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February 01, 2010


Cherowolf Redgrave

I have never met Ordinal but have read her blog these past three years. I always figured she was a classy lady. Glad to see you confirm it in writing. IMHO, losing Ordinal ranks right up there behind losing Philip and Robin. Very sad indeed.

Spark Henshaw

Oh please! "losing" Philip and Robin... get a grip! The fact LL don't manage our expectations comes directly from their ineffectual management style.

The problem now, the current management, have to address 5 years of letting LL drift. A decision is a good thing, at least they're now making decisions: not standing on the sidelines under the Californian liberal BS of 'your world, your imagination'. Which as we all know was misleading, unacceptable and ultimately illegal.

This is another example of people just moving on, of course, being Second Life, it's never that easy. These people feel they need to leave in a blaze or glory and ego. There have been better people, worse people and other people will come and fill all our shoes. The good news, this is how it should be, people move onto other things. Which makes room for other people and new ideas. This refreshes our community and all our experiences. I have only been in SL for 18 months, I do though get very bored of the older SL residents, acting like they own the high ground in SL.

So I say, it was great you were here. You did great work, made a great contribution. Why though leave with such a grandiose gesture? Although I suspect you will be back, especially as they have said they will keep all their land going. WTF?! You only do that if you intend on returning. LOL

Avatars United? Whatever! It's missing just about any usability, I suspect LL will remake it, improve it and integrate. As it stands now, it's just not right for everyday usage. We know this. Why are we all jumping around like Chickey-Lickey? let's see what happens.

Spark Henshaw - Cravendale Sim Toys and Games

Qie Niangao

Ordinal represents much of what's worthwhile about SL, and I find the prospect of her departure as frightening as it is disappointing.

Darien Caldwell

I'm also saddened to hear this. But having 'been there', I know it wasn't likely a rash decision, and in the end it probably is for the best. It's not an easy thing to do, by any stretch.

Brinda Allen

@ Spark Henshaw

A few know a little about my old real life history...I wasn't always a warm fuzzy human being. And at my worst....I sounded much as you do now.

{That's not a compliment}

Brinda Allen

Class acts are rare in any world. We are all diminished by the loss of one.

cube inada

A few thoughts..

1. Just as i read your post i received an email from Rezzable with an annouce of both Enshi and Ordinal Exhibits..Im not sure by the wording if they were in the Sl grid or an opensim owned by Rezzable.

2. I suggested a challenge to at/ dusan(s)( vr platforms are stories) blog. Call it an analyisis of a top 10 list of "web ART" after 40 years (20 web) and the "culture" it reflects or inspires.

3. Mediums eventually control the ART. the culture. a culture, and its lasting or not affect.

I think what these stories suggest is that the digital platform IS NOT a platform about stories. Stories are only valuable for People. And unless no ones keeping score, as our extropians keep telling us, digital machines dont need people.

Any wonder the "artists" like janier took a decade after they jumped down the rabbit whole of the "meta" to figure this out.?

Acceleration. a main by product of the digital machine, lets Enshi and Ordinal reach "a wall" in 4 years.

Maybe thats good news.:)

cube inada

speaking of rabbit holes...

Project Wonderland is dead...
wasnt that like 6 years of digital releases...

and another of the "top virtual worlds" of the class of 2006 lists is stillborn with not so much baby stories to trade.:)

one really has to ask WHAT VR media is good for if again all these game god experts cant even make it out of alpha beta....

or isnt that maybe the only real story...?

cube inada

perils of virtuality?
not a bad lookin grandma:)

how many SL boosters arent , or couldnt be her....

i am amazed she wasnt broken like the downloading music grandma...some hope i guess, that a checks and balance system DID occur.... and not take 4 years like the RIAA case....

so was this cnet story a "good" or a "bad" one?

or is this the story?


Darien Caldwell

I kind of find it hard to believe Ordinal would have anything to do with Rezzable, especially after the Builder Bot Fiasco. Are you sure about that?

cube inada

"Rezzable created an on-line virtual questing environment to support Ytouring ’s Starfish production where students learn through questing in a 3D environment about Scurvy and Clinical Trials. After seeing Starfish audiences are invited to enter Steamfish a specially created world. First they create their own character (avatar). In character they arrive on board the recently ’shipwrecked’ Stella Maris. This is where they start their quest to learn more about scurvy and clinical trials. If you want to start your quest please click here to learn more at Rezzable. The site is build and designed by Viv Trafalgar and Ordinal Malaprop."

copied from email i got this morning..... and yes. the BuilderBot Ultimatum should not be forgotten.;) It showed much realities behind virtualities.

not an exhbit it seems, but a commercial project( nothing wrong with that) although i have doubts that an artist working with Rezzable as the projects owner is finding a fair deal. But thats up to them to decide the overall value of such a relationship.

but its a big virtual world;)


It is indeed terrible news, I am certainly saddened by this, a great lose to the grid


I can say confidentially that Ordinal would have nothing to do those who create builders bot, nothing!!!!

cube inada

but the email i recieved states otherwise...


copyingmachine cube

Desmond Shang

Ordinal is not Jon Himoff.

Ordinal is not Builderbot, either. Nor has builderbot ever been released in a malicious manner that I am aware of.

Ordinal is a class act. This exit is a terrible blow to Caledon, Babbage, and the greater Steamlands in general.

But in such cases, we have to support the person, not be selfish ourselves. The light is on and the door is open; it's up to Ordinal.

Autoreturn is shut off on the road in front of where Ordinal's shop was, if anyone wants to leave a prim with a note or texture or something.

In spite of the Rezzable kerfuffle some months ago, I'm going to try to go see this new creation.

If Ordinal and Viv had anything to do with it, that's enough justification for me. Besides, I love steampunk stuff.

cube inada

Ive seen the website and the machinima intro.

As to builderbot and Rezzable, I found the entire episode , its agenda and the methods used by Rezzable to be in no way benefitial to professional or non professionals in the arts and creative industries.

They deserve no rewards from the actions and methods they employed to further their own interests at the threatened expense of others within the service.

cube inada

speaking of dead vr "worlds" services...and emails to the uninterested anymore--me...:)

i got this also today...

We would like to thank you for using Cyworld America's service. Unfortunately, it has been decided to discontinue the service.

We sincerely apologize to you and the other members who used Cyworld America as we know that many of you greatly valued the service.

Cyworld will try its best to minimize your inconvenience.

To try to minimize any inconvenience, we have set up a simple procedure that will permit you to download the data that you have uploaded to Cyworld.

We are also offering refunds for any unused dotoris (acorns) that you have purchased. Data backup and refund requests can be processed at Cyworld America's webpage.

Please note that February 19, 2010 is the last day on which you can download your data or request a refund.

Once again, we would like to thank you for using Cyworld America's service.

Thank you.

bye bye genius dudes from korea burning code crap in SF 2006-9

Prokofy Neva

I was wondering how long it would take Desmond to return everyone's condolences posters.

Answer: nine days

[2:46] Second Life: Your object 'Grid Crash Protection Box' has been returned to your inventory lost and found folder by Commonwealth of Caledon from parcel 'Independent State of Caledon' at Caledon 78, 64 due to parcel auto return.

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