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February 10, 2009


Ann Otoole


These self appointed leaders have not a clue.

They will suffer hardship and never figure it out. That car accident. That wiping of their accounts. their kids encountering very bad things or being corrupted or worse. Their credibility in general being polluted. The bad credit. The constructive terminations. I could go on and on. These people are nothings trying to get attention by sticking their necks out.

The necks will be cut. The only remaining question is whether or not they can realize they spit on the powers that forever be and were thus eliminated.

Sorry but that is life.

Level 20's In A Level 80 Shard.


Will 3 generations of perpetual adolescents give up childish things? So far its not looking good.

Generations of gold star getters on refrigerator doors. Everyones a winner just for showing up.

years ago i strongly suggested to the nacent sl metarati/pundits that the virtual worlds roadmap must build this media akin to the world of 1939, not 1969.

gold star overloaded like minded experts abound, and we are all the lesser for it.


this has become the pathetic old folks tirade home... "Kids today" well they arent "kids" though it seems 30 year olds are truly stuck in adolescent mode in this industry. The most deliquent being the ones who truly believe that "gaming" is a civilization model.

Hasnt Wall Street and Las Vegas pawn shops made it clear?

well, one day a large tattooed robot will be bitch slapping these types in their self made guilded cages of pixels.

unless some non western tech kids, grown up on only the rants of their clueless leaders, pulls the electric plug.

There was no moderation of actions or the building of a civil society done in Rome after the Coliseum was opened either.

Funny how SL and most games look like the Roman Coliseum and its entertainment for the masses.

the first novella to show the reality of virtual if taken to society was the best and last word.

Its from 1909-- 100 years!! and How many of these VR pundits have even read it, or can even understand it. But they all read Snowcrash... comic book ideas for adolescent generations of parents and children.

NYU starts a Game School -- will there be any deconstruction of the "gaming" meme offered to students? or will it follow all the other new schools and only offer the products of ADOBE and AUTODESK and trade skills of interface mouse dragging.

I challenge NYU to make "The Machine Stops" required reading for this new school. If it dosent it fails us all.


"a few people...have to set up clear and simple tasks. Like, you know, get rid of "no" votes. "No" votes, such as on the JIRA, or on many forums, are confusing and "negative". Better just to double plus yes everything! And why have comments open?"

oh btw-- this is the removal of negative feedback for buyers on Ebay... and how soon will EBAY be out of business..soon.A perfect example of a networked economy that was working for many being ruined by "gaming" thoughts and ideas run by northern CA confrontationaless mantras.

Meg Whitman for governor? And the CA gov is handing out IOUS next and is stalemate.

playtime pretend...

Darien Caldwell

"Civilization exists precisely so that there may be no masses but rather men alert enough never to constitute masses."

"The horrors which we have seen, and the still greater horrors we shall presently see, are not signs that rebels, insubordinate, untamable people are increasing in number throughout the world, but rather that there is a constant increase in the number of obedient, docile people."

- George Bernanos (1888–1948)


Im gonna get me a gun and kill all the honkys I see.....

-Garrett Morris (1975-1975)

Bronsen Mornington

The so called ignorance and stupidity of the masses is the only moderating force upon coders cocooned in a virtual world. Were those Eloi coders actually to live the lives of the Morlocks that support their cyber fantasies, they would soon be re-educated. This recession is, bluntly, the cure for such elitist fantasies.


one more joins in the fight against freemania.

Shirky calls himself "users".. who dont pay..
well "being a user" used to be anegative slang term "back in the day" in NYC...i guess shirky was absent that day.

Gwyneth Llewelyn

Since Prok wrote this article, Beth Noveck was appointed as an official of the Obama administration, as advisor to the President.

The Wikipedia pages on "collaborative democracy" and "collaborative governance" are... strange. Some are just stubs pointing to Metagovernment, an ideological organisation that is set to destroy reprsentative democracy and replace it by collaborative governance. Others fail to show pro/con arguments and just discuss how absolutely wonderful collaborative governance is supposed to be, once it becomes widely implemented.

And this is also coming to Second Life. Although I know that Prokofy will always label the Confederation of Democratic Simulators "Bolshevik collectivism" :) now we have a new threat to fight: the collaborative democrats have "invaded" in force, and, armed with the banners of Noveck, they're slowly getting rid of representative democracy (a model they claim to be "obsolete" and "outdated") and setting their own version of collaborative democracy instead. Of course it's at a tiny scale. But it shows the kind of strategies these people employ to subvert representative democracy by slowly employing "wikigovernment" instead, which has a huge acceptance among techies, lawyers, and political scientists...

Noveck and friends have few detractors. Prok's article is pretty much one of the few I ever read. Either the detractors are, indeed, few (I hardly imagine nobody has seen the consequences of this model!); or, thanks to wiktatorship, they have been silently removed. So I felt like publishing an article of my own:

Of course it's biased towards a tiny community where representative democracy is being slowly replaced by wikigovernment, but the arguments against collaborative democracy remain valid.

Darien Caldwell

It may be they have no detractors because nobody knows why they should be detracting. I read your article and it made what this 'collaborative democracy' is pretty clear. Which is "the person with the loudest voice and most people to back them up wins", regardless of what the majority of people want.

That may be fine, as you say for an open source project. But when you're dealing with things that affect the lives of millions of people in profound ways, it's not acceptable at all.

Of course one could argue successfully that even today people have no real representation. The PACs, Big Business and Cronyism pretty much undermine the Democratic process.

'Collaborative Democracy' just puts different people into positions of power, and legislates that people have no representation, without pretense.

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