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August 19, 2009


ichabod Antfarm

The flickr feed for the SLCC has reams of photos of the perps posing in front of their "work". Have a look:

It pretty much confirms everything (while hinting at probable aetiologies).

BLTwith Mayo

Actually, if you talk to Loki Clifton, who is as FIC as they come, you will find out that he was the one who arranged the Woodbury party bus that shuttled almost every registered SLCC attendee to LL's offices, and that all attendees participated in the chalk graffiti, including Filthy Fluno, Cid Ducatillon, Luc Aubret, and many other FICish luminaries. The bus also shuttled LL employees back and forth from the lab to the hotel, including Kona, Oskar, Alexa, among many other Lindens. Finally, if you ask Philip himself, you will find out that the sidewalk chalk event was approved of ahead of time by Philip in response to a request by Loki.
Also, the picture you post was taken by a Woodbury student and put on flickr, not by the individuals you attempt to credit.
Once again, you can't seem to write a story without getting virtually every fact completely wrong.

Prokofy Neva

Er, I didn't get any story "wrong" here, dear. Loki Clifton is part of w-hat, and is a secret-sharer with the Woodburies and b-tards. I reported this as a Woodbury vandalism act -- it is, and you've confirmed that. I referenced this story from Adric -- he was the one who put the photo credits, not me, so take up you grievance of photo credits to him, as I merely referenced him and his credit. That's how the Internet works, duh.

If Filthy Fluno took part in this as some faux-griefing faux-vandalism art happening, whatever, I get it that this is radical chic and Mau-Mauing the flak-catchers. Somehow, I don't think FF was the one to put up the "Ban Prok," but I have no doubt that all those Lindens would have happily chalked it and blamed it on someone else, especially the JIRA net-nanny Alexa.

If Philip approved the vandalizing of his own building, he's an even bigger goof that I thought, but it illustrates a lot that Philip would approve graffit that urged the banning of one critical resident and made that law-abiding tier-paying landlord out to be the evil one, while presiding over a nihilistic cynical faux-griefing art happening. Bleh to all of them.

So again, I didn't get a SINGLE FACT wrong. I got the story IN FULL. If the photo credit is wrong, whatever, the "student" can come and tell me his name and I'll correct it.

Vandalism, whether committed directly as vandalism by Woodbury, or committed as a fake, permissioned, narf-narf happening approved by Philip and Lindens, IS STILL VANDALISM.

That the victim doesn't perceive it as a crime is part of the vandalism.

Darien Caldwell

It's chalk. It will wash off. I mean, they didn't even throw an egg. Now that would be hard to remove, once it dried. For vandals, they are pretty lame, and not worth banning IMHO.

Hydra Shaftoe

Linden approved event. :3

Oh and if you didnt go you missed the awesome schwag they were handing out.

Prokofy Neva

Glad Hydra Shaftoe has outed him/herself as not just Nokia support group and "solution provider" and Metanomics and AWGroupie, but Woodbury griefer so that this can go on her/his resume of Google searchers by prospective employers.

/cut card

Carl Metropolitan

Just a short official NCI statement on this.

Immy (Imnotgoing Sideways) has never in my knowledge done anything that I would consider griefing, and and I have complete confidence in her as a NCI Land Officer and Instructor.

It is true that Immy is a member of Woodbury. I do believe Woodbury to be a griefer group. As long as Immy remains with Woodbury, people will associate her with Woodbury's actions. That is her choice and any problems arising from that choice are hers as well.

I don't consider it NCI's business or NCI's problem.

Prokofy Neva

Carl, you're a politically-correct idiot on this one.

Roxanne Questi

In this blog you slandered someone who is an asset to NCI. I refer to Imnotgoing Sideways, a skilled and talented person. The antithesis of yourself: she is a productive and generous addition to the second life knowledge base and loved by her friends. You owe her a public apology.

Prokofy Neva

Roxanne, dear, you need to get a clue in the worst way.

