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October 01, 2007


Daniel Terdiman


I'm very sorry to have neglected to properly thank you for your time. You were indeed very generous with it, both in-world, and in person. And the mistake for neglecting to include your name--as well as at least one other I've discovered so far--from the acknowledgments is mine and mine alone. I hope you can understand that it was because of poor organization and not any kind of personal statement.

It's not an excuse: It's just a reason. And I take responsibility for it.

On the other hand, I do take issue with some of your statements, for example about my being embedded with MOU (CNET's in-world presence is on MOU, but that's as far as it goes. I am most definitely not embedded with them, and if you were to ask me about that personally, you'd get that), as well as some of the people who I didn't include in the book whom you think I should have.

I'm not going to attempt to say that I tried to talk to every last person that you say I should have talked to, but many of them I did, and they simply chose not to, or never got back to me after saying they would.

Prokofy Neva


Thanks for your comments. You don't owe any apologies, I suppose, your editorial work and decision-making process is clear, if somebody isn't memorable, they're just not memorable -- but it's my right to criticize it : )

Now what about Anshe? Surely you've said *something* about Anshe in the book?!

Surely she, more than anyone, deserves credit?

As for "embedded," I do understand your point, but I do think it is useful to call attention to this problem -- whoever pays the tier, calls the shots. You know, freedom of the sim belongs to him who has one, that sort of thing.

And -- full disclosure -- your wife is on the staff of MOU.

I totally understand that some people just don't want the glare of publicity, or the bother of working for free for journalists on the grid, especially when they may not get credit.

There's a saying I used to hear all the time from Bob Bernstein when he was at Random House, "There is no limit to the good you can do when you are willing not to take the credit." He even had this sign hanging in his office, and he lived by it. Of course, it's good to get credit, too.

Unlike others, I don't pretend I'm the kind of altruistic person who won't ask to be credited -- as you can see, I do, especially when I think a political statement is being made. Still, I manage to do a fair amount without seeking credit, either.


Daniel Terdiman


So, thanks for responding to my response.

Here's my follow-up:

1. Neither Anshe nor Guni would talk to me for the book. I tried. Believe me. I did end up putting some of the famous flying penises interview from CNET in the book (minus the flying penis part of it), because I agree: Any book on SL entrepreneurship needs something from Anshe. But as far as new assistance for the project, Anshe and Guni seemed to want nothing to do with it, or at least that's how it felt when they didn't get back to me. The same is true of some of the others you mentioned.

2. My wife no longer works for MOU, and hasn't since before summer even began. She has moved on to another organization. That you didn't know that is not surprising, since there was no press release or new stories about it, but it's nonethless a fact. It's also true that some of the people I talked to for the book have done work for MOU, but not one person in the book is an MOU employee.

3. It's true that you were very generous with your time, and I do very much appreciate that--and have written a new blog entry offering a mea culpa for neglecting to include you (and Spin Martin) and for misspelling Giff's name. It's not because you are unmemorable, because believe me, you are many things, but not unmemorable. It's because I am sometimes poorly organized, and I didn't get my organization on this book project really nailed down until about mid-way through it. By the time it came to putting together the acknowledgments, we were on such a rushed schedule that I simply missed some names. And sadly, yours and Spin's were two I missed. There may well be more, and I'm sure I'll hear about them. However, we only spent one hour talking in-world, not "hours" as you suggest in your posting. Further, I object to your saying you got a "blank stare" from me when explaining the source of the flying penises attack. What, you think I'm not interested in the origins of that event, especially from someone who might actually have real details on the perpetrators. Does that even make sense? Perhaps if my stare was blank it was because I was at the tail end of something like covering three conferences in three states in two weeks, writing stories and speaking at all of them, and was immensely sleep deprived.

Anyway, some of your points are very well taken, and I'm going to do my best to do right by the subject I wrote about, in the blog and going forward. I just think that perhaps you might have asked me about some of these things before you launched an attack, and frankly, got some facts wrong, something I get the sense you have little patience for in others.


the orgy of blog mediacracy

wife? didnt know
dueling 10k book advances at dawn?
now ill pay a linden to see that.


Prokofy Neva


Thanks for your comments, but you really need to stop accusing me of "getting the facts wrong". You haven't supplied any evidence that I did get anything wrong whatsoever. I realize you'll go all over the metaversal cocktail circuit now rolling your eyes and claiming that the scandalous blogger Prokofy Neva gets all the facts wrong...but I didn't. And you haven't indicated any yet that are "wrong".

