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December 13, 2010


Horus Vale

Hi Prok

You might try purchasing a throat mike and using mouse view instead. That way the sound is picked up in you and you are in first person perspective. Just a thought and like you I do not use voice either, but I have used a throat mike with voice changers with superior results to open mikes.


Horus Vale

Horus Vale


Oh and one more thing, a throat mike does not pickup up ambiant and background sound, so you can use open speakers rather than headphones.

Regards, Horus

Ric Mollor

I always use voice and am amazed at how few people do in SL. Was a long time user of and in that world not only was voice used by nearly everyone it also worked flawlessly. Perhaps the different demographics of SL users are an explanation.

Voice has also been working less reliably for me lately so perhaps LL has changed to a lower level of service. It's quite obvious that Linden Lab is in cost cutting mode and I imagine that the expense of voice is on the action list also.

A good headset AND 'playing' in mouselook does go a long way to making it acceptable. However you can only control your end of the conversation so one is still stuck with hearing whatever the other members of the conversation are using.


This will take you to my ancient advent is the last picture on that page and it needs some TLC but you have given me a great idea for a new one.

I could also imagine them sewn in scraps of Christmas quilting fabric.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Prokofy Neva

Oh, that's not a solution for me. I hate mouselook. The reason I hate mouselook is that the control of it is not as refined. It bounces around and isn't nuanced. One of the reasons I can never get interested in FPS is because of how uncontrolled mouselook is.

Hearing the other people is not the problem. They come in perfectly spatially rendered as near or far. The problem is hearing your own voice in such a way that it makes your head emphasized and therefore feels cut off from your avatar.

Whatcha Eaton

Prok, I wonder if it's possible to feed just a little bit of your microphone sound into the headphones as you speak such that it mimics the sound we here in RL when we speak. I can understand why Voice seems "hollow" or disembodied from your description.

I played with this a bit on my system but the sound that came back to me from my microphone was slightly delayed... with comic results. I started stuttering and drawing my words out because I was waiting for my ears to catch up. :) A dedicated sound card might fix that but it's just not worth the investment for me.

Back to typing (mostly).

Horus Vale

Yeah, I would agree with Ric on SL demographics, rather than technological challenges being the primary reason for the lack of voice popularity. was mostly used by teens as a hangout and had little roleplay, so it is understandable that voice would used alot more. Secondlife has mostly an adult population and has a large roleplay community which lends itself better to text based communication. At least that is my take on it. - Horus

DrFran Babcock

I like voice. I like being in Second Life with my guy, and it feels like we are on the phone. The three thousand miles that separate us don't mean a thing.

Treasure Ballinger

Working with the deaf and disabled as I do, I see voice from 2 perspectives. If I am talking with a resident who's typing with his feet for example, but he can easily talk, then I too will do my best to voice (and struggle to hear, with tons of equipment, as I am deaf too). Deaf prefer typing so that's never an issue, but I do 'get' why some, depending on their disability, prefer voice. When voice first came to SL, the deaf community had some 'sky is falling' moments. The sky didn't fall though, we just had to adjust some, and make some hard choices to remove ourselves from some former venues where voice was the method of choice. I'm not going to get all bent out of shape because someone refuses to type to me, there are plenty of other places to go. I love, love, love your explanation about investing your avatar with conciousness. That is just full of win, and exactly so. I don't role play in SL, I am just me. But yeah, Treasure is 'me' when I"m there, and I think of her that way also. Very nice. I think the 3rd party viewers have voice, LL just doesn't help try to figure out what the problem is with them. I totally get that, why should they? At any rate, I do get your feeling disconnected. Kind of an odd phenomenon. Disembodied kind of. Nice post, Prok.

brinda allen

Voice...bleh. Has nothing to do with privacy, has to do with voice chats seem to monopolise all my attention... (as in listen to me only, dont bother to read that simultaneous text).
Voice is just another of those things that we REALLY NEEDED. Well, I guess we should have figured out when voice came that we were headed for a 3D chatroom where no one creates anymore and we just purchase off the web.
I know I was sure too dumb to see that.

cube inada

"I guess we should have figured out when voice came that we were headed for a 3D chatroom where no one creates anymore and we just purchase off the web."

did you see the news item with the "talking video avatar" seducing college kids to "not do homework" but buy the papers on the web from them... click cash caching!!.. mastercard/parents am- ex accepted..;)

also GYM class can be done and i dont think that means "kinnect"

eventually the machine stops.

Darien Caldwell

I might tolerate voice if everyone had a proper mic and knew how to use it. But everytime I have turned on voice it's the same thing:

- static from a bad mic connnection
- people coughing/eating/humming oblivious to the fact it's being amplified all over SL.
- fans/babies/noise steadily coming over the mic in the background.

If anything distracts from the immersion, it's all that. If I'm going to use voice, it's to hear Voice, not all this other distracting and unnecessary junk.

Laetizia Coronet

I was amazed to find out that after two years of absence there still isn't a huge increase in the use of voice.
I was expecting a world of talking avatars and basically came back to the same world I left long ago.
It works quite well for me, although knowing who is talking can be a chore sometimes in crowded places. And that's where you will find voice griefers playing loud music, shouting insults, you name it. The ones in urgent need of a block, in other words.

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