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January 10, 2011


soror nishi

thanks, that's clear.

Prokofy Neva

The Lindens may have fixed this already, either that or maybe Pixeleen and the other Woodburies stampeded out of their closed groups.

Prokofy Neva

Worried your other alts will be outed, Solar Hero/Sean Williams?

Um, everybody knows about dynamic IP addresses and pools, dumbass.

Yes, and no. There are static and dynamic addresses -- both exist. And the dynamic ones often move within a range.

The chance of two random SL avatars who could be wildly removed geographically in space and time also coming up with exactly the same IP addresses in a single day is just about nil.

The chances of finding four names on your blog over a few months or a year with all the same IP address *and them being alts* are pretty high. I would say 99 percent lol.

There's a reason Linden Lab and blogs and lots of other things in the universe log your IP address. That is because duh, it *is* an identifier. Not some be-all, end-all. But in conjunction with the other identifiers, yes, it can be.

Nika Talaj is a pain in the ass -- on the forums, and here. I don't think in fact she's faking being an alt here, i.e. pretending she didn't say something and was impersonated, however. I think she *was* impersonated because Woodburies HATE IT when civilians begin to note that they ARE indeed griefers and liars. But the IP addresses did have some similarities, interestingly.

Sean Williams

A few things you ought to know here Catherine.

1. You will find no information anywhere on the Internet concerning any accounts I hold on any service. This is because the information is private. Meaning for all you know I am and have been pulling your leg concerning my Second Life account.

In short? You'll never truly know who I am Catherine.

2. Blogs, forums and other common systems log the IP Address and allow those who run them to ban using them simply to make the people who own them feel as if they can control who posts there. They cannot.

3. Using Proxy servers or routing systems, a person can have just about any IP Address. The possibility of someone having an IP Address which reads as being from a position clear across the globe is there Catherine - as much as you'd like to deny it.

4. An IP Address is a tracker, not an Identifier. The MAC Address or Hardware Hash is an Identifier Catherine. Do try and think beyond what you have been led to believe. I've already covered in an earlier point just how useless an IP Address really is.

Do try and keep up with technology Catherine: Your statements are quite false.

Hypatia Callisto

I know Nika Talaj for quite some time, and I know for certain that she would never write a comment in support of Woodbury. I think she's telling the truth, that someone was impersonating her. Dreadfully easy to do.

As far as IP addresses, by now there's not very many companies in which to buy your ISP services, so it can easily happen that your IP may be broadly similar to someone else using the same company's services. It can also be that the two people are living nearby, as a sheer accident of fate (or maybe not, it could be someone with a thing against her... the possibilities are pretty broad). If it is not the /same/ IP address, then it's unlikely to be the same person. No way to really know.

ichabod Antfarm

Ya, one has to wonder what the designers of TCP/IP were smoking when they came up with the thoroughly useless idea of an IP address. I would like to underscore this point by repeating your name at least five times: Sean Williams, Sean Williams, Sean Williams. Nah, that's tiresome, juvenile, and doesn't have the rhetorical force I thought it might, Sean Williams.

Sean Williams

Ah yes - and here we go. right on cue!

Ichabod to Catherine's rescue - and as always with an immature response that leaves anyone capable of thought wondering why he bothered to post at all.

try to actually respond to what is being said Ichabod - and do try doing so in a mature manner.

You're not helping your master much at all - no biscuit for you.

Prokofy Neva

Er, no, Sean. Um, we all get it about the magical hash bans. But IP addresses are, as I said, one form of identifier, too. And in YOUR case, Sean Williams and Solar Legion matched perfectly. And the chances of that happening accidently was nil. So your effort to try to throw everybody off the track again is retarded.

Furthermore, you once confirmed that you had come on my sim of Ravenglass supposedly "exploring" and seemed shocked when you were banned from Maryport and Ravenglass for bouncing around there repeatedly. So you confirmed here that you are Solar Legion, and we know it, and you know it and like...we care about some retard on the Internet? No. But apparently it matters to you, becase you howled about it for months on end.

So, no biscuit for you, asshole, failure once again.

Sean Williams

Thank you for the laugh Catherine.

It seems you failed to get what was being said, as well as failed to comprehend basic English: Nowhere on the Internet will you find me explicitly state any single account which I hold anywhere. That information is private.

I'll spell out for you exactly what that means: Until I myself explicitly state what account or accounts I hold, all you have to go on is conjecture. I have confirmed nothing without a direct statement.

Now here's something else for you to know Catherine: see that name I post using? You know, a name that actually belongs to a real person? That's the only name of mine you actually have and it's the only one I answer to.

with that out of the way ... I do hate to break it to you but a "perfect" IP match means very little these days. Once again you ignore current technology. ever heard of a Proxy server? How about Onion Routing?

Using either of these can result in two different people having the same IP Address at two different times.

Once again: Have your facts concerning current technology straight. You wish to view an IP Address as an identifier? Meh, fine. Just understand that it's about the weakest ID one can use.

You can keep pretending that you can tell who posters are by their IP Address: I, having run a forum or two in the past, can tell you from experience - you cannot.

ichabod Antfarm

"try to actually respond to what is being said Ichabod"

I did, you dink.