Your little "gal pal" IMG is a griefer.

I never heard of her, never knew she was in NCI, when I first right-clicked and ejected/banned her...why?

Because she was with a group of people who deliberately came to my land to disrupt an event, replicate prims, and spew particles.

This happened three times, at both the Sutherland Dam and the Ross building. Imnotgoing Sideways was with the others, joining in the griefing posse.

You can't say "Oh, she/he just wants to come for the discussion" when she comes with people who crash sims, spew particles, put out hate textures etc. This has all been witnessed and seen by people in the meeting -- dozens of people.

I then saw her involvement in NCI, and I thought, yep, yet another agitprop gambit by these people trying to burrow into reputable groups and make it seem as if they "help the community". It's bullshit. They harm the community by harassing me and my tenants. There is absolutely no reason for them to be doing that.

Your little gal pal is also an ageplay edgecaser, flogging hentai, and even bragging to people about a RL incident in a book store involving hentai. It's creepy stuff.

I will not be apologizing for shit. You brainless wonders need to get your heads out of your asses and see what's up with this group.

BTW, BLTwith Mayo is just another one of their alts, he is banned from here as well and also AR'd inworld for a hate profile directed against me.

Toxic Menges

Chalk up the entrance to the offices of LL, that's fine, and indeed cool. Graffitti is good, and I like the fact that it was an event that LL had said was ok.

What's not cool is adding an individuals name to that graffitti - there was no need for that. Patriotic Nigras is one thing (although we all know it is borderline offensive), but naming Prok is actually cruel and ruined the whole tone of it, and what is essentially UGC- just in RL.

Anyone would be plenty incensed to have that happen to them, and then it be plastered all over the internet.

Shame on LL for letting that particular bit stay. IMO.

Loki Clifton

WOW, So I am a member of w-hat that's good to know as I have always been reporting there crap when I see it but as for “a secret-sharer with the Woodburies and b-tards” All I can say is I have nothing to do with the /b community and Woodbury University has Just Thrown the most EPIC party of SLCC 09
I would like to thank you for posting this pix as many many people will see it and understand the party they missed and as always Thanks to all that came and thanks to the live performers who preformed all night long for us on our party bus. This was all in fun and I am sorry you missed it. But I hope to have a better Party for Next Year!

Prokofy Neva

What a lying fuck you are, Loki, and always have been.

In fact, that's why people like you grief me by remote control because I keep exposing your lies. Of course you are related to all these groups, and always have been, and are merely indulging in their hallmark form of griefing, which is to deny they grief, then harry and harass everyone who points out all the obvious facts.

This very prank is a very good example, as first you incite everyone to discuss it and report it as an act of vandalism, then you all double back and say "nyah, nyah, we had permission and it isn't vandalism if the Lindens let us do it". Classic, and of course emblematic about everything to do with this company of coders who not only have never grown up, but who in fact are quite grown up and quite malicious.

If you have "nothing" to do with Woodbury, Loki, then...why is your very avatar profile showing a picture of you flying in front of the Woodbury grief-build in Ravenglass? Duh? If Woodbury has "nothing" to do with W-hat, why is the trademark hat icon in the build? If the PNs have "nothing" to do with either W-hat or Woodbury, then why do Woodbury members use all their racist insignia and memes, and appear when there are PN particle attacks? And so on. We all see it, we all get it.

If you have "nothing" to do with griefing, why is your alt/partner to your alt/whatever the fuck Meif Ling in the graffiti, and also coming to kill my chickens, caught in the act, actually destroying property and causing somebody actual RL damages>? What a lying *fuck* as I said.

You hold the chalk, Loki, even if others draw with it, and always have.

As for Toxic Menges, you're an enabler. "Borderline" offensive? Geez, I guess you've never seen the worst of the obscene and racist attacks. No "borderling" about it.

