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March 10, 2008



I don't quite get your point, Prokofy... Maybe you explain it to me? But first let me list the well-known facts (they were known to everybody with a head on her/his shoulders for years):
1. Zuckerberg is an arrogant idiot. He doesn't say what he means, he doesn't mean what he sais, he doesn't know what he is doing (all three symptoms of idiocy are in place).
2. BW is not doing well if not to say is financially and morally bankrupt for more than 5 years already.
3. Sarah - which seems to be a very nice person got herself in a strange situation/position of a 'paid talk-show person' which is more of a TV role. She did it herself as I understand. For money.

Now... What's your point, Prokofy? REALITY is not perfect enough? Go change it! Everyone does his best to change it in her/his own way. Do it too.
I don't understand why so much emotion and so little action?

Prokofy Neva

Before you can do, you must think, and analyze the situation. There are men of contemplation, and men of action, as St. Thomas Aquinas discussed. I'm certainly a man of action in SL, as I put all my ideas to work immediately and take the consequences (RL too, but that's not the scope here).

I also contemplate the meaning of these new media incidents, too.

Most people who heard about this immediately celebrate Zuckerberg, praise Scoble, applaud Terdiman, and say, hail, hail, the gang's all here, let's have a riot and overturn concentrated media, especially if it takes the form of a somewhat ditsy girl who is bested by someone who should could have been baby-sitting just the other year rather than interviewing.

Zuckerberg isn't so stupid, he is cunning, and is a junior version of say, Arrington or Wales. Energetic males getting lots of power and influence very vast and affecting millions, this is an old story. People always call them "stupid" or "arrogant" but there they go, accumulating the millions.

At least I analyze what is happening and exposing. There isn't an appropriate action really except to do that much -- one could quit Facebook or buy Business Week in protest, but it is unlikely to affect anything (like boycotting the Chinese as such).

How many people are analyzing today the comment about the "great organization of 60 million" that Zuckerman now "runs" as a "grass root expression"? Anyone? Anyone out there at all? So I do that much.

Sarah's position isn't odd at all. I imagine all these tech journos are for hire all the time and it's all just "how it's done" and to expose it is to just be naive and not in the club lol.

I'm not so sure Business Week is the losing proposition you say. But then, all media is losing advertising.

I wonder when the advertisers who are in magazines and newspaper and on TV now will begin to replace these lame diploma mills and dating services on social media like Facebook. I mean, wouldn't you rather click on an ad about shampoo instead of picking a dweeb to date out of the 40 and older service?


SXSW interactive is almost entirely a web conference, not a games conference.

Prokofy Neva

Good point! But...the people who go to it are gamerz. The mentality is so gamey! You're right, though, it's about "interactive media". You can read about it at the link I put.

Danton Sideways

Can I comment on your title? Revolutions in the past tended to eat their children. The guillotines, which began by beheading French aristocrats, then executed a succession of revolutionaries who fell out with the central power: first the Girondins, then the Hébertistes, then Georges Danton (my namesake) and Camille Desmoulins, and finally Robespierre himself - thus putting an end to the terror. The Moscow Show Trials, organised by Stalin from 1936 to 1938, executed nearly the entire Old Guard of the Russian revolution: Zinoviev, Kamenev, Radek, Bukharin and many others (Trotsky, who had been exiled in 1928, was assassinated in Mexico in 1940).

Those revolutions had leaders, who were successively overthrown by new leaders. But the internet revolution is supposed to be made exclusively by the mob, with geeks like Zuckerberg only providing them "tools" to do so. As Solis tells it: "Lacy succumbed and responded to the public cries, 'OK. Let's go with the Digg model and let them have mob rule.'" Today, instead of the revolution eating its children, the children directly eat their revolution.

Prokofy Neva

Well, I think so Danton. Traditionally, the concept of "the revolution eating its children" would harken back to the French, and then be used in more modern contexts, say, in revolutions in Africa, where at first, the violent social movement would only eliminate the bourgeois, the corrupt, etc. but then it would begin to turn on those seen as collaborationists, and wind up turning on only those who were the most pure and began to criticize the new class of bourgeoisie.

But in this case, it seems to me that the entitlement-happy infants who overthrow old media and declare the new media to be the only authenticity wind up destroying any good they had achieved by freeing up people and groups from dependency on media concentration, and create a fiercely oppressive new media dictatorship worse than the old, demolishing even a savvy young tech journo with a barrage of Twitters.

There was such a fierce tribalism in all this, with predictable types like Sean Percival writing b/tard slang like "Epic Fail" etc. on blogs.

I was particularly disappointed in Scoble in this exercise, because he was making this supposedly sage pronouncement that "the people in the back of the room had better questions" but...they didn't. We didn't hear them, anyway, maybe he did. Where are they? What I heard was a lot of stupid heckling?

It was no different than the College Humor movie with the gang of idiots, "Let's talk about...your tits!"

coach suitcase

Remember:Whatever happens,happens for a reason.

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