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January 25, 2008


Prokofy Neva

Parking these questions here in case Herald erases:

Perhaps the Herald can role-play reporter on some other questions now that might get at Shaun Altman's motivations for doing this sort of report:

1. What is the total amount of earnings that Shaun Altman has made from Cyberlands and WSE and any other stock exchanges and banks in Second Life?

2. Where, exactly, now, are the investments made in Cyberland by some prominent investors in Second Life? Why can't they get answers to their repeated requests for reports, or a return of the money?

3. What compensation, if any, did Shaun Altman receive prior to the closure of WSE ostensibly for 30 days supposedly for a "software upgrade"?

4. Why has Shaun Altman ceased his criticism of WSE and specifically of LukeConnell?

5. Where are the proceeds from the ostensible liquidation of Ginko assets that Shaun was supposedly going to use to pay back depositors?

6. What are the amounts invested in Intlibber's empire by the Woodbury University ringleaders MC Fizgig and Tizzers Foxchase?

And so on. You know, act like real reporters.

Madelena Rossini

Dear Mr Neva,

Whilst I appreciate the fact that it might not be to your taste to have such neighbors, what exactly did they do to justify repossession of expensive land and the banning of an avatar? The law of precedence is inadmissible is a case such as this and regardless of how 'annoying' some of them may have been in the past, that hardly reflects on the incidents of yesterday.

As for your conspiracy theory that Woodbury University is a den of griefers, I would like to personally issue you with an invitation to come and visit the real Woodbury at any time and see how the classes are run. I suspect that you would become a little more enthused on behalf of its students if you did, and we would be able to move forward in a greater spirit of cooperation and collaboration in the metaverse. Otherwise we will continue to go round and round in circles with a war of words that literally gets us nowhere and could contribute to a more fatal breakdown of community than we perhaps realize.

I love your W. H. Auden quote at the top of this blog. It is a sentiment which I share. It is perhaps regrettable that we do not all dream up the same worlds and occasionally our worlds collide. But thankfully we still have free speech, and can celebrate our diversity and not be too hard on one another for looking at life through a very different lens.

With respect,

Prokofy Neva

Madelena Rossini is in on the conspiracy of Woodbury, a long time member and PR flak. Look at the groups. Also involved in the Intlibber empire.

Each and every person on that land had a long time history of stalking and harassment on my property, repeated bans and ARs for everything from prim litter to sim crashing. The picture shown here of At0mic and Azzu was from months ago when they came to taunt me, in one of numerous such incidents. I have numerous documented reports and photos of their repeated stalking and griefing, as i've mentioned in this long article.

To pretend that you start the clock afresh or invoke "innocent until proven guilty" on a conspiratorial and criminal group with a very long record of harassment and stalking is to defy the rule of law.

I find it hilarious that these fakesters think that their word-salading, comment-fisking, and overall Haskelling can't be seen through. There isn't any "moving forward" together with griefers who terrorize you and try to prevent you from the enjoyment of your second life.

It's not about ideologies or words collding. It's about physics-enabled *objects* colliding and *crashing sims*.

Learn to know the difference, I see right through you.

Madelena Rossini

I am wondering whether I should get embroiled in a conversation with someone who begins a response to my post with "Madelena Rossini is in on the conspiracy of Woodbury, a long time member and PR flak." I am by no means a long-time member but I appreciate the mention of the fact that I do have a background in Public Relations. Are you also aware that I am a member of the Jane Austen Fan Club? Perhaps you would also notice that I go to a Christian Bible Study in Second Life and I have a particular penchant for UK Couture? Oh and let us not forget that I have been a Second Life Developer and am a Second Life Mentor.

There are a lot of things which constitute who a person is, and the fact that I am a Professor of Woodbury University (a recent appointment) and that I am therefore in the Woodbury group, does not define me absolutely. If this is the way in which you have rashly dismissed everyone who crosses your path who does not agree with you then it is perhaps little wonder that you have attracted so much controversy in your writing. I am not here to convince you whether you 'see through me' or not. This to me is not about the attacking of the other. It is about trying to hold a civil conversation between two rational human beings amidst an environment of free speech.

