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December 14, 2007


Dan Larson

Fuck you, Prokofy, aka "PROKY PIG". That nickname sticks! You have too many words, too little actions, and you should really shut the fuck up and advance the human race instead of coddling it as it backslides into an idiocracy. I'm of the firm belief that you should be taking care of your children instead of wacking off your shama-lama-lama-dingdong.

More people gotta AWAKE that you just spew septic sewage all over , you are a haiku's worst enemy but luckily for them, time is not on your side beeeeeeeyotch

You, Sir, are an obsessively old, diseased cunt,, and,,, a,,,, toxic fossil.

Prokofy Neva


Connie Sec

Poor Danny boy. Unable to write any coherent rebuttal, he sinks to verbal abuse. While I may not agree with every point you have made in all your posts, I have found then engaging and thought provoking. So I for one, as a year end comment, thank you for being "engaged" in SL.

Nicholaz Beresford

My goodness, nobody deserves to get a comment like Dan's.

Prokofy Neva

Well, of course not, glad you noted that Nicholaz. but anyway, this was a very long article -- too long -- that I should have divided into 3. I figure a lot of people read the first page only anyway, and I mainly use writing to think.

So I will rewrite some of it as another article coming down the pike.

Untameable Wildcat

I'm glad you kept Dan's comment up there, to prove how bad saying something like that really is.

We've had our differences. I still think you're wrong on some things, and I do think you can be obstinate and rude at times. But I'd never - and I think you'd never either - resort to such a rude, pointless, blatantly abusive attack.

Dan Larson, please feel free to help yourself to a bar of soap and wash your mouth out!

Prokofy Neva

My rules about posts are:

a) you must post with a Second Life avatar name or recognizable bloggers' name or real life name. I just don't have time to go check whether "Dan Larson" is any of those 3, because his link is to the Ron Paul campaign (one more strike against that, eh?)

b) you must not incite or cause SL or SL damage to me. Calling me even the most foul names, or making even the most malicious criticism is not what I mean by "damage". Damage involves things like griefing my land and forcing a tenant to move out, destroying property or disrupting an event, etc. in SL -- and in RL it involves things like stalking, calling at home, or using a bully puppet like the Blingsider or Second Cast to excuse and explain away such stalking as "deserved".

It's also important to see who it is who is affected by my writings criticizing open-source: the malicious asshole hackers who form the heart of the movement in SL, who are from And that's why one of them has come on here particularly to this article and put such a vile comment -- my post goes to the heart of the thuggery that they in fact promote with their ideology, and they know it, and react viciously to its exposure.

Prokofy Neva

hehe bully *pulpit* -- but puppet works too lol.

Chadrick Baker

This is a really good post Prok. I do have to mention on thing though. To call Hurliman slimy or to judge his character based off of Copybot I think is a little off base. I've gotten to know the guy, it's not the case at all.
In fact, there is some legitimate perspective in that Copybot actually should force Linden to develop the tools to better protect those who use the platform. If this is not done, it's on Linden.
I was part of that Prim-tax revolt, as you know, and the unfortunate reality is that protests such as that no longer work in the same regard. SL has gotten to large. A group of 40 people standing in a region with signs is going to make no large dent at Linden. It's people like Hurliman who, while potentially jeopardizing in world business, also force Linden to recognize what needs to be changed, fixed and addressed.
Either way, great post. You have this Ex-Linden's respect.

Prokofy Neva

Thanks for the post, Chadrick, and I appreciate the praise coming from you, on an article that is kind of sprawling and not my best. I'm actually perplexed what it is that you liked about this piece, but I'll have to follow up sometime. Meanwhile,but I simply disagree with your premises about Hurliman.

The purpose of John Hurliman wasn't to disclose a gap or exploit -- if that were the case, he would have quietly told the Lindens of it, and not exploited it *himself* and ridiculed people and lied about it and tried to buy off the press.

You're absolutely right that "it's on Linden" if they can't respond to this Copybot challenge you see that they are? And the TOS doesn't count -- that's a sop.

I don't care if he's a nice guy to his friends and his Linden -- and ex-Linden buddies. As a public actor, he was destructive, and unapologetic, even in making an apology.

To this day, we are feeling the affects.

As for "prim tax," that only worked because it fit in with the Lindens' own socialist goals, as you surely know. They were sold on the "revolt" (which could only happen because they let it) because they realized it harmed *creativity* and they privilege that above all other things, even private property and the rule of law.

I take your point about the atomized nature of SL, and the ability to get a social movement of protest to have legs in such a widespread diverse environment.

But...The Copybot saga in fact involved not "40 on a sim" protesting as you definitely must remember, but thousands of people who shuttered their businesses, demonstrated on many sims, mobbed the stores where Copybot was being sold, wrote on forums, addressed petitions -- it was a huge amount of activity with groups and meetings and rallies and it wasn't acknowledged precisely because it was about protecting people's private property, which Lindens put second below the overriding need to develop the platform.

And in fact, Copybot wasn't addressed. Because it never could really copy. And it was put in the TOS -- but that was merely symbolic. It took Stroker's lawsuit outside of the platform and in spite of LL to do anything about protecting copyright.

As for the open source working group, we don't see any indication from them that they are going to work overtime to protect people's IP or land value. They could care less. On land value, they REALLY REALLY don't care and are busy egging their friends on to stick it to landbarons and open up cheap opensims. On IP, they only care if it's a scripted thing, then they'll worry about it. Otherwise, it is in the way of progress.

If you think there is something different about what the Lab is doing, then...give me the links. Would love to see it.

Alex Nikolaides

Copybot is so 2006 Prokofy. It’s almost harmless compared to this:

The *entire* SIM of Orientation Island was extracted and imported into another engine! According to the people behind the “company”, this “project is proof of concept… that it's possible to export anything you own in Second Life”!

Oh, they say on their demo video that “you can export avatars too”. I wonder why none of the SL News blogs reported this so far.

Prokofy Neva

Alex, I don't know if you have ever studied the humanities. Quite probably not. "Copybot" in my essay is clearly used as a symbolic term to describe the problem of copying and copyright theft in general. In fact, it even states, in the facts known about Copybot, that it doesn't even pose any real threat, as it copies, but it's quite hard to make it then go into inventory for resale. Everyone knows that now, and there's no need for any more lectures.

Once again, I *did* report this issue of Crystal Studio, boosting the Cory Linden "information is free" copyleftist movement, in my past blog. I didn't specifically mention the issue of copying Orientation Island because that post was just put up. But the entire thrust of what I've been saying in all my posts this week, including the one about Open Source being criminal, is all about this: the ability to copy and export SL. We get all that. It's silly to rank the literal ineffectual Copybot as somehow less an issue than this OrientationIslandbot -- when it all comes from the same mindset, the open-source movement that thinks "all property is theft, therefore, I get to steal it".

What will LL do about this? Nothing. Those coder cowboys will pride themselves on being nonchalant and even inviting them to the next SL views or something.

Ultimately, they'll have to figure out what to do with these rogue sims that won't pay hook-up fees, and which keep logging on alts to pipe content out of SL.

urizenus sklar

Good year end summary, Prok.

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