Shame on LL for "letting that particular bit stay"? LL is the one who put it there and incited to put it there, and that's clear. The idea that graffiti is "fun" and that you actually in fact organize a graffiti posse to deface your own walls is emblematic. It's good these stories are on the Internet so that they can be reviewed when this company tries to sell itself as a business platform, or sell itself...period.

Toxic Menges

I was referring to the phrase patrotic nigras, Prok. I have seen what they are capable of.

I like the idea that LL allowed graffitti on their premises, it's kind of a nice twist on us shaping the world they created, then in RL people go and add something to their bricks and mortar.

Not arguing, clarifying.

Prokofy Neva


Again, you are an enabler, and part of the problem, not part of the solution.

There is nothing slightly offensive about "Patriotic Nigras" -- it's a racist name, period.

Your "liking" that LL allowed graffiti is as self-indulgent and juvenile as they are. Nobody "adds" something with infantile graffiti. It's stupid. They wouldn't leave it on there if they were trying to sell their company, but they should realize that they are always selling their company in every way, and this, like everything else about them, speaks VOLUMES.

Maklin Deckard

"It is true that Immy is a member of Woodbury. I do believe Woodbury to be a griefer group. As long as Immy remains with Woodbury, people will associate her with Woodbury's actions. That is her choice and any problems arising from that choice are hers as well.

I don't consider it NCI's business or NCI's problem. " - Carl Metropolitan

Sooo, NCI lets members of known griefer groups 'help out newbies', running the risk of said griefer group members recruiting new members or otherwise convincing newbies that harassment is accepted or cool? I just lost all respect I ever had for NCI and its endeavors. And I for one will no longer route any newbies to NCI-operated areas.

Whether you accept it or not, it IS your business and your problem as it reflects negatively on your organization and has the potential to corrupt your organization (griefer recruiters using NCI as a front).

Prokofy Neva

Thanks for your support Maklin.

It is very hard to get people to defend civilization on the edges in particular.

They often feel, as Carl does, that they have to use basic liberal values and "not punish by group affiliation". This is drilled in very deep as a liberal value, and it's why terrorists and griefers in our little world play it against people and use it as a kind of boomerang.

If they can get people to default to this liberal value to the extent that it accepts even criminality, then they've succeeded in undermining civilization by making liberal values work against liberalism, and make liberal values appear to be ineffective, and force and goad and incite illiberalism to deal with their own illiberalism.

The reality is that you do not have to go against any liberal values to deter and contain and deflect criminality. You merely have to know your own mind and draw the line. Groups that repeatedly engage in criminal behaviour, criminal conspiracy (a legal term, not my term), with hundreds of people coming and going over the years committing offenses, doesn't qualify anymore for the lenience of "no guilt by association," but instead gets a challenge to prove its bona fides by either changing its bad behaviour or forcing those who are indeed good to leave.

If Imngotgoing wasn't just a sordid little decivilizer like the rest, she'd have no trouble leaving this supposedly wacky funny crazy goofy group that only had just a few bad eggs. It would not be a problem for her because she would realize it is NOT that. She's realize it, oh, in coming along with the "party" on several occasions when they griefed events, put out self-replicating prims, and ugly particles, and she'd realize that the task here was not browbeating everyone into accepting her and her dubious group and her criminal friends; the task here would be for her to leave the group -- and of course for NCI to say, "We can't have you in our group because you are also in a griefing group which we refuse to legitimize."

Griefing groups CRAVE legitimacy, like totalitarian governments and terrorist extremist movements. They CRAVE it and they will use any deception to try to pull it off in order to confuse, deflect, burrow in, etc. There's nothing wrong with making distinctions between good and bad groups. It's ok. There *is* such a thing as a bad group because it is organized on the principal of crime. For example the Prokofy Fan Club isn't a real fan club but a group to demean, humiliate, grief, harass, etc. Anyone joining that group partakes of that purpose, and knows they partake of that purpose.

The Woodburies have made a real sport of trying to tie people in knots and set them against each other, as Leninists do, by constantly pretending that they aren't what they seem, that they are innocent until proven guilty, etc.