Prokofy Neva

Um, you thought that long list of your "pedigree" was some kind of recommendation?! A Mentor? And you grief people?! And lie about it!!! For shame!!!

Hm, I bet "Professor at Woodbury University" is something you get if you send away for one of those ads in the New Yorker that say, "Can You Draw This Dog?" It may also be like being ordained a reverend in the Church of Elvis, too.

People who stalk and harass others and destroy property and harm business and civil life on Second Life can't expect to keep hiding behind these utterly fake lofty words about ideals and free speech.

When you come across a conniving liar like Madelena, the best thing is to stop talking to her, since she is not a valid interlocutor. Otherwise, you draw it out, and only allow her to poison the discourse.

BTW, it's rare to find such an elaborate concoction as this profile of "Madelena Rossini" in SL, go and look at it, a work of art!


Of course, it's always possible that Madelena Rossini's problem is deep naivite and gullibility, and she has been truly wrapped around the little fingers of these people.

Madelena Rossini

Um. When have I ever griefed anybody?

Prokofy Neva

You are doing so now?

Prokofy Neva

BTW, this person should be checked to see if they are "Madelina Rossini":

Here's the link about Dr. Edward Clift:

Prokofy Neva

I have to chuckle at the ignorant speculation of Busybody Nobody Fugazi, who has, of course, all over this story like white on rice, and trying to pretend he's unbiased ROFL:

Nobody claims that I am a paid plant of Linden Lab's. Now there's an interesting concept?! His notion that he merely floats as speculation of course har har, is that I am paid to be a big troll and critic, so that the Lindens have sort of "their person" to "manage".

I have to really blink hard at that one -- I can only say, no, I'm not paid by Linden Lab to do a thing. I pay Linden Lab tier. I have had a great deal of trouble getting them to really pay attention to the patterns of harassment of me -- and now finally they've acted.

Why? Well, lots of reasons for why they failed to act up until now, but part of it is is a system that is set up only to respond if you abuse report very assiduously, and it's not always possible to take the time, and they also default to a stance whereby every single avatar is innocent until proven guilty.

If people keep flying on to your land, joining it your group, and renting it, and you have an open rentals group, how can you complain to Linden Lab? You can't. You either close your group and put in ban-link and security orbs, or you don't complain.

I prefer to keep my groups open and refuse to join the biased and poisoned Ban Link (and I don't care how they've reformed).

So I'm a target for griefers, but I can then only report when they harass, when sims crash right when they are in the neighbourhood, and hope that sooner or later, a Linden less biased and cynical and reluctant to disclipline the w-hat goons and their offspring like Michael Linden will come along. So finally, apparently one did.

I find it interesting that the pack of jackals at the Herald and your2ndplace have now mounted a concept, based on Shaun Altman's vindictive and hugely fake piece.

What's sad is that Shaun has a certain amount of credibility as someone who *seemed* more credible than other bankers and stock exchange managers, but frankly, that remains to be seen. I've posed some very hard questions to Shaun lately, and we are not getting answers. His broadside attack with these goons in tow is a massive distraction campaign from the questioning about his own financial dealings.

Nobody seems to have covered the banking story pretty reliably. Why isn't Nobody asking the questions I've asked at the Herald and here about Shaun's dealings with Ginko and WSE and Cyberlands?

BTW, the last name "Fizgig" is a slang term for "police informant".

I think it will be hilarious to see the tekkie wikinista gang like Nobody twist and turn and fight for "academic freedom" at Woodbury even while being frankly unable to justify banning me from their websites ROFL.

