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October 10, 2010


cube inada

"fucking loons." lol - welcome back.

BTW- C3 CampusPodz Systems for Open Sims. - Special This Week Only Discount - $500 USD for Educational Organizations License on Reaction Grid.

I was busy last week too, I had planned to announce this then;) but thanks for the written sales/value proposition statement for the few who might see things your way;)


cube inada

"They don't expect to get computers for half price from vendors in real life;"

well, they do. One very good reason johnny cant think much(and the US rank in edu sank)in the last 20 years..WAS the 1/2 price/or "free" dumping of tech/software into the classrooms by the tech industry. Being a NYr Im sure you remember Chris Whittle. he was from the video age, but he taught many of his interns how to "work" the machines of the coming "digital age".... and with that, we have what we got.

BTW- did you read the PHILIP/scrum/love piece by Roland at PBS MediaShift?

I wish fred freindly was alive, and could host an old style PBS discussion panel on all this...

i heard today that howard kurtz is headed off from the washington post to the Daily Beast...another content provider born and journalist dead.:)


Cinder Roxley

I think a lot of the louder hissing and spitting vitriol and sour grapes came from the reality shock that these educators aren't the special little PR snowflakes upholding SL from the stigma of cybersex they thought they were. I can only pray this is a sign that LL is going to level the playing field to *ALL* of us residents someday.

(As if there is anything wrong with it anyway! The very fact they could fill zindra and the land can hold value compared to old mainland says something.)

Prokofy Neva

Cube, I don't remember Chris Whittle...I don't think. But I wonder if we can really prove causation, that the half-price dump of tech in the classroom is part of what dumbed down little Johnny. I think it's more about the computer in the home.

I didn't read the Philip love piece. Link?

I argue with nearly every piece Roland writes!

Cinder, you remind me of the role that the Lindens did assign the educators in this utopia -- the job of scrubbing out the stigma of cybersex, you're right.

As for Zindra holding more land value, hmm, that's an interesting thought. It does seem to have higher prices.

I find it interesting that whenever somebody moves out of my mall there I can usually find a replacement very quickly. But I only have two properties there so I don't have enough information to determine what the market is really like there, and I rarely fly around. Looks to me like a lot of land is for sale there, but at least it isn't abandoned.

Fred G. Sanford

"it really woke me up to a much larger problem we face, which is the role of these kinds of people in our schools, influencing our kids."

Exactly! We need more educators like YOU! In the schools, ripping optimism and positive thinking from their feeble little brains, showing the kids how to be negative towards everything, even life itself. And how to be needlessly bitter and obsessive towards all people, especially those pinky commie gay whale lovin' types. "Nuke the gay whales!", that's what I say. And when reality does not mix with the sermon from the pulpit, teach them how it's fine just to "make shit up". Negative fiction can be a strong weapon in a personal attack on an individual, or a group. With those skills, they could enter politics and go a bit farther -- getting that 15 minutes of fame, with the approaches you might teach. They might even be able to overthrow a small former-Soviet nation and drive it towards fascist totalitarianism. The possibilities are endless!

It's truly impressive that you have managed to slow the clock on your 15 minutes and drag it out this long. I commend your spirit and crazed obsession. Although I guess these articles could be considered a like one frame in a video with subliminal messages -- even though there's not a lot of content, it takes you 100K of text to make a simple statement "educatorz can haz the sux", a harsh vitriol obscuring a subliminal stimuli of hate for all. This article has about as much value as that 5-"word" statement... so why waste the Internet bandwidth on the full version?

Sorry, I nodded off after the first paragraph but my ISP sucked it all down anyway.

cube inada

chris whittle--

junk food and vid screens...:)

i want so much for roland or someone to stumble onto a future for actual jounalism...but alot of his "meta" ideas just will end up dancing for the machine i fear.

