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January 25, 2010


Brinda Allen

One of the things I enjoy about my age is the ability to learn from the experiences of others.

I saw one of my residents get emotionally harrassed real life by another because she had opted to open her real life ID.

I believe you Prok when I read that you have been real life harrassed because of RL/SL connections.

I understand that not everyone wishes me well in any world...
And while I love the experience of Secondlife...I would pull the plug before I would choose to connect RL/SL.

As for Lindens *outing* themselves.
I see why that could be a potentialy dangerous thing given the popularity of some of their decisions So, first Lindens.

We seldom get to know who we are dealing with in an on-line environment...I'll not take that chance.


I'm interested in the reason why this sudden push to connect RL.

Is it the lab furiously chasing after FB and the Farmville crowd? Or is a requirement from one of their new corporate customers?

What this is, is turning this world into a commercial testbed 24/7 365. Its as if people who agree to test corporate products for a 25 dollar check suddenly found themselves living in a corporate product neighborhood for life.

Of course they need our real identities.

"And those of us who have been trying to engineer a citizen's arrest of Torley Linden for his constant idiot spamming of with his broken blogHUD will finally be able to restore the peace."

I was wondering what was going on about that. At one point the feed turned into Torley all the Time and I couldn't figure out what the problem was. lol.


I agree that linden’s should make their former resident names known, it should be mandatory. I do wonder about conflict of interest and who these Linden’s once were, do they carry any personal issues over to their Lindenness, therefore are they able to remain impartial on all things.

Ciaran Laval

"Is it the lab furiously chasing after FB and the Farmville crowd? "

Seems to be the case, I wonder how Facebook users would react to a proposal to allow them to use nicknames rather than their real names and to hide their personal info about their location, I'd wager quite a few would be in favour of it.

This is all getting very silly, Mark Zuckerberg is wrong on this issue and why is everyone following his lead anyway? So facebook has a lot of users, their users don't stump up cold hard cash like Second Life users do.

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