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December 27, 2010


Cinder Roxley

"11. Mesh will be implemented too soon, badly, and will be buggy and laggy."

andrew linden mentioned mesh shipping in early 2011. i don't know how stable that is, when i tried the mesh project viewer, it crashed in about ten minutes of idling though.

Darien Caldwell

I kinda had to laugh at #7, since nobody can patent pets. He may "merely send one legal letter" if he likes, but it won't stop anyone. GM may as well try to stop everyone else from building cars. They would have a better chance.

Dimitrio Lewis

Speaking of pets, I really hope the free market will take hold in 2011 and one or more creators will begin selling breedable pets that cost almost nothing to feed and keep. Prices will be forced down dramatically and any business that continues trying to extort money out of our residents will fail.

Ann Otoole InSL

The DMCA process cannot be sped up unless LL hires more lawyers. It is a legal process and requires lawyers. You cannot get around the requirement a lawyer looks at the DMCA and counter DMCA filings. It is simply not possible to speed it up.

However I agree LL will cull the merchant herd and limit the right to business to their select few friends. Then they will be investigated for racketeering and money laundering. The pressure will not be let up once LL shits on so many people. The police community is already openly discussing the problem of the south american drug cartels easily using SL for a laundry machine. There is only one solution to this of course. Change to the xbox model where LL sells your content for you, takes 50%, and mails you a check once a quarter for what they think they owe you. The entire "land and rental" business in SL has to be totally eliminated to get rid of the money laundering problem.

People thought this was a joke:

It wasn't.

Happy New Year

Quenya Jinx


Darien Caldwell

"People thought this was a joke:"

No they thought it was retarded. And it is. I like how every post you do is about someone getting investigated for Racketeering and such. You're really starting to come off like a crazy person.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself. (too late maybe?)


In regards to Love Machine.

The stuff I read out there on the net in past articles and on the website indicates that Rosedale has something bigger in mind then pets.

Prokofy Neva

Hint to melponeme: *we're* the pets. sionchicken was just a trial run...

@Ann -- well, DMCA notices can be sped up by first reading them and acting on them pre-emptively for those special certified merchants, eh? They could do it that way. Plus, if they decide to create this in a sense in-house designer stable, they may add the lawyers as needed.

As for investigating in racketeering, um...have you looked to see who is running the FCC and who is at the FTC? These are California biz model technocommunists, essentially. They're safe there! As for trying to get some RICO charge, hmm, they're a private company that created a system to outsource design work. Whatever. Even if they have to send out 1099s, they will get around it. There won't be that many. Less than 2,000, right? Look at the old PMLF numbers.

South American drug cartels?! Wouldn't it kinda be like trying to launder your drug money through a soda straw? With all the difficulties in SL. You'd have to buy islands, hassle with them, or even just set up a store, then cash out and lose a lot. There are lots betters way, no? I'm not an expert. It seems far-fetched.

Magnet Homewood

Not bad predictions, the only one I wil add is, Prok will publish the FIC 2.7 list in 2011 lol yeah, I got crystal balls between my legs!

Amanda Dallin

There are a lot more efficient ways to launder money than SL. It might work for someone so small time the Feds wouldn't bother with them. Ebay would be better than SL.

John Bogart

Prokofy Neva

What's your point? I can't be bothered wth SC. It now has a system that times you out and won't let you look at more than a post before it forces you to join. They've always been coercive that way, forcing you to put on an avatar or be coerced into having the "spam" avatar, etc.

The hell with it.

Ann Otoole InSL

No prok. DMCAs cannot be acted on proactively.

You of all people should understand law and how it works. If anything it needs to slow down and anyone filing a DMCA be required to file 4 forms of legal ID before a DMCA is considered.

Each time cough up 4 forms of ID.

Funny thing about people that think they override law. They have this stupid idea they do. No. Hire a lawyer or stfu.

A friend of mine just went through the process of some pathetic little asshole filing a false DMCA to competition grief. Fortunately her entire family is lawyers. Counter DMCA filed. 10 business days passed. No lawsuit. LL has to put the content back. Perjury proceedings to follow. Hopefully the asshole that filed a false DMCA will be imprisoned and die in the rat cage over a video game.

