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February 04, 2009


Elsbeth Writer

Thanks for a great post on walking the mainland. I'm a landscape photographer and I walk a lot. It's much easier to see the builds and scenery if you are on the ground.

I also need quiet time occasionally - after a loud rock concert or dealing with difficult customers. Walking down the road relaxes me.

I think more people should try this as form of receation in SL. Just my opinion, but anyway, thanks for the post.

Blaccard Burks

You write:
"Governor Linden take care of her Estate at least as well as Anshe Chung does Dreamland, with a little bit of infrastructure and roads (unfortunately, the Number One Land Worker has sold off a lot of her roads in her cash crunch, and shut down some of her prettiest sims, too)."

In my Slayton sim Abor Mole was nice enough to build around our build , take suggestions and add a bridge because we terra formed to water on both sides of their road, so they dropped their road and added a bridge... nice work. Check out the NW corner of Slayton.

In regards to Anshe.. I used to have respect for her but she left her mainland sims in a wreck. Look at the oddball parcels she refuses to put up for sale around Ross (Samoa 464m2 and a 16m2)why? The pathetic overpriced sale of remaining Canals set for sale in Nimrod Yaffle. Why not offer the land correctly structured to the owners of adjoining land? It took weeks to get them to remove ban lines on a single owned parcel dead center of the Monet sim ( 256m2) that they own and refuse to sell to to people just short of 64m2 to make a perfect 8192m2. Its like she pisses on the mainland. In fact their SupportACS person is clueless to the fact that they still own mainland properties. Seems to me she got a little to big and cannot run things well. Typical. Her "cash crunch" has been bought about by her cluelessness to Linden land markets. She has so much main land that could be sold that offers no use to her, yet she rather keep them, or try and sell them at high prices. Its her own doing.


I have to go back to mainland and explore. It was something I used to do as a newbie.

The Radio sims always struck me as stage sets influenced by Wyeth and Hopper. I always thought that was intentional.

For real immersive experiences in SL, you have to visit the rpg worlds such as Golgothica. Those sims aren't arty but they are definitely immersive. The games leave a lot to be desired. SL inhabitants really seem to love their S&M. *shrug*

 Cube Republic

I like AMs work; comparing them to sims intended for residential use is a useless exercise. AM is an artist at the end of the day, and not a sim developer. I think his approach works. I also admire his work; he has a very good eye for tone and shade. I’m also a fan of the Linden roads; you can have some great moments of serendipity on them. I adore the new ‘sea of FIC’ sims, I would love to have that many regions to build on :P I have to agree it’s a shame there is no place to rez boars like the mainland roads enjoy.

Dale Innis

Yay, roads! I had a Mole go by one of my mainland builds also, and he or she was also very nice; narrative at .

I like AMs stuff alot myself, but I agree it's not designed to live in. I don't think that's a failure, since it's not intended to be, as Cube says. But if it makes you feel oppressed, that probably means you should look at some other art instead. :)


The train lines on the Northern Continent are worth a look too, although it would be nice if they didn't duplicate the road routes quite so much. You need to have your own train these days, and the sim crossings can be wild but that's all part of the adventure!

Prokofy Neva

Um, it's not about "residential usage". That's retarded. Not every sim has to be a rentals or a home with a residential "purpose". No need to build Soviet communism all over again.

No, I say that it fails *as art, too* because it is not immersive and persuasive for the avatar, who has to be able to see the metaphor/art work/thingie without all the underpinnings. To land in a sim that is supposed to "throw you back in time to Chicago 1930' and see big ugly mega prim boards with the lighting all wrong disrupting the experience, and zooming out and realizing you are in a frigging *box* -- that's just failure. AM Radio doesn't have to have condos on his sims. But his choice to put up these big Hollywood style movie backdrops with pictures on them is unnerving.

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