] Prokofy Neva: I can see that Gaius Dassin, creator fascist, whoever he is, and he is assurin me he's S"somebody" is somehow able to get to you, that is very worrisome
[8:26] 57 Miles: I psend a lot of time defending you. I told the rezzable guy to fuck off (politely...) today because he was complaining about you, but i cannont defend recent behaviour
[8:26] Prokofy Neva: people like that should never be encouraged, and now you've totally incited them
[8:26] 57 Miles: ive not spoken with him
[8:26] Prokofy Neva: Nick, the Rezzable guy has NOTHING to comlain about
[8:26] Prokofy Neva: it's Caleb's story, not mine
[8:26] Prokofy Neva: my comments are not objectionable about Rezzable
[8:26] 57 Miles: as far as im concerned, he showed himself to be a grade A pillock yesterday.
[8:27] Prokofy Neva: then don't feed the pillocks
[8:27] 57 Miles: i know. and i told him that.
[8:27] Prokofy Neva: but you are feeding them now, by cutting this podcast
[8:27] Prokofy Neva: everyone will see it, I will be forced to texplain the background
[8:28] 57 Miles: you can do that. but i'd be just as happy to go with "no time", as that is also quite true these days
[8:28] Prokofy Neva: I have to say that personally, you have hurt me very deeply, because you have deprived me of a press pass to VW, and of a major outlet for important news and views,for which I worked very very hard, and for free, and I'm afraid I don't explaint hat away by saying I have "no time"
[8:31] 57 Miles: i understand
[8:31] 57 Miles: sorry i suggested it, it was a stupid idea

Prokofy Neva

>You are too counterproductive to be a part of what we are now trying to build here.

*Shudders*. See what I mean? This is like the Soviets telling Joseph Brodsky the famous poet that he is a "parasite".

Ugh, seriously, these people only DO understand force.

Prokofy Neva

BTW, have to chuckle at Busybody Fugazi posting some "notecards that Glenn Linden passed around Second Life".

What he means is "passed around the special dev list I'm on".

"• ESC will provide registration (using the Registration API), have them chose from a set of avatars, and deliver them to the CSI OIs. They will also provide inventory, clothing and a HUD."

BTW, who got the windfall contract on THAT one?! lol -- Nylon again?!

He could have posted it to the public blog, but it was too "special" and for "dev eyes only".

Economic Mip

Well if you really want to know who got the design contract, I have heard the Sim "Fashion Avenue" is now open. Go look for yourself, but there were too many designers for me to post here.

Nobody Fugazi

You just dissed Sarah Nerd. She was the one who posted that.

Learn how to READ.

Prokofy Neva

Learn how to be banned from a blog you're banned from Busybody. And I'm happy to dis Sarah Nerd if she is now on Glen's list. Because she should be raising the question of why that card isn't put up on the blog by the LINDENS for everybody, instead of relying on her or you to post it for the reader to happen by.

Nobody Fugazi

And since I'm here...

You may have some good things to say, but lending those good things credibility also gives your personal attacks on people who have done you no harm ('Busybody Fugazi' - nice!) credence - and your personal attacks on people do not deserve one iota of credibility.

I am sorry to hear about your son, but he is a separate person and shouldn't be dragged in - even by his mother.

Now quit choking on your own bile. It is unbecoming.

Nobody Fugazi

Heh. I'll let you take that up with Sarah yourself. And as far as being banned from - well, shucks, why should my site be different from the majority of sites which agree with that measure?

The problem is OBVIOUSLY with everyone else. There is absolutely nothing you could be doing wrong.

ROFL. Later.

Prokofy Neva

Wow! This is turning into such a drama. This just in from Nick, who was complaining about me publicizing his private IMs:


Actually im not portraying anything around. I've sent a half dozen "no
comment" emails this morning. I said I would not make a big fuss about
it, or embarrass you, and I won't.

I don't expect you to believe it, but here's the thing re Giff's post.
I was going to have this conversation with you first thing in the morning, as I know you're always up then. Then I saw his post, and thought it would make matters worse if you thought that it had something to do with it, so I asked him if he'd please remove it. He did.

Just unfortunate circumstance."

Now THAT's interoperability!

Melissa Yeuxdoux

I'm sorry to hear about this. It was by far the most civil and concise statement of your opinions I've seen--or rather heard.

sean percival (sean voss)

Let me just clarify what Prok considers stalking:

1. reading her public blog
2. attending the same public meetings she does

zOMGbbq im a monster!

Also so there is no confusion all this son talk was not from me. That must of happened after I closed the group chat. I'm a smart ass but not a jerk.

Now excuse me while I erect statues of myself throughout the metaverse.

Prokofy Neva

No, stalking is coming to a public meeting but after being banned, coming back over and over again. And continuing to heckle and harass, and saying crap in groups, and showing up always to heckle on blogs. It's the typically immature, aggressive young male crap you find amplified in SL.

Busybody is speaking gibberish. And I didn't "drag my son" into anything -- these total strangers did, with whom I had not discussed the matter, and for whom it was not their business.

Any critique of Busybody is a public service. I remember when I ran a regular rebuttals service until it got to be too much work lol.

I don't have any bile. People who themselves are bilious, vitriolic, etc. imagine these characteristics accrue to me when I challenge it in themselves.

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