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April 19, 2009


Dale Innis

/me applauds at good positive Prokofy weblogging, and adds to list of things to definitely go and see.

Gareth Nelson

Lol, the lightbulb looks familiar:

Probably a co-incidence, but it looks amusingly similar to the spinning lightbulb that used to be in litesim's SL office.

Mark Essel

Seeing 3D worlds like this renews my interest in SL. I tried it briefly a good number of years ago but couldn't translate my programming experience into object coding so easily-> and moved on to premade worlds (MMOs).

Thanks for sharing Prokofy.

Dusan Writer

Great post. Have to admit, it's kind of selfish because I gave her a place to park her prims. It gives me an excuse to go back once a week and see what new stuff she's cooked up. Having said that, I know she keeps hitting the ceiling and shuffling stuff on and off to make room for new builds, so don't be fooled by the 1,000 spare prims lying around - she probably has 200k in inventory she could put out.

DO go back and load up Bryn's Windlight presets - it makes the experience even more, well, immersive.

Bryn did an installation recently on immersive narrative that was really fascinating as well. You got it bang on when you said that she's living in the future already - but having talked to her, she'd say that where she sees it headed and where it IS are two very different things. Through emotions, stories and well-crafted environments, she's striving for the day when we the distractions of 'reality' can be put aside for a moment or two and we can be deep into another world.

In my own experience, she's already accomplished that but I can't wait to see what happens if she's able to realize her dream.

Thanks for a great post.

Muted Melody

I'm also a fan of Bryn's stuff. I've experimented with a similar style myself.

The problem I found is that the blingtards and newbies (The audience)don't really appreciate it. It's justs too obscure for them.

Ze Moo

I really love reading & viewing this art-review

(unfortunately I haven't even had the time yet to visit Bryn Oh's art work...)

But damn, I'm gonna Tweet this link AGAIN!


"The problem I found is that the blingtards and newbies (The audience)don't really appreciate it. It's justs too obscure for them."
Well their loss, too bad for them.


ty for the pointer and the review. I checked it out and ttuly enjoyed it. :) I'm no expert on the genre but it inspired thoughts of steampunk as a bygone era... as if the great creations were abandoned and left to corrode. A worthy diversion!

"forget all the blingtards, because they don't matter."

AHEM... that's "bling goddess" :P

Nahasa Singh

Amazing island, thanks for the pointer... The jellyfish... The Standby area.... wow.

Made an initial post with some pictures, at More will follow.


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