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October 12, 2008


cat magellan

Thank God it was Jopsy who bought it. Ethereal Teal is one of the most amazing sims in SL; i used to almost live there, when i was a happy and careless newbie.

Ann Otoole

Abandonment is the only way to get rid of some mainland. Including mainland next to a welcome center. So this is a real odd ball of a deal. For the most part mainland no longer has any value at all since you can't even give it away.

Lucky guy selling a chunk for so high. Proves the Barnum theory still works.

Desmond Shang

Quite the end of an era. Sounds like a great enhancement of the Fairchang estate too, something worth having a look at.

Khamon, if you can, mention when it's all set up to visit.

$L 1.5 million. That's a new definition of green, for you! Congrats to Jopsy for getting such historic land; it may seem curious to outsiders, but I can see it as a fair dinkum deal.

Not sure what the rates are at Fairchang, but we are talking four or five years of openspace tier fom that deal, easy.

Going to be interesting to see what Jopsy does too.

John Crane


What can I say? I gave this decision careful consideration.

I was willing to pay L$30 per square meter for land that allowed me to:

1) keep my land contiguous
2) keep my monthly costs reasonable
4) avoid relocating
4) .. and of course ... expand

Sure, most of the mainland has no value to me, it's too far away, not terraform-able enough, too many eye-sores & neighbor issues... but in my little corner of the old mainland continent, I'm quite content.

The the final decision came down to this: Pay more up front for Slate? Or pay more every month for a similar set of private isles?

As it turns out by staying on the mainland... I'll save enough in land use fees that it will cover the cost of this purchase within a very reasonable period of time.

I'll miss having Khamon as a neighbor though, but that was unavoidable. =)

Jopsy Pendragon

Erm... pretend that I actually used this name on that previous post. Thanks. ;)

Marianne McCann

Was good to be there for the transaction, an nice to meet everybuggy there. :-)

Cocoanut Koala

lol Jopsy!



I loved Slate and I'm still proud that I have been a member of it's residents. What a loss for Linden Lab!

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