I also think the chief purpose of this exercise now is to create a fake and malicious meme that the real problem of free expression in SL is evil land barons who get their Linden pals to confiscate land from people with ugly builds so as not to reduce property values, when that's hardly the issue, and the real problem is the banning of me from the forums for criticism of these types of people, and the very very long ramp-up to the Lindens' finally taking action against people who routinely violate Community Standards No. 6 with impunity.

Ciaran Laval

How very disappointing that you can't find the dignity to see that Nobody Fugazi not only agreed that he tended to side with you (despite your feud) but also that he linked your blog in the comments.

It's also disappointing that you ignore those comments from those whom pointed out you've been talking about your problems with Woodbury university for some time.

I know you argue vehemently about blog bans and I generally stay away from commenting on issues where you don't have a right to reply, but Nobody Fugazi does not deserve the stick you're giving him here. He has not deleted comments that point out you've been complaining about Woodbury University for some time, he has not stifled that debate.

IntLibber Brautigan

Madelena has never griefed anybody, she is a professional person, with religious degrees and is an actual professor at WU in RL, recently hired.
I find it illuminating that you regard anybody who attempts to set the record straight is "griefing" you. If thats how it is with you, then the whole world must be full of griefers to a toxic nut like you.

Maklin Deckard

"And so on. You know, act like real reporters." - Prokofy

The Herald? Other than you and one or two others that posted there, it has ALWAYS been a lightweight. Now, its just a mix of 'Post 6 Grrl' tripe and attempts to incite folks in/against various gorean or furry groups.

However, It's nice to see LL get off their tails and do something to reduce the 'tard population...even if its by only a few. Hell, sometimes I think SL must be in the business of producing grief'tards for export as it has so many around.

Prokofy Neva

Madelena has just been exposed in a lie, Intlibber. Her superior has made a statement that in fact nobody is authorized to represent Woodbury University. Are we now to be subjected to more pretty lies, wit her blushing and batting her eyelashes saying she's a newb at the RL Woodbury and didn't realize this? Let's get her real-life name and link to her web-page, please, to confirm that she in fact really is a professor at the RL university.

I'll also send the query to her superiors as well.

what's hilarious is that Intlibber is two-stepping around the appalling truth here: that he was involved in an illegitimate act that did not represent the university. Did he pay for somebody to buy the land that was achieved with this hacked, or poorly-overseen account? Well? What was the point in coming there, if not to victory dance after a griefing episode that involves stalking and harassing me? Because that's all that it was about, as we can all see. To pretend otherwise is to engage in the usual Haskelling lies and malice, and that's exposed now.

Madelina isn't setting any record straight, but engaging in an even more profound lie. She's not authorized to represent the university. Her refusal to grasp the implications of that are astounding. Her whitewashing of this gang of thugs associated with the students who evidently include the students (we sure don't buy the bullshit that innocent students are used by griefers without their knowledge) is very, very troubling.

By coming on here and spouting ridiculous pacifist bullshit about working together in the Metaverse, she's covering up for the Big Lie of these fakesters buying this land and building something without sufficient oversight. And that's important to acknowledge, and by continuing to attack me with fake offenses, it's a distraction. And Intlibber knows this, it's a deliberate tactic of the Woodbury goons to get all huffy and self-righteous every time they are confronted with expose of their lies.

Ciaran, you are really a piece of work. Your little friend Nobody, who you support here because he gives you free blog space in his little empire, unlawfully and maliciously called me a paid police agent for the Lindens, phrasing this by innuendo, but making the claim and spreading it nonetheless, with malice.

That's a serious matter, and your failure to admit that is suspect about you, too, regretabbly.

Nobody trying to cover his ass while he stalls for time to get ahold of his professor friend or his link to my blog or his saying "in fairness to Prok" can't be allowed to cover up the basic egregious misdeed here: calling me a paid police agent for the Lindens. That's profoundly malicious and evil, and he knows that, and he imagines in his cunning little bird-brain that this will help discredit me. It only discredits him, however.