1. I wrote that your wife "does/did" work for MOU. What's wrong about that? Nothing. She did in fact work there! Did you include that information in the book? If she worked there before you finished the book, wouldn't it still be relevant? If your sources are from people on the payroll of MOU, shouldn't that be stated? If you rent is paid for -- or you get a break on not having to purchase a sim, but just rent -- shouldn't that be mentioned? Again -- maybe it has no big influence on your narrative, but it still bears mention in the "full disclosure" vein.

Maybe you did mention all that in the book. It's just not on the blog.

2. Why wouldn't Anshe help on the book? This is the biggest open question here. If you go about the public task of creating not just "my take on SL" or "my first-hand journalistic impressions of Second Life in the first person" but "the SL Guide to Enterpreneurship" purporting to be a kind of encyclopedic reference, how could you do that book without something from Anshe? And what does that tell us?

I realize there could well be a lot of he-said, she-said story here, but you need to explain it.

If Anshe didn't help on the book, I understand, but since you got a great deal of your journalistic ink from covering her, even if some of it was a bit negative with the flying phalluses and all, and even if the incident left you with strained relations, isn't Anshe herself such a central part to the story of entrepreneurship in SL that you'd have to say something?

Since she did grant you the interview that led to 3-hours of conversation marred by the griefing attack, wouldn't that be enough to thank? I guess I just don't know when the clock starts ticking for the book-writing, but in some sense, it starts ticking from the moment you make your avatar.

Here's what it comes down to, Daniel Terdiman of CNET. You want to tell the story of Second Life *your way* with your people, your choices, your victors, your biases. And I'm here to tell you *you can't do that*. The story is bigger than you and your A-list. That's all. Write your books, get your glory, there is more to the story. And it's not about getting the facts *wrong*. It's about getting them *right*.

sean percival (sean voss)


Look forward to your book, I have it on pre-order. I just finished up the "Second Life Travel Guide" so I know how difficult it is track down some people in SL (Anshe never got back to me either). I was however amazed by how many people did take the time to speak with me. Best of luck with it.


Hoping you'll do a critical review of my book as well. If you email me a po box address ( I'd be glad to send you a copy. I think you'll be happy to see I featured many smaller SL businesses and not just the usual A-list.

I do understand some of your issues with the wiley books. I've found them all well done for the average SL user (which is the majority). However when they are only done by the "metarati" some magic is lost. Until the community steps up with other options these books are the best options for new and old residents. Don't like it? will let you print your own.


(click my name below to get my book)

Veronique Kaminski

here we go again.. Prokofy isnt egocentric... but when left out, the whining starts..

I rest my case..

Rhys Hutton

Notice Prok's usage of the term "victors".

Nothing more need be said - everything is some sort of competition to Prok and she will attempt to steamroll anyone who gets in the way of her rush towards "victory". Whatever the fuck that is.

Silly ape.

Rhys Hutton

Oh and whoever is posting as Cristiano above is a batshit fucking looney.

Prokofy Neva

Shows you how illiterate you are, Rhys.

There is a saying, perhaps you weren't taught it in your computer science school.

"History is written by the victors".

Daniel Terdiman is writing the history, from the perspective of the "victors" of Second Life. I beg to differ; there are many more stories; and his definition of victors is skewed.

I don't know what this stuff is about Cristiano, but I will erase it as it seems problematic.

Prokofy Neva

Rhys, I'm not interested in disclosing Cristiano's real-life identity, as he doesn't link it to his avatar or his website, and I think it's wrong to do that. It all looks fake to me anyway.

And I don't care to get involved in some dispute involving Cristiano's website, take it over there or somewhere else.

Cristiano is banned from here anyway for going soft on griefers calling me at home.

Ace Albion

I hope Daniel managed to get a few "new" (like 2006 starters and sooner) in amongst the old guard.

I've seen a lot of my friends pick up and make real successes of their SL businesses in such a short time when they decided to make a go of it last year. Their successes showed how it just isn't true that you had to be in SL in 2003 or whatever to make it.

Rhys Hutton

No, I'm not illiterate.

I am identifying a construct in your mind.

One which you're projecting, quite obviously, onto others.

Jake reitveld

None of the people who write these books ever talked to me. So I know all the books are flawed. Hehehehehe.

The telling this is, with supposedly 9 million people, only 1000 or so make over $1000 US/month. Thats a lot of people hanging out in sex clubs. Hell, anymore, the sex clubs are the best places to hang out, because people actually talk. Everwhere else people are working on thier business, behind red parcel bans.

Second life is not really seond life-its second grind, or second fuck. Second fuck is more sociable, so its winning.

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