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October 14, 2010


Darien Caldwell

Strange indeed. But not surprising. The whole "LL doth not promote residents" commandment went out the window quite a while ago.

I still don't buy that Ozimals were started to put Sion out of business, but yes, likely they know someone at LL and garner favor. It's a common story.

Donald Duck



I eschewed TEH BUNNEHS at first as well, but then I thought "What the heck, maybe I'll give the little buggers a try and if nothing else, I have a cute, sculpted fluffball hopping around on my land."

I now have more bunnies than I ever expected to have.

I really enjoyed this post, as it was well-written, but my only problem with it is, how can you condemn a product without having even tried it? That's like saying "I hate the taste of apples" without ever having eaten an apple.

My suggestion? Try out a bunny or two (you don't even have to use the LL-promoted Ozimals pack, if you are worried about 'feeding the machine' - you can get bunnies very cheaply from places such as Bunny Wranch), live with the bunnies for handful of weeks, then come back with a more in-depth review of them.

As for the conspiracy-theory of someone at Oz working for LL or vice-versa, I have no idea if this is true or not, but I do know that LL is all about the economy. Without people buying and selling things, LL makes no money. So why not work with a popular product maker to promote something that puts money into the pockets of LL and Oz and gives some pixellated enjoyment to the masses?

Perhaps other large in-world businesses simply haven't figured out how to market their product to LL to get a collaboration like this.

Prokofy Neva

Um, I don't have to "try" bunnies. My customes have them. Lots of them. All over. Jumping, breeding, sleeping, having little dreams (the ways Sims do in the Sims) etc. So I don't need to physically have ownership of them. I see them, and get a sense of them all over. I don't want them. The only thing I can attest to is that yes, they are somewhat less laggy than sion, but sion becomes laggy only when people don't set them up right and put them in cages where they collide, etc.

And Sky, you're a smarmy little disgusting fangirl to both Linden and the Ozimals -- do they pay you to be an "evangelist"?!

Nobody should have to try to "market themselves" to Linden Lab. They are the platform providers. They should sell advertising space or they should rotate fairly. The economy is unfairly skewed and in fact becomes stifling and dead when they pick favourites, whose excellency is far from demonstrable time and again.

cube inada

blo-jobs always worked/...
"havent figure it out"

"millions of us...lab rats' - had....until the looks are gone.


"And Sky, you're a smarmy little disgusting fangirl to both Linden and the Ozimals -- do they pay you to be an "evangelist"?!"

Wow, I was trying to be polite and not a troll and offer other points of view... you know... a conversation, a debate. It saddens me that a blogger treats his/her readers so.

If you are not willing to politely listen to and reply to differing points of view without a personal attack, it makes me wonder why comments are even enabled? So you can bask in the glory of any mindless drones that agree with everything you say?

Not to say that everyone posts is a mindless drone, and I apologize profusely to anyone that has taken offense to this comment. But the simple fact that I cannot give a differing opinion without being accused of 'working for the enemy' or being called names the kind of which I haven't seen since grade school (though props for using the word 'smarmy') just speaks highly of your own character.

Thanks for the discussion.


The bunnies are just as a bad as the chickens for lag, you get a breeder move onto a sim with you and you just lost it. We now state in our covenant that scripted breeding pets of any kind are not allowed.

Who do I have to fuck to get my business emailed to SL residents?

Lindsay Cleaver

The Ozimals team are actually much WORSE than Sion ever was where greed and corruption are concerned. Take for instance their second major update which released new breeds and traits. This was the second big outing for ozimals, the first release was an enormous success, with new traits trickling out and being slowly revealed. With their second update, as expected, people went in droves to purchase starter kits (Remember, new breeds are only available in starter kits, so wether or not you have bunnies, you have to purchase a new pack of bundles from Ozimals every time new genes are introduced.) Well, they made a ridiculous amount of money in 24 hours, and shockingly, ever new breed and trait popped right out of the packs people spent money on - there was no breeding toward anything, no surprises left, they popped the entire cherry in two days. They deliberately flooded the market with them because the creators were pissed that some breeders were making tremendous amounts of money when discovering something rare. So they made nothing rare. Then there is Aeron Constantine's public tantrums in group chat, then the enormous debacle of Ozimals banning dozens and dozens of innocent players for their own internal glitch - no they didn't just ban them, they publicly humiliated them, named them on their forums on a list and branded them with a scarlet letter. They refused to even speak with any of the accused privately... they insisted their disputes be carried out publicly. That, on top of the constant botched updates - claiming people have to move their bunnies off their own sim to one that the bunny doesn't register lag on to update - can you see some of those breeder moving a hundred bunnies away and back again to update - 5 times in one week not long ago! The introduction of new content to this "money Sink" game are so painfully slow that a quarter of a year goes by without any news from Candy Cerveau, who has become quite an egotist, going as far as to damn other virtual pets claiming they are all more script intensive than her precious bunnies, and only descending from her pillar to smack someone in the community down on her forums if they speak critically.

I quit bunnies because of the blatant money grubbing and disturbing ethics of the creators. I know many people who have sworn of Ozimals brand for good, moving onto the Amaretto Horses. With the introduction of Horses, Ozimals are a breath from death anyway.

R Darling

"I don't at all mind that some people are picked for showcasing, but I'd like this to either be a) something for sale that anyone could buy if they had enough money (fair enough) or b) rotated very often, so that you don't feel there are favourites."

Precisely on target.

