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July 27, 2009


Cherowolf Redgrave

".. Second Life is an emergent-behaviour panopticon". Well said Prokofy.


"Are people going to be wearing goggles with HUDS and translations and image overlays inside them?"
yes. and that was clear even before SL came around ;)


" Philip Linden always used to talk about SL as this machine to prototype and accelerate your business, and enable you to flop hard and learn while remaining anonymous so as not to suffer, but it's bigger than that, because it prefigures and runs through simulations of wider trends and adaptations to technology than just somebody's one business."

Yes but I think he had even further ambitions for the platform.

Second Life, I think, is a kind of dream state. It has consequences on the psyche. In it, people can play act behavior then take it into RL. The studies have already started about it...avatar self worth bleeding into RL. It can be therapeutic.

But it can also be maladaptive. I see people falling into these strange RP environments.

The door swings both ways.

Philip Linden was aware of that effect almost from the beginning. Its another Snowcrash idea meme.
Whoever grabs hold of virtual worlds in the future will have control over the dreams of humans.


forget cystall balls,;)
do you all get the "golden globes" on the side banner google ads asking one to "start the jouney now my lord?"

evony mmo/virtual world

kinda sums up all the futurism..;)

Darien Caldwell

Yes, I get those ads, they look pretty lame, and I can't imagine anyone actually playing them, but I suppose someone must be. I wouldn't consider them the future though. There's always been free games around, any that are good don't stay free for long though.

Melissa Yeuxdoux

".. Second Life is an emergent-behaviour panopticon."

That's kind of depressing, if true. Recall that the Panopticon was Jeremy Bentham's design for a prison.

(And just what is a "barium chamber"?)

Prokofy Neva

Well, no, the Panopticon concept preceded Bentham. That is, he got the idea from his brother's prison, and the word itself -- I'm not sure it originated with him, although it does seem to be a made-up word out of Greek roots.

In Russian, the phrase, said with an exclamation point, "panoptika!" means "totally absurd thing visible for all to see" -- and Russian picks up a lot of French phrases from the days of the nobility and then the exiles, and it would be interesting to see tracing all this if it was used from French borrowing BEFORE Bentham came up with the prison idea.

I don't like the idea of emergent behaviour. I don't favour it as a concept which is often used by smug Lindens to justify doing nothing, or according will and power to technology separate from but in alignment with their own will.

Tekkies accord a religiously mystem power to "emergent behaviour" which is often just "griefers figuring out how to abuse something you didn't foretell".

A barium chamber is a barium chamber. A chamber with barium in it. Where stuff happens. it's science fiction, you should know that.

Barium also makes stuff show up. That's why in the hospital people are given barium drinks to swallo to see if their appendix burst, etc.

Kyrah Abattoir

W-Hat is not connected to 4chan by the way but the somethingawful forums, if you had bothered to check their FAQ at

Alex Dimitriades

".. Second Life is an emergent-behaviour panopticon."

Philip et al. would certainly love this to happen but for the moment Second Life functions more like an "oligopticon" than a panopticon.

If we want to search for developed and mature panoptica, we don't need to look any further than the local governments, the internet service providers, or services like Google and Facebook.

Prokofy Neva

One of the common forms of propaganda that w-hat/b-tard/4chan etc constantly engage in is to come on forums and tell everybody that they are not connected. You can often tell who are their "agents of influence" and "useful idiots" by watching who comes on to tell everyone indignantly that they are "not related" and "get your facts straight".

Of course they are connected as anyone can see. Second Life in fact is a good place to see all their connections. It's just a form of disinformation and distraction.

As if you can trust the forums of a griefer group that constantly lies and propagandizes and distracts about their status lol.

Doubledown Tandino

Since when has a crystal ball been right?

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