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February 16, 2009



So strange that all of this was fought out 20 years ago at The Well --
"You Own Your Own Words" -- see:
and related links. Freedom is a constant struggle.

Prokofy Neva

Very interesting bit of history. Reminds me to read that book on the history of the Well, where a lot of the California Ideology about VWs got its start (including from Hamlet nee Linden Au who was a Well user, and of coures Mitch Kapor).

And Steward Brand then turned around after awarding this ownership of words to cover his own ass from libel suits (rightfully so) that people turned it into a copyright thing, which he denounced.'s ok for them to have copyright, and for fair use to prevail, if that becomes at issue. Of course, Internet fora rely on the ability for everyone to quote everyone else. It is indeed fair use. Steward Brand was foisting the EFF sectarianism on the discussion.

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