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April 17, 2009



Great post Prok - lot's of interesting concepts & insights.

Doubledown Tandino

I dunno where web2.0 companies and services will head, who will buy out who, or the future.
But I predict Twitter is at it's peak of popularity right now... however, as advertising and companies jump in, and famous and interesting people get less involved, I think twitter will deevolve into a myspace.

I think Friedfeed will be the Twitter of 1 year from now.

my anology:
Twitter is to Myspace, as Friendfeed is to Facebook

cube inada

gotycha good buddy, hear ya 5 by 5 and 10 by 10.:)

we got a real big convey. headed for the night?

ok-- too obscure?

so will twitter just re devolve to again? just with shorter sentences, and quicker cell phone text messages....

more people walking into signposts and driving into each other... oh joy:)


Darien Caldwell

No, not too obscure if you're old enough. Twitter is the new CB. ;)

I'm sure it wasn't prok's point, but from reading the story I got the impression that my thoughts about Twitter were right, it's a big game about getting the most followers. "Friend Collecting", or sticking them on you like magnets on a refrigerator. Even CNN and Ashton Kutcher have been racing to see who can get 1 million followers first (Ashton won).

I know there is perhaps a little wheat in the chaff, but gee, that's a hell of a lot of chaff. I'll stick to using 'traditional' resources like Yahoo and books for my research. :)

cube inada

its all about whats been said here. twitter is easier than a geocitoes free hompage in 96, a myspace "forms" page of 2006, and the facebook, of 2008... i also followed a prok link to that new forget the name blog/post email service.. set upa f ew pages with my biz names.. makes blogging /posting a sentence about bathroom activities even easier..

so lazy,narcissistic adding machines of trivial value.... the new "meta human" brought to you by singularity soap, a P+G/Google subsidiary:)

ill trade you 2 shirky's for 1 puns intended.

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