Prokofy Neva

What I really have to chuckle at is that when I look up the lovely Sean Williams IP address, I find out the following (ROFL):

o It stays static, exactly the same, for days on end, as the current one does, it does not change from post to post as he implies

o Going back YEARS through this idiot's posts, I see that for months and months on end, the same IP is used.

o Occasionally there is a difference in the IP, but it's by only a number or two, and it shows on some IP look-up tools as in the same "pool," i.e. still the same company, same locale, etc.

I think we can conclude that Sean Williams is very paranoid about the link-up of this real-life name to Solar Legion, even though he has been very clearly established as linked and not only through IPs, but through his inworld stalking and harassing and then his appearance on this blog.

Looking over the years of vicious and toxic rants from this individual, who hasn't risen to the level of banning because his speech does not constitute SL or RL damages, I do have to wonder about possible violation of my own rule.

If he can't stand by his avatar Solar Legion, and wants to insist that Solar Legion isn't him, then he's breaking my first rule, which is that you must post with a recognizable first and last SL or RL name.

"Sean Williams," even if a RL name, is one that is so common as to be impossible to check. For example, "Sean Williams" formerly played for the NBA's New Jersey Nets -- and that may be why this poster chose his name, just as a random forums moniker.

The entire point of my first rule is to make people accountable, either under a recognizable first-life name that one can tie to a RL reputation, or to an SL avatar name, that isn't just some blank alt, but that has an identity in world that its behaviour on forums should be attached to.

So, Sean Williams/Solar Legion, since "Sean Williams" isn't an acceptable RL name because it's a basketball star's name and a very common name and could well be fake (and doesn't tie to RL identity therefore), and if you claim that nowhere online have you stated that Sean Wiliams is Solar Legion, can't post here and you will be banned.

You won't be banned because of your persistently malicious and toxic speech and chronic infantile jerkimer harassment of me -- that's allowed.

You'll be banned because you won't tie that toxicity and immaturity to a RL or SL reputation.

So, back to you. Either come up with a recognizable reputation-connected RL name, or admit you are Solar Legion in Second Life, or be banned. End of story.

Prokofy Neva

Google -- never forgives, never forgets:

Darien Caldwell

LOL. I suppose now he will say that wasn't him, but someone pretending to be him, to falsely link his name to the account.

Now we just need to know where the grassy knoll is.

Prokofy Neva

Well, some girl talking about SL, and Mr. Williams -- a RL guy in New Jersey, where his IP addresses also point (and they don't change that much ROFL) -- and him saying "ello from Solar Legion" certainly fits. Any cursory look at the entries under both names show absolutely similar constructions like "kindly do this or that" etc etc. Inworld, he's some kind of BDSM dom -- no surprise there! A bullying controlling asshole who, at some level, is just some Internet-bred pup with little intelligence and a profound sense of insecurity. So Sean has to either say he's THAT Sean Williams on Facebook you can see there in that link, relating to Solar Legion OR he has to say he's Solar Legion. The demand is not that he link his identities; the demand is that he pick one he stands by that his toxic remarks will accrue to. Failing that, he can be banned.

Sean Williams

Pardon me while I laugh my ass off Catherine.

Here's my response to your demands: Fuck off with your bullshit.

Your rules state a recognizable Real Life First/Last name combination. Nothing more, nothing less. Guess what? Until you post up your rules - with any alterations - you don't get to change your tune when it serves you.

You want to know who I am? Hmm, you have my name, you have at least two different e-mail addresses I actually use, you're obviously obsessed enough to look up cached information in an attempt to find someone you aim your nice little hate gun at (which, by the by, is the precise reason I respond to you the way I do, when you drop the bullshit, you'll be treated like a real person instead of a hate filled waste of space) and according to the public profile of the Mr. Williams on Facebook, the contact e-mails are visible.

You want to know who I am? Use the information you actually have access to - just remember this Catherine: The general public doesn't go back several pages in a Google search nor do they look through cached web pages.

Joe Public isn't that obsessed with finding out who a person is.

I do hate to break it to you Catherine, but you're going to have to do the work yourself - as I have already stated. I have enough spam and other bullshit coming into my mail as it is. Do you really think I'm actually going to tell you who I am in these comments? Do you actually think I am going to open myself up to the bullshit that follows you wherever you go?

Nope - you get to find out who I am the same way a stalker does: You get to piece it together yourself.

Unlike you? I actually enjoy my privacy. You want a name you can try to smear with your rhetoric and bullshit? You get to work for it.

If you want to ban me over this (just proving how childish you really are, how far you'll stretch your own basic rules to serve whatever purpose you want them to serve, as well as your absolute need to have a target - the list of negative could go on forever), then just shut the hell up and do it already.

I have no respect for you at all Catherine. You silence anyone who pushes back against YOU with the same force that you use on others.

Grow a pair, grow an actual skin and mature at least enough to act like someone close to your own age. Then and only then will I actually be comfortable in affirming or denying my identity directly.

Until then? You're just another crazy to push back against.

