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April 29, 2008


Crap Mariner

"Egypt is the second largest recipient of US aid for a reason: it is viewed as an ally of the US in the Middle East."

It's the second-largest recipient of US aid because Carter believed their cock-and-bull story when brokering the Begin-Sadat accords.

The money for democratic reform is a joke. Even when Pharaoh Hosni croaks, his son will take up the mantle.

Yeah yeah yeah... they keep MB in check. I know.

Prokofy Neva

I was going to say all that, but I thought I'd really lose what little audience I might have for a story like this. It's really a scandal. A lot of terrorists are formed precisely by being tortured in Egypt. People arrested merely for being devout, and then they are hardened and become terrorists when mistreated.


I'm developing the impression that VC investment in social media is being used, in some cases, to replace contributions to truly charitable efforts. I'd rather believe there's a reason for it than think that many people are simply so foolish.

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