The frequency with which Linden Lab manages to step in the poo pile and thorougly piss off the majority of their paying customers is simply astounding. Some days I only wish it really WAS a conspiracy of some sort -- at least that would tell me there is someone at the helm of this ship, rather than the random but thoroughly outrageous actions & policies we see week after week and year after year. It begins to seem as if they are determined to alienate every last sub-group of user they still have left.

I had more business sense and ethics in my first job at the drive-in theater at the age of 16, than the Lindens who make these ridiculous decisions.

cube inada

i miss drive in theaters....

and unless it is only my machine, the weeks after LL "showcased" the c3 sky cinema fly in theater... viewer 2 refused to see the qt movies from freetv scifi that we stream in 24/7.

all i see is a white qt screen;( but the same streams work in 1.23 type viewers and in other grids as well..

oh well.. they also never mentioned the free pr when it happened, so i couldnt help the press move through the grid selling both SL and C3....

anyhow-- they moved the "showace" link 3 times... and now im not even sure where it is..and traffic is down to 130 "whatevers" a day...

i do really miss drive ins and the culture of realife gatherings like it around media -- in its proper place of value -- grind for us, not us for it.:)


Prokofy Neva

Wow, I had no idea the bunny politics was so...dark.

Ciaran has a post up saying they also have an Ozimal Orientation Center, so there is even more lovin' there in terms of the newbie stream.

Cube, that white screen thing could be due to your anti-virus program. Suspend that, and you will be able to see the screen again. That's how I got it to work finally.

cube inada

really? wow. i didnt see anything in the sl help or forums about that. i did look a little.

so i have a choice of using antivirus/firewall protection while online or movies in viewer2 in sl....

already decided... lets just say that the rocket scientists in SF, didnt win.

i only use v2 to see how badly the search is. anyway... and i think this month i may tier down to a 512 free plot i first had in 06

R Darling

An Ozimal Orientation that in lieu of all the Community Gateways that got unceremoniously cancelled without notice, to be replaced by empty Linden PG sims with names like "Burning Man Bordello?"

Gee...if they'd told all the old Gateway owners I'm sure they'd have been happy to install bunnies, kitties, squirrels or any other cute little darn farmville animal if it meant they could keep their portal.

candace major

The corruption and lies from the bunny people are dark indeed.

Yes they curse and threaten their customers. (tons of chat logs abound with the f word being used my "aeron", "malk" and "candy"also using FFS and other threats)

The folks they accused of cheating they also stole (took back) their bunnies which is theft and even LL said so. (they know every bunny on the grid and who owns them so they can take them back)

They used "breaching their TOS as an excuse for calling people "cheaters" and did not speak to them and in many cases where even shown proof from LL that some of the accused weren't even online at the time of the alleged "cheating" they banned those people from being able to speak on their forums.

They were a fun company that started off nicely but now are doing damage control as they lost many customers after they got tired of being called names, and treated well basically like crap.

They also do not pay people who worked for them and are very dishonest. They have done quite well on their own ruining their reputation. If one has time reading posts by "Candy" the "Queen" (owner) you can see exactly how they did/do this.

Arrogance abounds.

One of the accused cheaters, a highly respected land owner in SL even posted a blog to try to show her 'innocence".

Anyway they made a ton of money off these things and I'm sure with LL's money issues they want that big stream coming back in that used to be there before tons of people left doing bunnies. (their sim is now a ghost town)

Anyway Karma is hard to run from. Even if LL tries to promote you.

Kara Spengler

Note to self: put scripted animals next to Trinity's mainland plot since she loves them so. :)

Darien Caldwell

The blog candace linked to is interesting. I run an SL game with my Business Partner and I can understand wanting to shut down people who may be exploiting elements of the game (and bunnies are just a game when you strip away the cuteness).

The problem is, it sounds to me like Ozimals may have some serious design issues with their product, and they are taking it out on their customers. Not too smart.

There have been instances where I suspected people have cheated at LOGOS Cards, but in every case, I spent days researching the events leading up to the incident, and reviewing from every angle, to ensure that if I were to accuse someone of such cheating, it was with no reservation or doubt.

And so far, finding absolute guilt hasn't been possible. Every incident has ultimately been traced back to the inherent instability of the grid.

I believe most people are honest and deserve the benefit of the doubt, it's really better to approach life from that perspective, especially when running a business.

cube inada

elswhere in the melleverse some are saying these guys made aprox 2 million usd selling these doubtful, but if they made even half of that and didnt pay a fair market value for access to lindens email lists of "er'resident" names, then it really is another blatent show how ll cannot run SL as a "platform" for anyone but themselves or their house slaves, even if they get to sleep for today in silk sheets....

tommorrow Atlanta may burn:)

Darien Caldwell

2 million sounds quite excessive, even for something like this. It's not even half as well known as Bloodlines, and I am pretty sure that hasn't made 2 million either.

Using my own past successful business as a benchmark, and adjusting for the wider appeal of rabbits (and non-appeal of pets to the greater percentage of people), I could see them making 200k-300k yearly.

candance major

@ Darien - The most interesting twist on that was they gave proof in their forums showing "times" of the cheating. After the first accused person said something like "didn't you notice 95% of the times I was accused of cheating happened on the same day?"

The next "proof" they gave the accused all the times had been removed! The first person accused went to LL and found out they were NOT even on when accused OR on their sim for many of the times.

This situation was the last straw for many who got rid of hundreds of bunnies after that drama.

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