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October 17, 2009


cube inada

are these made and sold by actual women or manginas?

"we did it for the show" c3


I agree. Gogo's a stupid fashion cheerleader who's always sucking someone's ass. These skins are awful.

Roslin Petion

You're kidding, right? I personally have a great distaste for depictions of violence entertainment alone but you are reading a whole lot into these skins or her choice to wear them. It's playacting, dress up, fun. Her choice to wear battered up skins and Gala's choice to make them have about as much to do with perpetuating violence as dressing up as Jack the Ripper would mean you want to run around mutilating prostitutes or dressing up as Winnie the Pooh would mean you want to be a Disney character. It's for fun, plain and simple.

Ewan Mureaux

Could have just had rhinoplasty?

Leland Maggs

Personally. I think you are both being way to judgemental. If the creator wants to make this type of skn that their business. If you dont like the skins then dont buy them. There are plenty of other people out there that will buy them. Its people like you that making the fashion industry very one sided. That my opinin and if you dont like it then next time then dont read it. There are bigger fish to fry out there than picking on someone whos at least has enough guts to do something different. Not like all the one sided designer that are already out there. We need some people to step up and be different.


OMG! It is a skin, it's no different then a gothic skin with blood on it..
Why is THAT sooo much better?
It's not like they called it, "my boyfriend beat me up".
Go report on the important issues like.. oh, I don't know.. BURNING LIFE?
Stop trying to hurt the designers out there, they work ALOT harder then you do writing harsh blogs about something you really don't know.

Freyja Nemeth

Hard to say it better than Roslin already did.

This sort of complaint makes me twitch as much as people who object to certain subjects being dealt with in roleplay.

And even if its not for roleplay, just plain dress-up is a perfectly great reason to wear skins like this. I don't see the difference between this and a zombie skin. Well, except zombie skins actually scare me because I am a wuss, and these are rather cool.

Ambrosia Thespian

I love that skin i'm so gonna get it! thank you for letting me know it exists omg I can't wait to wear them.

GIRLFRIEND! you just helped increase the sales of this line by 10% in just a few minutes.

I love theeeeese girrrrrl!

Morgana Hilra

Lol, Ambrosia, so am I.
I want the one with the stitching over the eye, and lip.
Wish she had one with a scar down the back, then it would look like ME, which btw, a guy did not give it to me, I got it when I was 15 and fell out of a tree.

Helyanwe Vindaloo

Im pretty sure they are called Battle Royale skins.. not wife beater skins.... im not sure how a black eye and runny makeup is automatically associated with a man beating up a woman unless thats just how YOU associate it in your mind. Which it sounds like you do, then your blaming everyone else for being messed up.


Thanks for giving me even more of a reason to buy them. <33

Ambrosia Thespian

Yeah girlfriend, it's not they called Rihanna or Chrisbrowned skins, no! they inspired from Battle Royale the Japanese movie!

Gala Phoenix

The only woman that I advocate getting beaten is you, Prok.

Desmond Shang

There's a huge difference between a Halloween costume and a faithful depiction of a battered female.

Oh, sure, I realise that people have a right to make stuff like this, but others have a right to their opinion about it, as well.

I personally think it's just awful. Domestic violence goes hand in hand with psychological abuse.

Hardly a week goes by that I don't meet a meek, low self esteem individual on the grid who is being methodically psychologically abused by a supposed loved one. Anyone on the grid for more than a week or two knows exactly the sort of thing I'm talking about.

Skanky Littlething

Oh good God, lighten up. Put down the crack pipe and find something else to bitch about.



Since you look like gack in any skin, no wonder you're hating on these. Don't like em?? Don't buy em.

Prokofy Neva

Cube, you're right, I hadn't thought about, it could well be the work of the manginas again.

I honestly don't care if all of Plurk goes wild here. I stand by my statement: it's wrong.

Prokofy Neva

Re: "im not sure how a black eye and runny makeup is automatically associated with a man beating up a woman unless thats just how YOU associate it in your mind. Which it sounds like you do, then your blaming everyone else for being messed up."

*Blinks*. Um. Right.

Oh, this just in from "Miz" Phoenix: "The only woman that I advocate getting beaten is you, Prok."

Er, right cube. Likely in mangina country here again.

Ewan Mureaux

Manginas are bad but your shenis is cool?



you guys are just retarded and you're not able to enjoy something original and made with love and dedication.

Plastic Duck

I am confirming that Gala is a female irl, this one time on webcam we got really e-drunk together and she showed me her bitz.

callie cline

prok, i agree that battering women, children, heck men, animals, any sort of abuse to anyone is wrong. agreed 100% i do not think anyone would disagree with you at all.

where i disagree is in your interpretation of what these skins are. there are many role playing sims in SL that do NOT involve battering of an innocent victim but are like "fighting, etc." like the good guys verses the bad guys. so perhaps this skin could be used for that. a "good guy or girl" who is a detective who's like a "charlies angels" type character going after an abusive gang of mean horrible people and she gets hurt standing up for what's right.

or... perhaps it's a woman who works in uganda trying to save the child solidiers who are abducted and she risks her life to do so...

who knows...

it's up to the buyer.

so again, i agree any type of celebrating violence towards women, children or anyone is wrong, but i think it's quite a leap to assume that is what's being done.

if the skins were called "my brutal beating from my spouse" then you know i may agree with you. unless it was used to bring awareness to that issue.

i do as always appreciate your passionate views, even though i can respectfully disagree.

i also can say those you attack you in their posts here, imho could do a bit of uh... well, let's just say it's not necessary to call you names even if you do that to them.

ok, i'm done. have a great day.

caLLie cLine

Prokofy Neva

Guess what, caLLie, you know what this is about for sure: beating women sells. So people make skins shown women beaten, and sell them.

It's disgusting.

All your backing and filling is even more disgusting.

Like I said, RP erodes the boundaries of what is acceptable. It is not an innocent action that carries no psychological weight or damage. Desmond is right that there are far too many people in thrall in these kinds of abusive relations online. It's sick to celebrate it.

What is Battle Royale, a day at the opera?! Of course it's supposed to go with some jive scene of somebody being beaten up.

Gosh, thanks for that, um, lady-like defense of me and uh...failure to condemn this dreadful Gala Phoenix, who wishes me to be beaten up in RL, as do others. Sick, sick, sick, but it's good to draw the line and this is how you do it: public condemnation.


I'm not entirely sure that this skin is glorifying abuse. The cool kids seem to think that this female warrior aesthetic is attractive. I find these beat up helpless "sad girl" avatars disturbing and some of the comments to this post are alarming as well. I'm sure that many of these people, such as Gala, who advocate the beating of any person has never encountered a survivor of abuse or had known someone who did not survive. I think what Prok is trying to say is that these images of battered women worn with such pride by the ignorant glorifies violence rather than "female power." Now, if the woman is also wearing battle gear...different image entirely.

callie cline

prok, re read what i wrote. i do NOT agree with anyone who said bad things about you.

i'm sorry you disagree with me, i can see you're very passionate about this issue.

certain RP may erode those boundaries and certain may not.

the fact is you do NOT know what these skins are used for. you do NOT know.

if you want to make your point, which i think is a good one, this imo was a poor way to do it.

i think i've said all i need to. how you interpret it is how you choose.

i have no need to condemn gala but like i said i don't agree with wishing you any harm.

take care.


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