Another fake thing that Nobody and the Herald have done -- and which you are perpetrating here -- is to make up this utterly retarded story that "I have problems with woodbury" or "this is Prok's personal vendetta with Woodbury."

You are all children, and spoiled children at that. And it's part of the infantile nature of the atomized and over-indulged SL public that they can imagine a journalist who goes to cover a story, and then is subject to the most bizarre harassment for covering the truth of the story, is somebody with a vendetta. Or that a landlord whose property is damaged and whose tenants are harmed is somehow engaged in some sort of personal crusade, instead of doing what any normal landlord and property owner would do: fight vandals, and try to get the police to arrest them.

I had never heard of Woodbury, nor cared about them, nor would have bothered with them normally as I just don't have time to follow education -- I suspect the entire subject covers a multitide of sins, but there's a limit to what one can cover.

But *as a Herald reporter* I was actually bombarded by a number of emails from certain people -- and you know who you are, and you are remaining silent in the weeds now -- who were outraged over Woodbury. Oddly enough, among those outraged was Intlibber! Go know. People forget the past so quickly, but it's all on the record, google the Herald and Woodbury.

And I decided to go and investigate it, with my account Random Unsung, and treat it as a kind of sim review story for the Herald, in "Griefer U". It was clear to me that this wasn't an infiltration, not a problem of oversight, but deliberate, and that the people involved turned out to be the exact same people who teamed up with Verbena to make the Voter 5 and later the b/tards and the same people who do a lot of mischief in SL -- there really aren't that many of them; SL is really a small place, in fact.

Naturally, when I wrote about this for the Herald, this unleased more griefing against me, which I simply abuse reported, and most of the time didn't write about.

People have gotten this fantastic idea in their minds that I "obsess about the Woodburies" all the time. But..I think I've written less than 6 articles in the last 2 years ROFL. Go and google it and read the Herald.

All I did at the Herald, after writing about 3 stories, is to continue to rebut the lies in the other stories, including those perpetrated by Mr. Pixeleen, in his abusive Dadaist bullshit campaign trying to drive me from the Herald through the use of proxies because he's a wuss (I could say worse, but this is a family blog -- I'm not sure I can use expressions like "limp-dicked" here.)

In any event, all I've done is exercise my duty as an independent reporter and blogger about Second Life, and as a landlord, wishing to protect tenants. It's normal activity, not something petulant or about some sort of "feud" in Second Life. That people can't understand normal civic duties like this anymore, and translate them into some kind of "bitter family feuds" is one of the woes of our time.

Prokofy Neva

Some comments I added to the discussion at the Herald, which they've censored out:

Jessica is a little troll and trollop as usual -- I realize this is a family newspaper and I can't be sure I can get past the censor words that would mean things like "diseased whore". Mr. Jessica knows *exactly* what he is doing here and IM'd me like a phony and fake journalism student. "Hi, my name is Jessica Holyoke and I've been asked to report" blah blah -- merely because Pixeleen is on mute, and will stay on mute, forever.

The last time I ran into Pixeleen at a book party on Shivar last weekend, he sat on my head and kept stalking me and sitting on me and force-sending me hug animations -- talk about griefers. Ugh.

>Would that tower still be griefing if it didn't fit in the overall feel of the sim? Should the land owner be restricted on his supposed property because of something he builds that is within his boundaries?

No, there wouldn't be a thing for me to abuse report if some big tower went up there. I can control big towers on my own land if my tenants attempt to violate my rules (and I did that just last week with a squatter) but I can hardly expect to zone against towers by other people on the covenantless mainland. Most of the people there, however, try to keep the area nice. There are long-term neighbours in those 4 sims who make their properties look good. Even the Linux Club, which has an ugly build in keeping with the nature of their wacky cult, doesn't build towers.

