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August 17, 2010


cube inada

"attracting teens to a safe online virtual world where they could be creative and sustain themselves",,

no. 'sustain Linden Labs" is the correct mission statement. as you do later get too...sustain the cult and love of code, and a nice house in marin.

anyhow... yeah.. 300 eh? and 20 bloggers.....

not bad considering SL is 5000 and 50

relevance as google says.... one linsay lohan trumps 25 million least for selling soap on tv. until.. well, it cant sustain and the shit hits...

kids must though learn 3d media is not a game, and that games are not models of real life that have any value.

this weekend my 12 year old nephew was asked about SONY HOME for his new Playstation 3( he does love buigling levels with friends in little big world) he called it a game.. and said he dont go much cause he got banned for fist pumping and cursing 13-16.and PC?....what world do these folks live

special offer--- cube3 campuspods for $200.00 USD for any who move to an open sim..... get a full campus ready to engulf the little rug rats and ready for grafittied walls and all. edumacational worlds ready for whatever.;)

break some eggs.. make some realife and not badly executed virtuality...

email me.:)

Steam Bunjie

Sounds a crappy grid, a "walled garden" no one really told any of us what goes on there, and to ask is to look a bit creepy if your not blogging about it right?

As such we have tended to overestimate the impact of any copy bot script kiddies who have taken objects there from our main grid.

I had this illusion it was some swathing mass of kids who don't respect peoples property and are unruly and uncontrollable, perhaps I've been watching too many shows that involve teachers taking a bashing from kids with attitude problems.

brinda Allen

I had heard that few teens used the teen grid these last few maybe I see why.
Prok you took a long time to go into a lot of specifics... but your parting statement seems perfect...

"And stop whining. It works like the rest of the Internet does."

Like it or not...that says it best.

Debi Latte

Well said.... I often wondered how many schools and educational organizations really were able to go through the screening process AND get funding to do worthwhile projects.

I also wondered how many students would be able to learn from sims in the regular grid such as the NASA or NOAA or DoE exhibits. Or... better yet.... having students climb the Chichen Itza pyramid or... work as a class to build a similar project on their own.

I have found most builders in SL to be very helpful with others who want to learn how to create something. As a former educator, I could certainly see this kind of thing happening. But, after joining SL and then reading about the Teen Grid, I realized that all these amazing builds would only be available for adults to see. I could only imagine that they'd be copied and exist on the Teen Grid, as well, but when I learned about the expenses involved with SL, I doubted that, too.

Now, at least... high school students will all be able to experience these builds and perhaps create their own... or spur other builders into creating more. As educators come to realize there is growth potential for creativity on the main grid, perhaps they will use it more.

The recent change in region designations is surely something that will be incorporated with these younger residents entering the main grid.

I would like to see young residents learning to build... being able to create... becoming immersed in 3D representations of things they may never see in RL. Where else can they wander through the town VanGogh lived in... and see the scenes he painted? Or... walk through a replica of the Sistine Chapel? Or visit Ireland without a passport or plane ride? They can also now visit the university sims prior to making the decision as to which RL university to attend. This should open doors to those educational institutions that were never considered before now.

I think this is an interesting move on the part of Linden Labs... and I'll be looking forward to seeing what happens when those residents become part of the creative force that will keep SL growing.

The few headaches that will come with it are nothing more than the griefer headaches we currently have... there may be a time period for the kids to settle down... but after that, I think the growth and renewed life will be beneficial.

I could wind up being wrong... but... it's got to be better than having them lose all interest in continuing the development of virtual realities. This is the future of technology.... let's keep the interest fresh!

Sean Williams

Ahem .... They're not "closing" the Teen Grid. They are shutting it off temporarily, presumably to retool it to allow in only those who are 13 - 15.

The sixteen and seventeen year olds are the ones getting authorized access to the Main Grid - anyone younger can still be banned.

With that out of the way, I have to laugh at the notion that showing teenagers the truth concerning "adults" and the world in general is something bad and/or evil. It isn't: period.

Life isn't fair - the sooner you learn this, the sooner you can start compensating. This notion that teenagers should be able to trust those older then they are is just as absurd/

If you need a pen and paper to count off and list those you truly trust .... you're a fool.

Prokofy Neva

LOL wrongo, Solar Legion.

The Lindens are closing the teen grid. Closing. As in "closing". they are not retooling it. They are no longer serving anyone under 16. Period. They've said this in their speeches and in the workshops at SLCC, go watch the videos.

Some educators howling about this are trying to persuade the Lindens to put up some half-way house in the form of a closed separate grid like Wells Fargo, the Lindens may or may not do this as a few exceptions. But they are closing the grid to below 16 age, full stop. The TG will go poof.

Prokofy Neva

I'm completely fine with ages 16 and 17 coming to the main grid. They will certainly be allowed to visit anywhere in my stores, land preserve, and residences except for Zindra where they need to be age-verified to 18 or older.

However, in thinking about this, I've decided that as a landlord, I don't want to encourage co-habitation between a 16-year-old and a 45-year-old. I don't feel I need to be part of that.

So here's a new line that is going into my leases today in anticipation of these changes:

o You warrant that you are 16 years of age or older in real life in PG or General sims; 18 years of age or older in Mature sims; and age-verified for Adult sims.

I don't pretend this will be easy to police and I can't police it and won't police it (the Lindens and fellow tenants who abuse report will be doing that); people don't read cards; people do what they want; people lie.

But at least I have grounds to evict them if I discover that there is a teenager living with an adult. And by "living with" in Second Life, that generally does indeed mean "having cybersex with". I'm not talking about visiting, socializing, etc. But if you look at most houses in mature, you see they have bedrooms and beds, that's fine, but I don't feel I need to contribute to emotional problems for kids.

So I will encourage them to live in PG where in theory anyway, there is less of the sexualized SL experience and more of the other side of things like socializing, creating, events, playing games, etc.

Sean Williams

Yep, just like everything else they've said they're going to de, eh Catherine?

Sorry, I'm more likely to believe those who have read transcripts of prior meetings than I am to believe you or what is said at a "please the masses" convention.

You're welcome to swallow it all if you'd like however.

Prokofy Neva

LOL transcripts of prior meetings? Philip Linden himself explained this over and over, as did other Lindens, in person. On the record. Anything to continue to pretend you're "right" you little fuckwad, eh?

Say, did you get a real job yet?

Darien Caldwell

Even when they said Enterprise wasn't gone, I knew it was. Even LL can't magically wish that successful when it wasn't.

IBM may make up silly excuses about not being able to know who made their virtual furniture as the reason, but that's not telling the whole story.

There's nothing in IBM's Virtual World Guidelines ( that prevents them from buying content they don't specifically know the creator of.

The truth is, IBM liked SL so much, they bought the company. Oh wait, they couldn't, so they did the next best thing, they cloned SL:

Basically IBM stole the Enterprise business from LL. Who would you rather buy a sim from, LL or IBM?

Darien Caldwell

Dang it, I meant to post that in the other thread...

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