Now if you'd actually act like s decent human being when you respond to me .... you'd be getting a different response.

Truth be told Catherine? I don't enjoy responding to people in this manner, nor do I tolerate it when people respond like this to me - without any reason to do so.

I will let you in on a little secret though Catherine: Any information I have in the public space is out of date and left that way.

I trust very few people with up to date information on me. You? I don't trust you at all.

Barring you acting a bit more like a decent human being in your responses (which would begin with a response to this that is devoid of your usual hate filled diatribes which are spewed at anyone who dares to disagree with you), you'll have to tell me exactly what you plan to do once you know who I am.

Want to ban me? Go right ahead .... and prove each and every word I have written in this response concerning your methods utterly true.

The only one making "toxic remarks" here Catherine ... is you.

Sean Williams

By the by: Your Blog is thus far the only place where I actually believe I'd be putting myself in danger by directly affirming my identity.

Do you know why that is Catherine?

Your posts, your responses to anyone who dares disagree with you, who dares to correct you or remind you of anything at all (least of all remind you of how things are) ... Your overall attitude and the fact that you have more than once stated you'd spit in people's faces - or worse - if you ever met them in the street lead me to believe that you cannot be trusted with that sort of information.

Those who know me - and have known me all of my life - know full well that the manner which I respond to you here is certainly not "me". It is something I reserve for those who I feel are a danger and for those who have yet to prove that they can actually carry on a conversation without resorting to personal attacks, hate filled speech, rhetoric, attempts to take the moral high ground, attempts to emotionally (or in any other manner) manipulate others ....

I've tried to be nice to you in the past - tried to show you that one can have a debate or even a normal conversation without all the shit I've listed above ever creeping in.

You however, have proven to be too stubborn and pig headed to actually see such a thing. I don't know who hurt you in the past, I don't know what they did to make you the way you are now ....

I do know that I have only addressed you in recent entries in an effort to present a countering viewpoint. One that doesn't look too deeply into things.

In the end Catherine, the choice is yours. Ban me or not - but if you really want me to give you what may become a future target of your ire? You'll think twice before hitting that switch and actually give being "nice" a shot.

Like I said earlier: I'm not in the habit of giving people who can only rant and rave anything they can work with myself.

Prokofy Neva

Er, no.

Bye, Sean, since you can't say whether your dirt-common name is the same Sean Williams as on Facebook, and you can't acknowledge Solar Legion as your SL avatar, then you are violating my rules.

My rules do indeed already state that you have to have a valid and recognizable name. I've said that hundreds of times on this blog and it is on the record in spades.

Saying you're "John Smith" or "Sean Williams" even if those are really your names obviously don't cut it, when the names are that common and could be any one of countless people in Google including a famous basketball player.

As I said, the *intent* of this naming is to LINK TO YOUR REPUTATION, not merely to go through the motions of satisfying the letter of the law.

If you are not willing to LINK TO YOUR REPUTATION, either inworld as an avatar that has something more than a blank profile, and aren't willing to link to your real-life name so that it is recognizable, you can go somewhere else to publish your bile about me.

Again, malicious comments themselves are not a problem. Anyone can make them, and you've been making them for years. You used to post under the name Solar Legion, but as soon as I saw that avatar inworld and began commenting on your stalking of me, you switched to calling yourself Sean Williams, to distract from that avatar.

Nor is there any requirement that anyone has to link a RL name with an SL name. But you have to pick at least one of the two that is valid and linked to a reputation. You're not willing to do that -- banned!

As for the rest of the silly and juvenile commentary, it just illustrates the impoverished powerlessness of the BDSM online personality, struggling to control, struggling to bully and defy, precisely because of his actual lack of manhood. All of this scolding and belittling and telling me how I should act -- how silly, coming from an Internet-bred pup.

As for spitting at people, I most certainly plan on spitting in the face of one particular person who has repeatedly harassed and harmed me, and I'd be perfectly justified in doing so if the occasion ever presented itself -- which of course it is unlikely to do.

Micha Sass

Spitting is so gross, a medieval type of insult. Chuck eggs!!

Rene Erlanger

If he is indeed Solar Legion...what an obnoxious prick he was on the SL forums.!!
I have to confess the 2 IDs seem kind of similar in attitude....posing as "Know-it-alls"

Prokofy Neva

Oh, it's the same guy of course. Solar Legion/Sean Williams has a different style, where he always haughtily writes "Kindly this" and "kindly that" with imperious rage. He's got a real BDSM-style imperiousness where he orders people around -- "you have to do this or that to talk to me" -- "you can say this but not that" "Respect me, or else!"

"I am Lord and Emperor of All I Survey!...Now...where did I put my car keys..."

that sort of asshole.

Know-it=all attitude coupled with ignorance -- unbeatable.

He is banned here for refusing to post with a recognizable SL name or valid RL name -- he refused. He put "Sean Williams' which he said was a RL name, but it's some basketball starr. Even if his real life name, it's not recognizable i.e. accountable. And he refused to admit he was Solar Legion inworld (he had slipped up once and posted with him). So I decided enough of his manipulative BDSM crap, out he goes, it's a violation of my rules.

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