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July 21, 2009


Stroker Serpentine

I had an interesting conversation with a dear friend and industry leader in VW's and MMO's during a recent visit. He is an active proponent of IP because he is a software engineer but considers himself a content creator first and foremost.

He has been following the development of SL over the years and applauds C/M/T as well. Although he feels that the interface is too "bulky" and overly comprehensive for most to adapt to quickly. Therefore alienating many from the onset. I agree with him on that point.

He made the comment that if you really want to see the true agenda of the developers,in terms of commercial application, reverse engineer/decompile the scripting language and write a "clone" that offers the same functionality and can be replicated. Then introduce that into the platform. Thereby basically allowing scripts to be copied along with textures and geometry.

He detailed how this could be accomplished as my eyes glazed over, but asserted that it wouldn't be too difficult knowing the expected results of the code.

Now wouldn't that twist some knickers!Free the integers! FTW!

cube inada

Same Moral of why web3d failed a decade ago.... Why you all know about Dancer, and Prancer, but not about.....oh well..:)

Ready for the SL Revolution?

thats right.. one new line of code in SL....

Make all "price boxs" either 99L$ or no copy/transfer at all.

make SL a .99 cent store at rock bottom- just like realife or ebay:)

its time, isnt it? the pyramid has topped out, the experiment done as suggested. time to also admit that the same "educators" that couldnt sell 3d education by walking through king tuts tomb in 1999 cant make a go of it either in 2009 for the same reasons.

eventually another set of apps, maybe even a open sims server with a cloned system(CMT for all) will emerge and grow..just as all online vr/mmo gaming objects have grown in popularity, but ONLY being worth something to a gamerz play.

So END 0L$ settings in SL.
Force the Profits!
Make the Metaverse Pundits obsolete and back to the farms.

Prokofy Neva

Can you list why they can't make walking through King Tut's tomb work, in 1999 or 2009?

cube inada

I thought i did:)

Presenting a "working" walkthrough tomb has been pretty much the same for a decade.

And i guess "getting others to pay you/or paying yourself to build one" hasnt changed much at all as well:)

If the question is one of "sustainability" or "monetization" beyond the initial funding, then I think many who read this blog already can make that list and another one of how it could potentially work with those elements active.;)

I didnt see anything at heritage key site or the SL TUT exhibit/presentation that suggested to me anything different from what I saw from ventures around 1999.

Prokofy Neva

I mean something different. If you saw Blue Mars' promo video, they also are hooking up with Discovery was it, to make some sort of historical/geographic sort of things. And my broader question isn't "can you monetarize them" because I don't think people will pay $5 to go into a virtual museum, although they may go in for free and then buy something for their avatar inside or a mug, I suppose -- but it's more, do these sorts of diarama thingies work online?

Do people find them compelling or are they boring?


After 15 years of making/pitching and doing them.;)

Most cannot be described as truly compelling enough for the request for money from a "mass media consumer" upon entry.;)

Your "experienced" time in SL, has for the most part , imo, delivered to you a more correct "recipe" for succesfull web3d media "success" beyond what is called "the games biz".

Also, just an aside, as you know- one mans boring is anothers "nirvana", so if you pick the right rich twits tweeter, he'll pay for it.:)

A dozen years of web3d coonferences..., theres a non monetized VR museum being shown every year;)

I know of the Blue Mars press releases, and yes have seen the tech demos for years now--- yes. it will have higher 3d media playback capabilities than Open sims or SL;) but as i suggested, none of whats really at play is in my opinion about technical issues.

It never really has been.:)


The NPIRL group has no problem with builder bot.

Ironic since many of these people were screaming bloody murder and threatening legal sanctions against screen shot photographers stealing their stuffs!


I have asked to be removed from that group. The statements made, and the methods used to come to them, do no reflect my thoughts about the tactics used to promote creators interests in professional design or the best interests of designers or visual artists in the digital medium.

I never authorized any group to speak for my professional and ethical manners on what Rezzable has created for itself by its actions.



Darien Caldwell

NPIRL doesn't care about it because none of them actually build anything worth protecting. They are a group that tries to make a name for themselves by pointing to the hard work of other people. As such, I frankly couldn't care less what they think. It's like a guy who loves and leaves the ladies giving his thoughts on abortion. He lacks the proper credentials to comment meaningfully, as someone both unaffected and knowledge-deficient on the subject.

cube inada

some monetization notes online today.....

i found the 3 ring notes about "player" pricing to be of note.


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