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February 27, 2010


cube inada

yeah, what happened to all the "cutomization" of the digital media...

"sorry- one form for all... please ignore the gun pointed at the OTHER guys head."

Sick the impotent but goodwilled Sen Rockafeller on them....."click here to save 10$"

Oh, did i upset ZYGNA and FACEBOOK as well by mentioning him?:) soon...Just wait till Time Warner or FOX buys one of them....

Anyone remember Ralph Nader... no. the old ralph nader--- car-product safety nader... not "president without a party so well destroy him nader"

certainly mr. Toyoda is happy you dont.

i think wall street when it went unregulated was the first to go full on with this "biz plan" using money as the virtual fodder.. CA has now only mechanized and networked the model to everything else... while in the last decade even the king of real product- TOYOTA- allowed the virtualization of value to destroy not only a families name, but real families persons....

at least in another -far -away virtual world.... america.

cube inada

found this..... suggest an interesting leakage and memeing in culture that started in HIP HOP music-sampling.... found its way DEEP into SL and user gen online biz models...and now has rebound back into "printed-publishing culture" of the visual arts....

yes. plaigerism isnt new-- and web bought term papers are the new cliff notes.... but again, virtual, anonymous, online banter in blogs, kills responsabiltiy and offers the cartoon kiddies much "free to take" memes... that well, cant be really good.:)

Darien Caldwell

It mainly failed because there are already a ton of sites already doing exactly the same thing. They can't expect to go up against Youtube, and Yahoo Video, and win, if they don't have anything unique to contribute. Just one of hundreds of businesses that fail in the valley every year. I suppose that anyone even noticed it's passing is an achievement though.

Noel Ramos

Thanks Ms Fitzpatrick, or should I call you "Prokovy Neva" (your silly "avatar" name that serves as an excellent illustration of your mental state and total lack of credibility):
"… Her modes of attack include deliberately misquoting people she wants to discredit, personally belittling anyone who disagrees with her, making up horrible lies about interlocutors, and ultimately, taking what appears to be an immense amount of joy in being one of the most wantonly disagreeable people in the virtual world."

I think my messages which you quoted easily demonstrate that I was simply attempting to politely assist you, and your quoted responses prove how vulgar and hateful you truly are, so no need to defend myself against your ridiculous insults. I have met internet zanies such as you before, and I know it's lonely in your little world of spite and pixels. You have crafted your own prison and are already serving a life sentence. Thank you for the publicity, I do hope your readers, (if you have any) will visit and I am confident they can easily fill out the simple forms if they wish to purchase.
- Noel Ramos

Jumpman LAne

we aim to grieve!


Youtube needs to hire them some of those SL hacker types so they will have someone to laugh at their ideas about how to stop downloaders. Apparently they all thought vimeo would stop people from downloading the vids so they could watch them without pauses from youtubes shitty under capacity system.


All content delivery models will fail. Including Second Life.

There has to be a better way than spam. It doesn't matter how many ads you stick on a page nobody is buying any of it because the money is all gone. Duh.

Prokofy Neva

Hey, big guy, long time no see. I fail to see where there are any "horrible lies" in my correspondence with you. You ask for information that you shouldn't ask for. You blame the person who protests against this idiotic overreach on your part, when in fact you should change your website and what you do. You claim you are "like other sites on the Internet" when you aren't at all, as other sites don't ask for a Tax ID. It's hardly "belittling" you to point up you arrogance and your belligerence in dealing with customers -- it's there for anyone to see, and is an accurate report.

Benjamin Duranske is in fact just the same thin-skinned arrogant geek as yourself, unable to take the same kind of accurate criticism.

There's nothing "polite" in your correspondence, there's only snottyness, the condescention that Intermixx has brought to many other transactions in fact.

I'm not an Internet zany, I'm a customer who criticized your assholery accurately. If this is what you call "publicity," you have another thing coming. In fact, when I make protests like this about the arrogant geeks littering the Internet I usually find that I very soon have company.

Noel Ramos

"I usually find that I very soon have company."

As do all the other inmates Catherine.


Melissa Yeuxdoux

Save your figurative breath, Mr. Ramos. Prokofy is the Francis E. Dec of virtual worlds.

Darien Caldwell

hmm, Actaully Prok would be very against any "Worldwide Mad Deadly Communist Gangster Computer God", being anti-communist and digusted with the concept of the Singularity and merging the human consciousness with machines.

And I'm sure Prok has healthy views on 'Mad Deadly Gangsters'.

So all you would be left with is "Worldwide God" and yes, I do think from her writings, she supports that.

Brinda Allen

@Noel Ramos

"I am not sure why you are unable to understand me.
I will explain one last time:"

Let me see... You responded in language that would appear to be
condescending text and you expected what?

You attempted to belittle another for the identification used in an appropriate manner in a venue that uses such ID... and you expected what?

I'm amazed that your business model is successful...
Although I once worked for someone that your conversation reminds me of....
His take on business?
"There's another one to screw every minute of every day, and with 10 million people in the LA basin, I'll never run out of em."

Hmm...shades of P T Barnum...

Kudoes Prok!

Noel Ramos

Yes Brinda it is true that after Catherine insulted me needlessly I did indeed react with the language you quoted. If you feel it is "condescending," so be it. I didn't resort to insults and vulgarity like Catherine seems to do instantly. I suppose what's good for the goose is not good for the gander though, eh?

As far as what I expected? Well it was pretty clear to me what was going to happen. She made it quite obvious, and as I said, I've encountered internet zanies like her before. No surprises.

