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May 23, 2009


Ciaran Laval

"Oxbridge" has been around for a wee bit longer than Caledon ;)

Camping rather than a latte, it's psycholgical. I did it myself when I tried Entropia, I went hunting for sweat instead of purchasing their money, it was tedious, then a guy at work informed me Entropia was expensive full stop so I gave up. Whether he was right or wrong I don't know but your gear does wear out.

As you said on the blog, people will drive around looking for the free parking space, wasting petrol, instead of paying for a parking space.

Noobs want Linden dollars, it's a shame that camping is so prevalent, although it's not what it once was, the pay is desperately poor.

The only positive out of this policy is that it may improve the social aspect of Second Life, instead of camping and going afk for hours store owners may give people menial tasks that require them to be at the computer, but the result will be the same as camping, paying people to inflate traffic.

Oh of course people won't admit that, it's a fashion show not a fashion bot, it's a store assistant, not a camper, but it will still be about increasing traffic.

I just wish Linden Lab would take a "Don't take the piss" approach to all this. One or two model bots or camping bots aren't a big issue, sticking 80 on your parcel is taking the piss.

I made a tongue in cheek remark about En Garde, 7 Seas fishing and Greedy Greedy being banned, of course they won't be, they're social activities with live avatars and even if they inflate traffic they're attracting people for the purpose of those activities.

I'm no fan of traffic, I want a better solution, but I'm happier with a traffic based search and google appliance type search than I am with losing traffic completely. Take a look at "prefabs" in the google based search, it's a disgrace the way keyword stuffing is gaining popularity, how does that help anyone?


I visited the Ravenglass sim. The little village was so nice.

Yeah, the fridge is nothing but spite to ruin the rental land on the cliff.

And when I tp'd there, I landed right in the front yard of that neon pyramid. Someone is setting all traffic to be directed there as the official landing point. Do your tenants end up there when they want to go home to Ravenglass?

Prokofy Neva

melponeme, that landing point is just how mainland sims work. They all have landing points of 128/128, the middle point of the sim. It can't be changed. It's something set by Lindens on all mainland sims. So we're stuck with it.

Carl Metropolitan

Ciaran Laval wrote: "Oxbridge has been around for a wee bit longer than Caledon"

That's true. "Oxbridge" is a portmanteau word of the names of "Oxford" and "Cambridge", England's two oldest and most prestigious universities. There is no RL Oxbridge, but the name has been used in several fictional works, and as a generic term in England for people with degrees from Oxford or Cambridge.

AlterEgoTrip Svenska

About landing points, you CAN change them, I mean I can change mine.. and I know a few whole sim owners and they can change theirs.. is there a special reason LL would have you glued to a landing point? I don't think that sounds right. Serously, I can split up my little lot and make it into a whole bunch of places and have different landing points on it if I choose.. and different radio settings if I wish.. so I don't see what is wrong there.

Kate Miranda

"Oxbridge" is like "Ivy League" as any PBS viewer knows.

Prokofy Neva

You cannot change *a sim's* landing point on that MAINLAND sim. You can only change them on private islands, and on a parcel. If you own the whole sim, you can change that whole sim's landing point, but I don't own all of Ravenglass DUH, because there are two griefers who own parcels on it DUH and that's why the sim's landing point remains at the 128/128 point where the Lindens set it, as it will on any mainland sim with MULTIPLE owners.

Stop being an ignorant fucking asshole AlterEgo.

AlterEgoTrip Svenska

Fail Prokofy, ask anyone, on the mainland... other than myself so that you can avoid calling people "fucking assholes"..

I think you can't set it and have had someone else set it for you, otherwise you can set it to whatever point you wish.

A mainland sim can be subdivided into many parcils.. maybe you can think about that. But no a whole sim with one landing point, sounds a little weird..

Amanda Dallin

"You cannot change *a sim's* landing point on that MAINLAND sim."

Is this just on older mainland? I've spent most of my SL on private estates but I can tp directly to my small mainland parcel which is no where near the center of the region.

Prokofy Neva

You cannot set mainland sims with multiple owners, full stop, AlterEgo, stop being a fucking asshole. I have land on 65 mainland sims. This is something I do know. So stop being a fucking retard and imposing information from private islands.

It's not about "subdividing". DUH my sim of Ravenglass *is* subdivided into more than a dozen parcels DUH.

Why not try it and see, dumbass?

Amanda, it's not about "you" being able to TP to the site, by using a landmark, or "teleport home" which you may have set up for yourself in "set home to here".

No, it's not about that.

It's about USING THE MAP LIST to teleport.

If you type "Ravenglass" into the MAP LIST you will land at 128/128 on any mainland sim. Sometimes, it offsets if there is something in the way, say, a ban. For example, being banned from the Woodbury parcel, I land on the parcel next to the 128/128.

Instead of continuing to doubt and second-guess me here, go inworld, go on the MAP list (not search, not your landmarks, not your own parcel where you have landings set, etc.) and type any mainland sim into the map list. See where you land.

I've been complaining about this for years. For example, the infohub sim of Ross has 128/128 in the water. That means that if you type the name into the map list, you land in the water (I put a platform there for that reason).

Since it's an infohub sim, why can't they Lindens set the map-list search to land at the infohub, which is where it USED to be set before the end of 2005.

This all changed when the Lindens put in p2p, and defaulted all mainland sims to 128/128.

(Actually, to make this more intersting, there is a bug in the new RC that offsets landings sometimes to the east on some sims.)

I've complained and complained about it over and over again even to Philip, without recourse.


That darn map, it's so painful to use sometimes :( I hope Philip's new viewer finally fixes some of the problems with it.

When I type a word in the search field on the map, any sim that matches will be shown in the list. If I click once on the name, that sim is displayed on the map and a little red circle appears at 128,128 on that sim. If I want to go to another location, I can either click on another point on that sim and the little red circle will move, or I can enter new coordinates in those "Location:" fields. Then if I click the teleport button, I usually end up at that location unless there is a landing point enforced or if a ban is in effect.

If I just double click the name of the sim on the list, I go to 128,128. But, I don't know how it would know if I wanted to go to a different specific location on that sim as I really only told it the name.

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