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October 17, 2009


cube inada

a lazy saturday
time to read the lessig piece...


that link... which one?. the one about the lawyers sueing scribe?- talking about web2.0 biz plans as content theivery- redistribution...?

there are so many

Ewan Mureaux


Prokofy Neva

No, the one about the court case with the notion of the company town.

cube inada

there was another link that either pointed to this article, or came from it as well...

both offered slightly different takes on the judgement and its reasoning.

cube inada

this is it.

cube inada

i read some of the linked posts/bloggers....


when i read them i get the feeling im reading the works of people who look at democracy as it was designed and intended, but can only see themsleves as new wave jon stewart journalists.

ps.- jon stewart ISNT a jounalist or a anchor of a news show.;)

Truly the acceleration and conquest of the lobbiest tool, no longer even requireing the "bought senator". since reprensentational discourse in now "undertood;)" to be obsolete,..just like backup for all those MS Sidekick owners...or the sales messages from the makers of digital/ non chad hanging election boxes...;)

meanwhile the local health and human services offices in oakland cant even get paper into the fax machines..or a phone machine to record a messsage..and of course- no email...:)

just more of the same tech religious stuff that i heard when the mac broke out out in the late 80s.

a great satiric take on it all was "Proccessed World" magazine--zines--lol--self publishing and the mac..--lol

but again the real scare is that then it was satire.. today its trying everyday to become the new law.

cube inada

will these accountants kill off the baby with the bathwater as they kindelize us into sara palin or obama "auto-cough biographies"
mixed with whatever oprah says we should read?

does anyome really believe that once we kill off all the paper, that we wont start killing off all the old data as archives and endless amazon isles of out of print books-ideas non

alexandria 2.0--this time dont blame the fire.;)


value and context are everthing.. or they were the illusion of the day once upon a time....;)

Brinda Allen

Reading much of that *treatise* for me like watching an episode of the "Jerry Springer" show.

It makes me feel better and better...I'm OK I see...A lil loose in my loafers...but OK

Tad Reeves

At Steve Ballmer's keynote speech at SharePoint 2009 conference in Las Vegas, he implies that the takeup of social media will never happen in government and big business, due to corporate fears of their data being all over Facebook, etc. As you can see in the attached video, he suggests SharePoint is the answer.

The points to discuss here are pretty obvious. I.e., will Facebook & Twitter actually be broad-scale adopted by Govt?

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