For example, Toxic Menges, pretending to be a good little liberal (she's actually an enabler of decivilization) will invoke piously and solemnly the liberal value of "innocent until proven guilty" when I have an event in the SLB6 zone with my story. I'll ask her to ban Tizzy and the other goons who have repeatedly harassed me and tenants and events -- and yet she'll say with a wide-eyed insipid stare, "Oh noes, we can't ban someone who hasn't done something bad yet".

So, sure enough, Toxic was able in fact to catch Tizzers in the act of griefing. That doesn't always happen because they are wiley about trying to appear as just wacky kids and not sinister griefers. Toxic then had to rethink her liberal pose -- but apparently, it might take many such field experiences where she will finally give up the liberal pose and actually protect real liberalism by not conceding that its actual enemies get to turn it against it again and again to the detriment of civil society.

These are important principles that aren't just about a game, which is why I bother with it.

Desmond Shang

What a mess.

1) Some chalk on the offices was a harmless stunt... EXCEPT until someone wrote "ban Prok" ~ now it's just plain rude and creating more incitement. I'd like to know who did that ~ whomever that was, it was a dumbass, classless stunt.

Those kinds of scrawled statements are always indicative of someone trying to get cosy with a clique or the cool kids, as Prok is a very easy target. Hated by almost all. Well, it said volumes about the personality of whomever wrote it: weak, mobminded and cruel. Yeah, let's spread the hate meme some more, shall we? I would have happily added "Des was here" to that wall in good fun... UNTIL someone started writing hateful stuff. Lame.

$L 5000 to the first person that writes UN in front of it, as in "UNban Prok", and posts a pic. There's got to be some of you still in the area.

I don't even like to be in the same space as Prok, but chalking stuff like that is the essence of "hateful loser."

2) I know Immy from forums, and I personally believe a lot of the 'out there' opinions about ageplay and other things are tossed in are merely for shock value. If anything, were I to have to place a bet I'd guess that Immy is an FBI agent. No, really. Who runs around espousing such stuff loudly, yet doesn't seem to ever really get into it or in trouble for it?

And yeah Immy, I really suspect that. For what it's worth, I've worked with governmental agencies myself in an electronics design/supplier capacity. You *completely* fit the profile of an undercover person. I could be wrong, sure, but it's what I suspect.

* * * * *

And Immy, since I know you will eventually read this ~ one of NCI's #1 rules is "don't be an ass" ~ of course, Carl may draw a sharp line and say: not my business, I suppose he can do that, but why do you gotta put him, NCI and everyone associated with it through this?

I'm presuming that Prok is correct and you are hassling Prok's gatherings ~ if that's not the case, say so. I'm incredibly liberal with group association, I personally know and have *no problem* with many members of W Hat and /b. But likewise I'll call it as I see it. Dammit, it's time to leave Prok alone.

I'm no saint myself, nor do I expect everyone to be good little conformists, or that everything is my business. A one time thing is not the end of the world. But griefing Sutherland repeatedly and tediously, come on.

What's happening here? Need to hang with the bad crowd or something to build street cred? This reeks of 'internet sting operation' to me.

A LOT of people are going to think *exactly* the way Maklin does on this issue, to the great detriment of Carl and everything he's built.

Does Carl need this? This doesn't tear down Prok. It tears down all the rest of us.

And if you want to grief someone, yeah believe it or not I may quietly think a few people have it coming, those who participate, get it and respond in kind.

But picking on an already vilified single mom while she is minding her own business is just... I don't even have words for it.

Other than maybe shameful.

Prokofy Neva

Um, Prokofy isn't hated by "almost all," Desmond, stop being an asshole. I'm hated by a tiny percentage of people who are in a griefing group and their enablers, and some thin-skinned geeks on the forums. The vast majority of people I deal with in rentals, readers of my blog, etc. in fact appreciate me, and even IM me inworld with notes like I got just now saying "I agree with you 80 percent, can I put your land in my picks".

