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August 22, 2009


brinda allen

OK Prok...I can understand your Causing you both SL {inventory loss} & RL monetary loss with the stuff that has gone on with the griefing. My God that stuff is what drove me to buy an estate where I could at least control some of what went on. Can you clarify the sentence....

* Um, it's not like Imnotgoing Sideways meets them and gives them newbie help;*

Darn it.. you certainly retain an absolute right to ban anyone for any reason..or no reason.. just as I do from places that I've paid RL money. But how the heck did Immy get into this post?

Prok you have to kno I love that you are the first to say when someones naked...Linden lab or anyone else. The world, never mind SL, needs that. But I've known Immy for a bit...actually I'm a bit older than she..Six months or so SL {haha.. real life I'm older than most any of you. I've yet to see her create any trouble. As asocial as I am.. I love to kinda hang around the corner and watch ppl when they aren't watching me. Would I join Woodbury? Not 'cause of any ideology... just 'cause I have no idea of what that group would offer me. I tend to subscribe to Groucho Marx's tenet that I wouldn't want to be a part of any group that would have me :-)

Sometimes I have the darndest time turning loose of stuff. And as I've grown older I've began to see the great benefit {for me} in saying.. *Hmm...You may be right*


Desmond Shang


I *very rarely* attend anything you also participate in, I don't think I've ever set foot in Ravenglass region even once, and generally I don't even bother to read your posts about quarrels with griefers.

But I am in 110% in agreement with you on this one. The intent of a group can readily be measured by its actions.

Are there good people in Woodbury? There are adorable, if misguided kids in LA's streetgangs too. That doesn't turn MS13 and the Crips into daycare organisations, though.

If there are 'good people' in Woodbury, their decency is sure as hell not being represented.

And Prok I personally think you mischaracterise people readily and frequently, which has made me always question *any* of your allegations.

Regardless, Woodbury has earned the distinctive reputation of gleefully, repeatedly attacking a middle aged, unstable single mom across years.

It doesn't matter if they are the outsider's outsider, or crazy, or might have 'started it' or any of that nonsense.

Killing the chickens... this was the thing that finally got my attention.

Imagine, grown men logging onto their computers and doing this night after night. How low on the human pecking order do you have to be, to assert e~dominance like this and deny Prok some chickens? *Fucking* pathetic.

Shame on you, losers, and shame on all the rest of you in that group without the guts to take a stand against it, or worse yet, jeer along as the acts are committed.

Oh, but it's the outsider that everyone hates... and it might cost me friends and peer group status if I have to make an ethical choice? Why defend *Prok?* Disgusting.

Woodbury has earned its stripes as a hate organisation in my book. It's far beyond a shadow of a doubt at this point. It's been documented and put on Youtube for god's sake.

Does what I think matter? Probably not much, but you sure won't find Woodbury helping out in Caledon, especially Caledon Oxbridge, effective *immediately.* Not that we would have many, or any, in the first place. And I don't think my call on this will phase Carl that much if at all, to be honest.

In Woodbury, and don't like my call on this one? Take it up with your own.

* * * * *

And Prok we are *not* friends, you will likely find my reasoning horribly sexist and my response years late; these groups are simply not on my radar. So be it.

Anyone trying to be decent to you earns a tirade and cussing. Clearly, I don't care that much about your reaction or follow up post.


Desmond Shang, Guvnah
Independent State of Caledon

Prokofy Neva


I'm not unstable, but you're missing more than a few screws.

You fail to grasp that I'm not the only target of Woodbury University.

There are other rental communities, other individuals, other events, other random people who are griefed mercilessly by this gang, even raped on poseballs, even pushed around by giant phalluses, bombarded with ugly obscene textures, and subjected to the evil din of banality.

It is not just me by a long shot. It's just me that *talks* however. The others are afraid. They think if they say nothing, it will go away. They are seldom right. Some don't even abuse report -- they think it's random dumb kids. They don't realize it's the same people, the same avatars with the same names, even that are harassing me.

The Lindens know this, but they aren't talking. But the Linden decision to seize the Woodbury island about two years ago or so wasn't based on them attacking *me*; it was based on harassing loads of other people and crashing their own sim, deliberately. Huh? You missed this history?