If the tower contained a club hogging resources I might be able to get an AR to stick but policy on this is vague. If I wanted to protect that sim from griefing or ugly builds, I would have had to buy the view. I'm tired of buying the view. So I didn't. I have a reasonable expectation that if land costs a lot in a sim like that, I don't have to excessively worry that it will be bought by common ad farmers or goons. But they decided to up the ante and were looking for a way to harass me and trump up a discussion of "rights" around Martin Luther King day and the appearance of the interview quoted from me in Wired.

And as to Prokofy not having a special Robin Linden friend, she was the one who posted here supporting Prok after the first lightly attended Linden press conference and he was the one who wrote an entire newspaper article about his real life dinner with her.

I never had any dinner with Robin Linden, I once had breakfast with her when she happened to come to New York, though I hardly think it qualifies me for FIC status, and it hasn't enabled me to get any more answers on email from her than anybody else, or any special favours of any sort.

As to the press conference, anyone who wished to follow the Lindens' new format could get into this venue, and the Herald is just sulking and lazy, and we've established that.

Prokofy Neva

The 7th paragraph there beginning "As to Prokofy not having..." was made by someone on the Herald comments.

Ciaran Laval

Prok stop reading between lines that don't exist. When I talk of you having a problem with them, I mean as in, they're causing problems for you. Not as in, you have a personal vendetta.

The issues between Nobody and you are not my concern, they don't cloud my judgement and nor should they, so quit with the cheap shots about free blog space.

I at one stage did think it was possible that you were an agent provocateur, I'm not surprised others have wondered if that is the case too. However anyone who has been to more than a handful of meetings that you attend will realise that this is a very unlikely scenario.


[20:26] Prokofy Neva: and you know that Mr. Jessica

Way to disclose RL gender details prok. When someone did that to you, you ranted for months, when you do it, it's OK?

Prokofy Neva

I'm not disclosing any gender details, Gigs. Jessica has never revealed any real-life information, anywhere.

I just decided to call her Mr. Jessica. You know why? Because I have come to see a very definite pattern in the types of harassment that I experience daily.

The fiercest, and most nasty, come from these people that the real girls have dubbed "manginas". Men who dress up as lesbians and fake out other women and have lesbian relationships with them, without their knowledge. It's considered the worst scum on the grid by many, because it's very hurtful to spring the opposite gender like that on someone without their knowledge in an intimate relationship.

I honestly never game the gender of Jessica or Pixeleen a thought for ages. It literally never popped into my mind. I always figured they were real "shes" or at least, that it didn't matter, that they are female in SL and you call them "she". I certain respect that.

But suddenly, one day, somebody said something, and the awful realization popped into my head and I saw that the explanation for the really edgy nastiness of these two -- in tandem as well -- is because they are males posing as females, and they *hate it* that I do the opposite.

I've never understood *why* it is that some of the people on the forums and inworld who have been the most nasty to me are these male-to-female transgendered, you would think they'd be supportive. But it works *just* the opposite. They think, as males bent on power over other people often think, that they should control everything.

The idea that a women takes on the form of a man drives them utterly batshit and they become insanely nasty. THAT this is the case I can demonstrate over and over again -- in the Sims and on Second Life.

So once I see that dynamic at work, that I am being deliberately mistreated by people savaging me for my views and starting a relentless harassment campaign (as these two have done) I call them names: and Mr. Pix and Mr. Jessica works just fine for me. They may turn out to be real females, it doesn't matter, but I doubt it.

Last night, Mr. Pixeleen loitered around Furness for half an hour, before the ugly goatse particles began flying, and the sim crashed. Now, is he able to do that? Somehow, I don't think so, I think it's more about him being tipped off that there would be an attack, and coming to gloat over it. Anyway, he's been abuse reported in case the link can be made.

You can get as huffy as you want, you can be as outraged and moralistic and finding 'hyprokisy" as you like, but Mr. Pixeleen and Mr. Jessica is what it will be from now on because both have decided to single me out for chronic and nasty harassment. Is this because I severely attacked both of them in their manipulative and lying fakery on the Herald? You bet. One has no recourse but to take the gloves off when two people have been on a jihad against me for a year. Read the Voice of Pixeleen posts, if you doubt it.

