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January 02, 2011


Qie Niangao

According to a Linden wiki page, they only offer abandoned parcels under 512 sq.m. (But yeah, the emphatic "always" doesn't really mean "always" in this case.)

The SL Mainland is a unique asset for showcasing the "geographic metaphor" writ large enough to pose a steep barrier to entry for competitors. Done right, it can be an important draw for new residents (and so Mainland attractions are important introductory destinations, as with the cloud-rendered client).

I fret about its ongoing viability, however, especially without Jack. (Is there still anybody but Michael and Guy who even understands the Mainland product?)

And I, too, have no easy solution to the abandoned land problem. There's always praying for the "rising tide" of new sign-ups, of course, but to the extent the Mainland is part of the draw, that's a bit chicken-and-egg.

It doesn't help that in-world Land Sales search is still b0rked in Viewer 2 (WEB-3463).

Arbor, road, rail, and sailing groups and various regional "communities" have tried to promote Mainland's appeal, but with strictly limited power to effect change.

What's needed is a Linden with vision and authority to take bold action. As the Mainland financials continue to slump, some action grows more probable. We can only hope that the "bold Linden" understands the value of the asset.


The abandoned land I see many times is a result of flippers who overestimated their ability to cover tier obligations. I've seen prime land along waterfront and Linden parks go abandoned. Those plots never seem to go up for auction. The plots I've seen on auction always seemed to be the land locked and surrounded by eyesores. Is that changing?

There are plenty of mainland sims that look beautiful. But still, with no zoning laws the beauty is fleeting. One day you have a beautiful alpine village atmosphere, the next day it is invaded by a concrete, glow bunker. Mainland won't change until Linden Lab takes it seriously. But I see them still pushing Linden homes until they can offload old mainland totally.

Robin Harper

Heya Prokofy...a quick note to let you know that Cityville is a Zynga game, not Playdom where Raph and I both work these days.

Sorry if you go too many requests. I was trying it out and thought it would be nice to check in and say hello (even if in this context). I hope all is well with you.

Prokofy Neva

Hi, Robin, oh I never mind getting game requests, it's just a kind of socializing in itself, eh? I thought if you were sending them it must be from your new place of employment, sorry, I was mixing up Playdom and Zynga, I realize they are separate.

It's interesting how many non-gamers I know have come on to Cityville, perhaps under pressure from their gaming relatives.

Anyway, what is a game at Playdom that we should play? Recommend some.

A lot of land was abandoned when the adult continent Zindra came online: landowners with adult content on their parcels had the option to get free land on Zindra. The old Mature/Moderate parcels were deemed to be abandoned after a month-long switch over period-- unless someone else now owned it.

The Lindens are still working through that land.

Even during the Zindra changeover, it was foolish to abandon land. You can always sell it to the land ninjas' scavenger bots.

Prokofy Neva

Yes, you're right, I had forgotten to tell that history of it. Yes, you could sell for at least $1/m or so at the time to the bots, so it seemed silly to abandon land, but people did. The Lindens even labelled it "Zindra abandoned land."

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