Ditto the b-tards, w-hats, etc. These people crash sims all over, not just mine. They may have even griefed you and you haven't realized it.

Your smarmy, sexist and patronizing bullshit here is only an artifact of the media -- my media, my blog that reports on the crime of this group because nobody else does.

vince braver

blah blah blah

same shit. same story.

go find a dick to put your sagging granny lips on

have a beautiful day


brinda allen

@ Vince.
What an asinine comment.
"blah blah blah

same shit. same story.

go find a dick to put your sagging granny lips on

have a beautiful day"


Vince..I've never met you or heard from you. I guess in that sense I'm so very lucky. Whether or not you like, respect, judge, or otherwise attempt to make an intelligent statement about some one or something it would seem to behoove you to look and see if you are *flaming* in an attempt to try and *be* somebody.

You don't need to believe me...(likely you don't really care)... but as someone of {guessing} one or two generations older than most in suprises some that kno me that when in a fit of rage I can turn a sailor red with embarassment....And yet my first thot, hopefully before my mouth opens, is what would my grandmother, or yours, think of me?

Rereading your comment....Perhaps think about what those people you respect think of you.

Prokofy Neva

I have to get a good laugh out of someone with the last name "Braver" appearing anonymously to make a hate comment with vulgar sexist content. "Coward" might be a better last name.

These aren't people you educate, brinda, these are people you condemn, expose, and ultimately arrest if they begin to commit crimes in RL. That's all.

As for Atomo Beerbaum, his screed is removed here because he's part of a frequent-flying posse that griefs me and my tenants.

If his claims that he is "too busy at work" to ever do that were true, there'd be no reason to find him in the ban list in many of my parcels on many sims because he's appeared there in person to harass me. There'd be no reason for him to even come to these lands.

If what he said were true, the grief build put up in Ravenglass by the "Feted Inner Core Headquarters" of which he is a member, to continuously taunt and annoy me, wouldn't even be there. The "students" would be building something positive on their own sim.

If what he said were true, he'd have no need to make groups whose soul purpose is to harass me, and put in all kinds of fake Soviet imagery in the belief that this is going to "feed my conspiracy paranoia" when in fact it only illustrates their infantilism and poor taste.

If what he said were true, he'd have no need to evade an existing ban on this blog.

If what he said were true, the need for this post would be absent as there'd be no one griefing me and harassing me on a stream of alts invited deliberately into Woodbury University by its officers.

If what he said were true, there'd be no reason for Atomo to be in the grief-group Prokofy Fan Club, *and* showing on the front page of the group menu with the title "Ravenglass Tenant".

There'd be no reason for any of those things.

Yours truly, Nikki

Tizzy is not the only one who can admit people into the group, FYI. Also, just because ONE person from the Woodbury group decides to show up on your sim and harass you does not mean that the entire Woodbury group planned it. Quite a few times I've seen just one person get a notion and head to your sim alone.

If it weren't for the REACTION you give the people at Woodbury, you would have hardly anything to blog about- they wouldn't be bothering you. But, your conspiring is found humorous and so the harassment continues.

It is obvious that you go so far as to search for things that Woodbury does in order to piss you off. Lol, you are just feeding the fire & I think you damn well know that! Anyway, keep up the good work. My theory is that you want you to be harassed.

Prokofy Neva

Dear, um, I didn't say Tizzers is the only one.

I said that Tizzers is the one you have to IM to get an invitation *because it tells you to do that on the group menu, duh, look at it, duh*.

The entire Woodbury group is indicated, because for oh, four years or something, the same people in w-hat/b-tard/v-5/then Woodbury, merely the latest incarnation, have been harassing me. Hundreds of them.

I'm closing this thread because I'm tried of chasing anonymous griefers off it.

It's not true that blogging about griefers causes griefing. In fact, it's important to publicize what they do and keep naming and shaming them so that people can become aware and take action against them. They don't get to decide what I do in Second Life or harm the freedom of Second Life with this sort of destructive deception.

There is a conspiracy, in the normal criminal meaning of the word, which is about planning and executing crimes in groups.

Nobody wants to be harassed by assholes, I simply feel it's a good technique to name, shame, and strategically publicize the assholery now and then and AR them and try to mitigate the damage.

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