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October 24, 2010


cube inada

im surprised Dusan and his new partners/collaborators arent on the 2.0 list. Hes been one of he strongest proactive LL voices for the last year of all their mechanations to be a real business platform for professional communicators..

anyhow- its all just temporary ID/ names, for an extended game of D and D that took almost a decade of friday nights to end.

btw- all the traffic to the sky cinema for its time in the showcase also provided almost 0 sales of items from that location... but anyone who ever sold on the web/ knows that PR and wired stories never really mean real sales. only fic to fic sales within the valley system. its just a shame that that system is considered the only wisdom today.. it makes for dangerous large scale "experiments" to use dariens new word;)

Prokofy Neva

Like I said -- FIC 2.7, or "Beta Mesh FIC" is still to be published, along with Malware FIC.

Cube! I'm putting you in the FIC 2.0 list. I'd forgotten that you were chosen to be in the showcase for Sky Cinema!

cube inada

since the parcel is owned by Kilandra, i would bet they "whoever" chose it' had no idea i was the builder/designer.
(even though i did pr on it on the web for a few events via cube3)

so FIC im cool with it. maybe itll help sell something from a vendor there to help with her tier.

ah malware fic- that should take care of those with skillz..imo.

oh. well.. btw since ill take the PR opp... i DID switch over the movie stream at the SKY CINEMA last week to HORROR for the impending holiday... so anyone who wants, come on down... 24/7 b movie horror...

as opposed to the 24/7 horrors of


Tsk, I'm still not on the list? I should be more obnoxious and try harder! At least my hubby got on there. Oh I should be so proud!!

moo Money

I think the 2.0s aren't waving a tattered flag so much as doing it with one foot out the door. Quite a few of those on the list barely log in anymore.

Menno Ophelia

There is a bunch on your 2.0 that haven't logged in in a while.


And isn't it redundant to list Lindens as FIC? If you work for the company and can be bothered you can be FIC, it's not really all that special when all you have to do it lean over your cube wall and ask Bob for a favour.

Knowing which Lindens are involved in world personally (whatever they are doing) would be genuinely useful information.

Prokofy Neva

moo Money used to be on FIC 2.0 but fell off because I haven't seen any sign of her for ages. Yeah, a bunch of them don't log on but their stuff sells or is a freebie or whatever.

In recent years, Lindens started getting on the FIC list too. They have to compete now, too.

Damien Fate

I am totally bemused by the thought of Damen Gorilla being my alt. Thanks for the laughs!

moo Money

That's how I like it. I do work for private clients, but stay out of the spotlight.

Tao Takashi actually let Fashion Planet and World of SL die recently, I think.

Scylla Rhiadra

Damn, damn, damn. Another year of being an also-ran.

Well, Jumpman Lane promised sometime ago a list of SL "glitterati," so perhaps there is still some hope . . .

Just as a matter of curiosity, other than providing an interesting insight into *your* view of who's in and who's out, or who are the biggest fangirls and boys, what precisely are these lists supposed to accomplish?

White Lebed

So FIC 2.0, ah? I am afraid I am one of those FICers who is fading away. I posted on my site why (to stop people making up other reasons). Maybe I will be in a mood for organizing some mega events or at least enthusiastically rant about bizarre Linden Lab activities. Probably not unless the new CEO is inspirationally good (or hilariously bad). In that case I will be back waving my faded torn soiled privilege flag... hehe... Cheers :)

Crap Mariner

Oh. Look.

Another outdaded and irrelevant enemies list from The Paranoid One.


If you folks insist on coming up with who really calls the shots or gets asked for help when the shots need to be called, just follow these filters:

And you'll see who the table really is tilted towards.


Desmond Shang

"I did not have contractual relations with that program, Atlas discount."

Crap Mariner

Please define "is", Mr. Shang.



How are people like Bub, Flipper and Jenn even on the list? They're not even in SL anymore.

Darien Caldwell

"I did not have contractual relations with that program, Atlas discount."

You better hope Jack didn't save the dress. :p

Prokofy Neva

Crap, you are fucking retarded. Perhaps you need more carbohydrates than you are getting to fuel your thinking functions. As this post explains, the list here isn't the main FIC of today. It's the *has-been* FIC of yesterday. I'd be the first to explain that the FIC of today is yes, those in the Atlas Program, GSP program, etc. in your "filters". That's why today, making the FIC list is more of a typing job than a judgement call.

But it's not the case that all people in Destination are FIC. Yes and no. Now there are so many thousands of them, with some of those once picked pushed way down the list, that only those in visible rotation on the website can truly be called FIC.

Gosh, Munchflower, I should have put YOU on the has-been list. Sorry. Bub, Flipper, and Jennyfur are all in the has-been list. But they still have some influence over SL in the works they left behind, for example Flipper in the ban lists and Bub had an enduring influence from working on the website, with some of it still intact despite overhauls.

I didn't make the cut for 2010 FIC list: hopefully SL will be here in '11


Aw, I'm touched you remembered me.

Your Faithful Reader

Aren't 9/10ths of these people no longer in Second Life? Seriously?

And putting Cube on the list. Now THAT makes me belly-laugh. :D

Magnet Homewood

Bah, the only FIC I ever get into is the Fucking Itchy Crotch club, from sitting at the computer too long!

Crap Mariner

Don't worry, Magnet... there's another list that you can be a part of: The FOC 1.0!

Are you full of crap?

Well, confess your fullofcrapitude and join the FOC 1.0!


Lindsay Cleaver

This is always good for the read, Prok. You're usually spot on with the FIC List. But where are the in-our-face-constantly media people? The Paisley Beebes or Pookie Amsterdams, the Grace McDunnoughs, The Toxic Menges, The Phaylen Fairchilds? I can't turn around twice in SL without having to hear about, be promoted to, run into an advert for or hear blabbing on any social network by those people. But maybe they aren't FIC as much as they are self marketers who dominate the scene through higher profile/public activities.

Most of the folks on the list I've never heard of.

Prokofy Neva

Lindsay, read the post.

The list of the up-to-date FIC *is still to come*.

This is the list of the *has-been* FIC.

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