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July 21, 2009


Ann Otoole

The advantage to getting the Obama Administration involved with Second Life is that the Obama Administration can do things like politely request the UK Government go step on UK companies trying to damage and kill off Second Life.

Governments are tools. Use them.

As for the absence of content creators expressing concern of the United Kingdom's allowing their citizens to engage in development of software engineered to crack DRM? Well yelling at Linden Lab has no effect. Prottests don't accomplish anything. In fact if you protest too much they give you an ominous messge that they have "noted this incident on your account and to not repeat it".

The Stazi has arrived.

The effort has to be focused on getting pressure on LL from organizations that can control LL's activities.

Beltway Two Step Time.

Erbo Evans

"I’ll tell you what *I* think of Beth Noveck and her ideas: I haven’t encountered anything so alarming in my lifetime that constituted such a threat to democracy and civil rights since...I studied in the Soviet Union."

Extension of this analysis to the *rest* of the Obama Administration and its policies (e.g. socialized medicine, de facto nationalization of banks and auto manufacturers) is left as an exercise for the student. :-)

Prokofy Neva

1. I don't see that the medicine is socialized yet, but I'm open to links to read.

2. Was there another plan for the banks that was possible than bailing them out with government funds? I don't know, haven't heard one.

3. Yes, maybe auto manufacturers should be left to die, but why just hand all the jobs overseas? Sometimes you need to provide some government support of things like jobs for people.

I'm not a student, so I won't be exercizing too hard :

But whenever I've read Obama's writings, I've never seen any actual elaborate socialist thought or ideology in a constructed sort of way. There might be this or that socialist theme one finds on the left, but I don't see a full-blown ideological indoctrination and construct as I do with Noveck. That is, she herself has constructed a theory that draws from the collectivist ideologies, which she has modernized with various new-wave new media stuff out there, and decorated it with populist (for intellectuals) concepts like "let's fix up the dead patents' office.

BTW. go and test that blog and join it and see if you see the submit button.

Ann Otoole

If you mean Beth's blog at then you have to have a typepad account (obviously you do Prok) and sign in. Then you can comment but comments are moderated. I posted a comment with a minor suggestion they widen the post section of the template by 30 to 50 pixels so embedded youtube players would not bleed into the right hand column.

Prokofy Neva

No, that's not the one, that's ancient, from when she was a professor.

I mean her blog as Office of Technology of the White House!

Ann Otoole

I registered and confirmed and logged in.

I see some posts are comments off. Others have comments but there is no widget to add a new comment.

I sent them an email to see what is going on. Perhaps there is a compatibility problem with firefox or their website has an error. I don't see any comments closed message so i suspect there is a technical issue. I did ask if special authorization is required to comment.

Have you ever dealt with high level members of the Democrat Party and have a feel for how they operate?

Ann Otoole

Well it has been a couple of days and no response from the OSTP blog in regard to my questions.

The way these people work is simple. If you are not a known dedicated member of "The Party" then you have no voice. Period. Should you ever err and blaspheme non party doctrine then you are exorcised and are no longer a trusted member of "The Party".

If you go too far with your Blaspheme then your life gets ruined. You experience constructive termination at your job and all sorts of things to "drive you off the grid".

If you go way too far like having evidence of crimes committed by "The Party" and saying you are going public then you wake up dead in a park you never had any reason to go to or victim of your own suicide in a motel room hundreds of miles from home with no reason to have been there. Some people will say this is tin foil hat material but it has happened. One thing is certain. Do NOT push too hard on the Federal Election System because BOTH "Parties" will be after you.


Please join a Second Life simulcast, from the Markle Foundation, of Beth Simone Noveck, now the deputy Chief Technology Officer at the White House responsible for Open Government, presenting her new book, WIKI GOVERNMENT: How Technology Can Make Government Better, Democracy Stronger, and Citizens More Powerful. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A, in which participants from both Second Life and in person can ask questions of the author.
Beth Simone Noveck's book provides a coherent and compelling "new vision of governance in the digital age - collaborative democracy - government with the people."


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