25 years ago APPLE was in all the schools..."special deals" MS was sold to the ITs depts....

today MS is just another tech company-big but blah.

apple- theyre a religion.

as for grade school keep devalueing a group for decades, and eventually they concede their place....second to a screen and tech toys.
parents- they just want the best jonny they can "get" - FUD- save us oh magic screens.;)

as for the kids they the same time culture saw them as pocketbooks and credit card assets...brand early brand for life.

in 1970 the PBS electric company folk came to my school... gave us all toys and candy and showed us a tv show and drilled our little brains for our consumer reports...;) they were experimenting on us...

by 1980- they had us for life....

cube inada

read the last line about the DEGRASSI HIGH TV SHOW EPISODE...

candian media kids dramady sticking it to the

also notice who owns channel one now-- Alloy -

seems today in education everybody running it is trying to get enriched-- off the kids..or their financial future.

Someone Who

bitter. plain and simple.

and the accusations about Pathfinder taking advantage of the system and gathering prime land is so sad.

- will avoid all further spewing on this blog -

Prokofy Neva

Well, cube, I've looked over the links and the history, and I guess my reaction is the same as to most of what you rant about -- it's always the evil man, the evil corporation, we are always screwed, we are always victims, etc. etc.

In this case, the evil Channel One combines two evils, on the one hand, its evil Big IT invading the classroom and creating little autonomaton consumers by stealth, and on the other hand, it's evil Big Republican Government that inserts values like "Vote for Bush" or "Glorify the Army" into the minds of the little johnnies.

Well, I guess I can't get terribly outraged about either one or the other. That is, the problem here isn't that big IT has tech toys it inserts into the educational process, the problem is simply not enough competition in this market and enough criticism and quality control so that there is a Channel 2 or a Channel 3. Fearful of being left behind, educators make the decisions to buy this tech and little dissent is available from parents or the community at large.

As for inculcating these patriotic values, well, I don't see anything so terrible about a country supporting its army. You don't think most societies on the planet do the same thing? There's something particularly evil or conniving about the big IT people trying to push some of these same "mainstream" values at the same time as they push their brand? Of course not. They are trying to be *marketable*. And besides the soldier boosting thing, there is green stuff, so they have enough to keep those Marxist lefty 1960s freaks in the teaching corps happy, too.

I personally have seen very little of this Channel One or any kind of outside TV stuff in my own childrens' classrooms in either public or private school. It's just not even present, except for maybe a separate class where a film might be shown.

As for computers, they are still treated as a separate distinct subject in the lower grades and it isn't until college that it is a ubiquitous product in each classroom. In high school, unless you take computer tech or use the computer in the library, you might not get at a computer. They aren't as ubiquitous as people think.

As for "bitter," oh, what bullshit. Criticism isn't bitternness, it's exposure of the bullshit. I'm sorry, but these educators are completely unconvincing and completely full of shit as far as I've seen. If they would *but once* talk about *content* and *substance* of what they actually TEACH to CHILDREN instead of whine about technology and policy and their own vaunted selves, perhaps I'd support them more. But I don't, because I see that it's a total scam.

I was reading the bit about the SL Wiki again and finding what a bunch of whining babies these people were, unable to respect business trademark and unable to fit themselves into a complex society that has not just their own non-profit education niche needs (itself a business as the educational-industrial complex in America) but the needs of others. That's what I mean about this startling, selfish insularity among these people that just makes you want to slap them.

cube inada

its funny... both you and dusan keep seeing "evil and the man"

i call both people and their entities delusional when acting in excess and without thinking of the end game and its eventual affect on something they "care" about....

"evil entity" and "the man"- both are fallicies.

anyhow- . exploiting childrens trust , no matter how old they are... seesm children now are 25 according to old white guys talking health insurance on TV.;)-- is a dead end system.

not gonna get anyone a "better world" be it on tv or in someones "platform."

cube inada

as for channel one... its long dead as TV news selling fritos inschools....

edison came after..\
when ABC news owned by Disney, largest single stock owner JOBs, has a full WEEK of APPLE IPAD "news apps" being sold by diane sawyer each night on the broadcast, and JEEP ? sponsored commercials during the other minutes of the nightly news breaks....and the 20 somthings pine, and look to jon stewart and comsdy central for "jounalism"

channel one has done its job. no matter if you werent looking.

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