It's hard to see this true picture of indifference/tolerance/love/hate because the haters get all the ink and the air time in the controlled media of SL.

It doesn't take much imagination to figure that the chalker, if not Loki Clifton, his partner/alt/whatever Meif Ling, who put his name under the Ban Prok and killed my chickens.

The edgecase ageplay crap of Imnotgoing is not just "out there", it's part of the shtick.
It's part of battering away at people's limits of good taste and legality to de-civilize, which is always the aim of this bunch.

Remember Gareth? Gareth and his alts and gal pals were always spouting this ageplay crap too, and never seeming to get into trouble, and that's because they try to fly under the radar and provoke and push the edges along incrementally. That's what it's about.

IMG is an undercover agent, but not from the FBI, but from the same griefer movement. It's all part of having some of their members "gain respectability" etc. Very class tactic. Study the radicals of the 1960s and the Bolsheviks and you will get this.

IMG lets us know he is a griefer by repeatedly evading bans on this blog, for example, and also by repeatedly appearing inworld with grief posses. There's no getting around this. This is not just coming 'for the discussion' as I said. It's a deliberate tactic and they have to be called on it.

Oh stop it with the "already vilified single mom" crap Desmond. You're a wimp and a weakling and I could easily whup you, single mom my ass. Sexist bullshit.

All of them, of course, fit in this category of vilifying and picking on me. It's helpful to remember why this started: I never had anything to do with these people, never heard of their movements, had never read about them, when I posted to the forums that I had lived through 9/11 and lost a job and lost neighbours and fellow parishioners, and that I thought it was tasteless for a gang of goons in SL to make a farsical and sarcastic rendition of the World Trade Center with signs "I'm falling for you" etc -- a W-hat "class act" that the Herald feted at the time. And that simple heartfelt statement of mine on the forums led to me being savagely griefed in world, first by people with fake Muslim names on alts who literally dive-combed my events and buildings and visitors in airplanes they crashed, then through a series of awful stunts, ranging from texture-particling the tub girl to putting out severed, bloody furry heads on my lawn.

It's just a few people who do the worst, perhaps even only one person who is the same person who stalked and harassed me in RL at SLCC Chicago -- Tizzers/Hazim Gazov/Jordan Bellano. But the group draws energy and fuel from this and replicates it and they all, at one time or another, have bullied and harassed me and my tenants in all kinds of ways for years.

I've documented all this, I've filed abuse reports, I don't engage in war games by trying to shoot them or crash their sims, acts I'm just not interested in acquiring the expensive technology or knowledge of even how to do.

I just use the pen, which is mightier than the sword.

These people have cost me RL money by forcing tenants out again and again; I've simply refused to give up and move, and I continue to maintain open rentals in Ravenglass waiting for them to leave -- they've only moved in with more viciousness in the last year, buying land to build a grief-build to add to an existing 3-year grief build from Scout Detritus.

The in-crowd of SL, including Desmond, Carl and other seeming upstanding fine citizens, are enablers of this because they can't draw the line. They can't say "no" to this group and keep it out. They can't defend the principles they need to protect themselves, because they'd be the ones to attack if I didn't exist. Carl and Desmond would have given up long, long ago if they had to put up with the abuse I've had to endure in SL.

SecondLie Scribe

Approved event?

Well, then I shouldn't have written anything.

Imnotgoing Sideways

I don't grief. (=_=)

Prokofy Neva

A person who keeps evading a ban installed for cause due to their griefing, who uses various anonymizer browsers and such lets us know that they are griefers by doing that.

Thanks for the confirmation, Desmond and Carl have had trouble grasping this.

Imnotgoing Sideways

You have me confused for someone else. What are you talking about? (O.o)

Desmond Shang

What is going on?

Was Immy there, or not?

Imnotgoing Sideways

"There" as in at SLCC? I wish. My family didn't like the idea of me meeting my 'online' friends in person. It would have torn my marriage apart. (T_T)

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