No. You cannot speed this process up. People can be put in prison over it. Only a fucking idiot thinks otherwise.

As for those that think LL won't restrict business in a manner that wipes out money laundering? We shall see.

Ann Otoole InSL

As for the police beginning to look at SL regarding money laundering? Your opinion means nothing. Do some research. I'm sure you might find the law enforcement forums (where you must be active law enforcement to post) discussing second life®. Have fun prok. They will not let you comment regardless of how many names you call them. LE only.

As for how? simple. simplest thing in the world lmao. duh.

Prize bonds

My vote goes to Google because it is the future and a kept preserved prediction overall.

Cinder Roxley

they already have restrictions and limits in place to prevent money laundering operations, ann. see:

Prokofy Neva

I don't know why you are having such a rage fit, Ann. Of course you can speed up the processing of the DMCA. Everybody gets it that you have to go through steps, provide IDs, etc. etc. But then it stalls. I know several lawyers who have struggled with LL trying to get responses. Yes, we get it that it's also a violation of law to file false DMCAs. But of course, you'd have to prove intent. People may in good faith be filing them. Of course, they file fraudulent ones in bad faith too, in SL.

There is no question that this entire system could be improved and response time improved, and the motivation to do it may be with the certified merchant class that they may treat as their own kin.

Amanda Dallin

Any members of law enforcement who are seriously worried about major money laundering in SL should be fired for incompetence. The restrictions already in place prevent the laundering of large enough sums to make it worthwhile.

Just because a system can be used for an illegal activity does not give LE the right or even reason to shut down or change that system for law abiding citizens. Common sense regulations to catch and deter criminals is acceptable but LE should never be allowed criminalize the public just to make their job easier.

Cinder Roxley

"The restrictions already in place prevent the laundering of large enough sums to make it worthwhile."

exactly, speaking of which, yesterday when i tried to cash out a large sum of money through VirWox (i don't like to wait days for ll to "process credit".), Risk API denied me. on e-mailing them, i was told that "Risk API seems to be very restrictive right now" and they opened an exception for me to cash out a meager L$10,000 a week.

Gwyneth Llewelyn

I'd agree with everything except for:

10. And speaking of places without shopping, the edu sims will fail on OpenSim and Hypergrid will not grow by much.

The edu sims are not after an audience, but *research*, and for that, OpenSim works perfectly. The very few educational institutions that require audiences will continue to use Second Life for that. So, no, they won't fail on OpenSim; rather the contrary. More and more edu-only OpenSim grids will launch to accomodate for all that research. Of course they won't be interconnected, they won't have many users (just a handful of researchers and a few students), they won't have shopping, and they will be utterly boring to anyone not involved in the project. But that's not "failure", it's just the appropriate use that researchers have for VW technology...

As for the lack of shopping in OpenSim grids, Hypergrid-enabled or not, the current trend is to launch web-based commerce sites where merchants can offer their goods on SL and other OpenSim grids — even using L$. This is a relatively recent trend which neatly sidesteps the issue, and it does not "enforce" interconnection via technology, but merely by encouraging merchants to sell the same items on several grids simultaneously. The cool bit is that you might not trust those websites with your credit card (or the independent small-scale grid operators), but since you can use L$ to buy content for other grids, this works neatly :)

Will it be a huge success? I don't know, but I can certainly see that a lot of content creators might not feel comfortable about setting up shops and such on "unknown" or "unsafe" grids, but if they can still sell a few items there and get their L$ to continue to expand their businesses in Second Life, they might make that small effort.

In the mean time, inter-grid currency like OMC (and others) continue to span more and more grids, and these days it starts to become rare to see a new grid that doesn't offer some sort of currency.

So, well, I'm not so sure about that prediction of yours. The only reluctance I have right now is about the time scale: maybe just one year is not enough to start seeing enough transactions on all those grids. However, it would be ironic if the number of LindeX transactions grows not because of increased content sales in SL, but on independent grids that just happen to allow payments in L$... :)

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