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February 21, 2010



I think it is great all this storm of controversy is happening. I want LL's hand forced. It is time for LL to reveal what their plans are.

Personally I think it might have been better to just get a lot of people to run it in silent no action log mode and then in 6 months publish all the dirt and let that drama unfold as people find out their fine upstanding anti theft buddies have been secretly copybotting away.

If anyone has any hope LL will ever do anything about the problem they created then they are smoking some great dope. We will know good changes are coming when we see the copy leftists and racketeers leaving the Lab en masse. Until then all that will happen is stuff that makes more people enlist in the copybotting army for vengeance purposes.

Cryolife is ancient and cryoban is open source yet it is still detecting more and more people using the most obsolete copybotter in SL. The copybot army at SLU refuses to acknowledge why that matters.

Whatever. The moment it looks like there might be a decent solution even the most ardent anti theft people rise up against it. This proves that SL is not the place for Federal contracts, businesses, or anyone with materials they do not want ripped off.

Second Life is nothing more than a giant torrenting site.

Plastic F'in Duck

This doesn't even have anything to do with Rodney you crazy cunt.

Little Birdy

Check out this blog post when you have a chance Prokofy. Think it has to do with this:

Another Little Birdy

Prok, you're gonna love this one:

Apparently this anti-copybot system has the ability to identify alt accounts by scanning residents' hard disks. In this particular appeal case they demand a complete PC reinstall to lift a ban.

Say goodbye to Skills Hak. ;)

yeah i know its easy to find a good viewer i mean you should just try the features and youll love them pop life is the best viewer you can buy right now try it youll like it


LOL @ the copybot army in SLU. They should create a viewer that will run on all systems (old and new).

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I must be weird because I don't think "copybotting" is all that bad. For the REAL money that we spend in Second Life we deserve the peace of mind that a viewer with back up capabilities can provide. Thats why I like sl pop viewer so much. You can find here if you're interested, Love that you will never lose anything again!

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Copyright must be shown before doing further act.


/Me votes to h ave Skills Hak, and his system removed from in Second Life.

He has already been caught working with Anonymous, aka the people who hacked Sony Online Enetertainment, and Square Enix.

He also sales false protection to residents, and rips off many people so why should LL allow this person in this game who has been screwing over many peoples lives.

Honestly if you think that Skills Hak's Device will give you protection consider this, I myself talked to the Emerald Developers, and had my information, IP, and Basic OS Info stored without my express conset by his system, and they said I accepted an agreement which I never read, nor did I Sign, and refuse to remove my information.

Well here is a secret for everyone, Until my information is removed, anyone using a CDS system is subjected to Copybot, and free pirated copies of your items on the internet, Because I will support theft of anyone using a system to violate my privacy, and by using my information without my consent, which was illegally stored you give me this right as I have said such.

P.S Copybot is not against the Law, nor is LIB SL, and it is up to Linden Lab to enforce the security, and let me just say I know how to stay under the map, and not get banned meh so many people have tried even poor Zfire Xue and failed.

I really don't care if LL wants to fuckin play around I can play too, and more than willing to grief, or rip those who deserve it.

Now something to think about, Dont fuc* around with peoples privacy or you will pay, and if I don't do it I will just ask others to do it for me lulzy.


Oh yeah and CDS, only feeds the CopyBot war, While I support content creation, I will not support privacy violaters on our grid, those who do not violate our privacy are more than welcome to live in peace at least by my group of peoples, but those who are in violation of our privacy you will live in hell, and so will your friends.


We know all about the Merczateers army, and their friends who were friends with Skills Hak which hacked Fairlight industries in 2009, and their connections with New Jessie Kombat, and I know the person who was asked to cover it up in the name of the military.

Yes we also know about the Thieves MotherLoad as well, and the people responsible for that.

Now Enjoy yourself skills hacks, and enjoy your Copybotting yourself.

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