I am curious as to how you would describe our "business model" and why you are amazed that we are successful.

I'd also like to know what exactly you are giving her "kudoes" [sic] for? For being vulgar and insulting? For unnecessary rudeness?

Please elaborate.


Prokofy Neva

No, Noel's insult came first from his page, that solicits information that simply should not be solicited on simple orders of CDS from anybody, and if a bulk order/standing order is required, can be sought later with other b2b forms -- that's where the first insult comes.

His next insult comes from his refusal to grasp this, and his conviction that he isn't in the wrong, with an intrusive and stupid page like that, but the customer is in the wrong.

His next insult after THAT is the smug and smarmy tone he takes in his firt communication assuring me three times that he follows "an industry standard". But this is patent bullshit. No forms of reputable, large businesses, and even small craftsmen's websites, ask for TAX ID numbers. He is based in the U.S., not in Europe; he knows this full well. So it's bullshit, and triply bullshit, and insulting.

His stubbornness, geeky arrogance is full on display in his web page and his firt communication, and THAT is the insult, and THAT is what requires equal and opposite force, and it gets it from me, as is well known.

Saying in all caps that something requested on a form, even without an asterisk is NOT REQUIRED isn't just an insult; it's fucking stupid retarded arrogance. If it is not required, DON'T PUT IT ON THE GODDAMN FORM, MORON. It can be solicited later, or in a separate link, Jesus Christ, that ought to be clear. Think of all the people made uncomfortable by putting this in, or turning away because *the mere fact that it is requested inappropriately, if not mandatorily, is a red flag that this is not a business you need to deal with.* Duh!

It's not being "an Internet zany" to tell a fucking arrogant moronic geek that his form is intrusive and unnecessary, and he need to quit it. Unless we stand up to these bullies soliciting and grabbing and even getting such information all over the Internet, we do not keep our freedoms. Nobody needs a Tax ID number to sell a product on the Internet, even to a business, and frankly, even for bulk orders. The only remote requirement for such information I could think of is if the organization making the purchase is claiming tax exemption, but then they'd have to supply not just the ID, but a special form for that purpose.

The busines model is the same for other arrogant geeks -- bulldoze over customers, treat them like shit, grab as much as you can, etc.

BTW, is this the same company that was once related to Myspace?

Noel Ramos

No Catherine, that was Intermix, the original owner of MySpace.

My main problems with you are that you're obnoxious, rude, petty, insulting and vulgar when you have absolutely NO reason or right to be. After reading VOLUMES of your lengthy rants and the subsequent responses of so many obviously more reasonable people, I've concluded that you're another internet zany with too much time on your hands, no REAL life, and a sick desire to cause pain and aggravation for others.

You and the others like you are a cancer on the web, mucking it up for those of us who just want to do business and enjoy the awesome communication it provides.

NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE else ever complained about our simple forms in all the years I've been doing business on the web. We ask for info we might need, we require some of it, and we make the rest optional. It's pretty basic stuff, no effort to "trawl" or "scrape" as your paranoid ravings suggest, and CERTAINLY not worth all the angst you've created.

Everyone but you is fully capable of supplying only what they choose to supply.

Since YOU chose to visit the site, it's hardly "intrusive," and since you don't like, I strongly suggest you never visit again. Simple choice, win/win or no deal.

In my book you are definitely a NO DEAL.

Thanks for the interesting time Catherine. Since you apparently enjoy impersonating a male online, perhaps you should change your avatar's name to Don Quixote. I wish you luck in your continued efforts to tilt at virtual windmills

- Noel

Prokofy Neva

People like you only understand force. And you get it from me. You are still not hearing the basic premise here, that you need not even ask for such a thing, it is off-putting to ask for it, it has cost you customers, and you are being a total asshole about this.


What does it take with people like you? Only a club over the head, rhetorically, at least, and even that doesn't work. Naming, shaming, exposing, attempt to get peer pressure to work doesn't enable common sense and decency to enter the brain of someone this arrogant, this conservative, this set in their ways, this over-confident.

The idea that *I'm* to blame for an intrustive question because I chose to visit a site (!) or that I'm "paranoid" because I point out that you have no business trawling for tax IDs is just preposterous. But keep talking, you are hanging yourself, making yourself more and more discredited.

I'm not the crazy one here, as all I wanted to do was buy a CD. the crazy loon is the one trying to grab a Tax ID number when it's utterly unnecessary. Um, do I give a tax id number when I go in a record store with a credit card? Of course not.

Once can only go on exposing this sort of behaviour, and the mentality that goes into it, and hope for the best.

Rodney Van Wort

This Cracks me up - Noel hasnt changed at all, so gifted at irking people. Honestly i think his character would make a good one to hate in a sitcom.

Noel Ramos

"Rodney Van Wort." :) An appropriate troll pseudonym for a psycho-stalker like you. It's no surprise you'd find this thread and be unable to resist posting to it. I'm VERY PROUD to be "irking" nutjobs like you, and I'll definitely never change in my efforts to expose you and your kind as the hateful, spiteful, deceitful sociopaths that you are.

These people who are well respected industry icons do not share your negative opinion of me:

Bring on the sitcom, I'd particularly enjoy making a bigger joke out of you than you're already doing for yourself.

- Noel Ramos

Darien Caldwell

lol, I don't know who his noel guy is, but anyone who goes around collecting quotes about themselves, is umm, pretty damn vain. :)

Noel Ramos

I didn't have to collect them Darien, they were offered to me:

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