I think it's important to respect a person's gender choice in SL. For example, I certainly don't like Torley and all her antics, and she's even responsible for banning me from the forums. But I will always call her "she".

Very often, I've found that people proclaim respect of transgenders, but they drop this respect for me at some point, or even instantly. They think that if they don't like me, if they hate my blog, if they feel criticized by it, then I've forfeited my right to have this consideration. So all over hateful forums and articles everywhere, I am called "she" as a form of contempt.

So that's how I learned that this is really the greatest form of contempt, and that's why I decided to use it on these two, who repeatedly have been lying and manipulative assholes. Look at the Herald headlines this week, and my rebuttals of them, if you are having trouble grasping this.

Oh, shouldn't one try to set an example? Shouldn't one take the high road? Shouldn't one be "better"?

Why? I believe in fighting fire with fire at a certain point. For example, I couldn't get two of the FIC gals to stop printing tripe about me and obsessing about me and writing the most fantastic lies about me for ages, and I finally went on Second Citizen, attached a picture of a giant cow to my post, like all the kids, and said "You girls are fat cows".

Everybody was shocked -- shocked! Thought they themselves do this *all the time*. But then those 2 stopped. I didn't hear from them again in quite the same way with their nasty facetious attacks singling me out for humiliation. I got to the heart of their problem, and then it was done.

Unfortunately, Second Life is a game that you have to play with these methods. It would be nice if it weren't, but it becomes necessary because you are dealing with irresponsible, vindictive, malicious -- but anonymous -- people like Mr. Jessica and Mr. Pixeleen.

Prokofy Neva

BTW Ciaran, since you have such a keen sense of morality and propriety, and such a sensitive soul about people's hurts, I fully expect to see you in the next thread where I'm called "lady," "ma'm" "bitch" "cunt" etc. even on Linden forums and the JIRA, telling people to stop that.

See you there!

Prokofy Neva

Sorry, I meant see YOU there Gigs, not Ciaran, mixed up the posts.


If you really want me to, I can.

Thing is, your av was really androgynous for a while, so I'll always think of you as female, since that's what I thought of you as for a long time.

It'll try to start using male pronouns when referring to you, but I can't make promises.

Prokofy Neva

That's very abusive, Gigs. There is nothing androgynous about my avatar. He's a normal, ordinary looking male. He has always been male, wearing the most ordinary t-shirts and jeans or tuxedos or jackets and khakis. You're just trolling and being a total asshole.

Um, gosh, I'll try to make a special effort not to call you Gags in a meeting.

Henry Rollins

Wait, so if a female avatar stands up to you, they must be a male masquerading as a female avatar because you pretend to be a man in a video game and they fear that?

i've been reading this about monthly for quite a bit now and up to now i have been more than willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, believing that maybe everyone else is somehow out to get you. you make some good points. but this is ridiculous.

Prokofy Neva

No, Henry, there's a particular kind of nastiness that occurs, with a particular kind of vindictiveness, stalking, harassment -- really creepy. And time and again, I've found that type to be a male with a female avatar who is not "out" about it and guilty and conflicted, often, and this often takes the form of hatred of me.

People "stand up to me" (rolls eyes) all the time, male and female. Few find it necessary to become persistent stalkers, however, and to keep obsessing and writing in the Herald, forums, etc.

Alexandra Velten

Oh COME on. First you delete my comment, then Typepad says I'm a spammer??? TWICE??? Are you kidding me? I'll try again, this time with my RL name (OMG!!) and my work email.

Did you just CENSOR my comment???? I'll try again then. maybe it was a website hiccup. I quote myself:
Wow-if you feature an "edgy nastiness", that means you're a RL man? Dang, I think I'm in it now...maybe I have to put a RL pic of myself in my SL profile then to show me boobies and all...

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