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June 13, 2008


Ann Otoole

I saw not one Linden in the above chat so basically the meeting was pointless.

I'll see if I can scrounge up an interested association of content creators (who will be shocked at whats going on behind their backs) to start an open letter. Open letters don't really matter either. The only thing LL will recognize at this point is a subpoena or stay order anyway.

Melissa Yeuxdoux

Even the DMCA contains an exception for reverse engineering--if, as you claim, reverse engineering is illegal, why would this be the case?

Gareth Nelson

I'm unsure what I did to get ejected, but this is the last thing Lalinda said before she was ejected (I was ejected moments later):
Lalinda Lovell: mcCabe lets be polite to Prok, this is her house after all

Solar Legion

You dared to disagree with Prok Gareth, then you dared to show up to a meeting to discuss various issues while using as few facts as possible.

Prokofy Neva

Lalinda is already a frequent-flyer event-disrupter, and here you can see her interrupting a dozen times to taunt about "knowing the birthday secret" et.

She's simply forgetting that I've seen her in other people's meetings being disruptive and eventually getting ejected from groups, and I had to eject her before from a meeting -- her memory is failing her. Gareth is also a disrupter, as I've seen on this blog many times. It's not about disagreeing. Virtually all the people in that meeting disgree with me and let me know about it and I don't care. And it's not about some code of conduct that has to be met.

It's about event-griefing and heckling that becomes so interruptive that the rest of the people can't talk. Event griefing is when you keep needling the host, deliberately harassing them, saying stupid things like "this is your house, guess we'll have to be good" a number of times, and then not being good at all, but heckling, deriding, deliberately saying stupid or provocative stuff.

When someone in a meeting around a serious conversation can't find anything better to do than heckle you, and then when you challenge their freakish literalism and obsessiveness, the accuse you of schizhophenia and paranoia, etc., then it's time for the eject button. Nobody raised an eyebrow, and even if they did, I wouldn't care. I wanted to talk about the topic with the other people there and here what people at least knowledgeabout about this stuff like Saijanai, and not garrulous fools, say something useful and thought-provoking.

The transcript tells the story.

Both Lalinda and Gareth belong to the aggressive autism liberation front, that starts from the premise that because they suffer from certain conditions, they get to inflict them deliberately and even maliciously on other people. Sorry, but I'm not playing.

Gareth Nelson

"The transcript tells the story"

Indeed it does prok

Ann Otoole

heh looking like some IP protection has finally happened now eh? and ZOMG it involved OH NOES the purity of SCRIPTS!

"all your content are belong to us" types everywhere must be recoiling in horror at the thought of a script ripper, a member of the "used to drive a submarine" protectorate, being chosen as the first to be subjected to Justice.

(Note: I like scripters. They are generally really smart (a necessity for efficient scripting). I don't care much for people who think they are entitled to something that they are not entitled to.)

Tammy Nowotny

The last time I was at a Sutherland Dam soiree, my hair disappeared when I detached it to test the Avatar Rendering Count. It didn't turn up in my inventory like it was supposed to. It wasn't Dropped and left behind (which would have been surprising because it was no-build land for me.) The various offical reccomendations for recovering inventory didn't work (not that I expected them to work.) My prim hair was gone. The creator left SL, but luckily copies of that particular item were still on sale by third parties (hopefully legitimate ones.)

Just thought I would share that with everyone :-)

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