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January 16, 2011


cube inada

"it's the geek's new hobby, but I don't think you can go in to someone else's mineshaft and talk to them, right?"

uh..uh.... i think their are state laws preventing this....

"not thats theres anything wrong with that"...;)

the "zwinky" market of 2d avatars that look like anibabies on mobiles will be flooded by end of 2012...its already big for years in asia... itll have a year or two of hype here, and BM will ride it... but in the devices are for controlling/organizing larger real and virtual lifestyles....

otherwise theyll called "handheld game devices" and are marketed to 12 and under.

It was clear that BM couldnt wait out the 5 years needed to the next VR worlds -- are the next big thing- gardner hype cycle.

2015 your bets now... the real winners will be VR worlds that have no HUMAN drivers, just machines living in machines..and the crazy idea that we will live in RL off the slave virtual labor or these AIs making pizzas that they cant eat for each other:)

caprica awaits.

brinda allen

Amen! I phone apps will kill SL as surely as a stake in the heart

I don't really think that Blue Mars claiming they are firing everyone to work on iWidget applications is really believed by anyone. It is the sort of thing that people say so as to not immediately have investors banging on their doors. Blue Mars is basically a dead world walking.

Nobody seems very interested in actual VWs on phones, partly because the technology is quite limiting but I think mostly because of how people use their phones. The supposed "MMOs" on the iPhone certainly all seem to be basically simplistic and rather antisocial games which badger you to spend money on inworld credits and sign up others as friends.

People do spend quite a lot of time on their phones but it is all very casual - it has to be something one can pick up and play for moments and turn off when the bus gets to your stop. Certainly the concepts of Blue Mars and SL are not appropriate for mobile devices - by all means let them log in and check and send IMs on the move, but mobile elements are only ever going to be an add-on to the full desktop experience when you have uninterrupted hours to spend with a proper screen and keyboard.

For the record, Minecraft *does* have a server version, which you can download and run yourself if you want (as long as you have paid) and let other people in as you wish. It isn't available on phones though.

Desmond Shang

I simply don't have enough information to have a firm opinion about Blue Mars' future yet, as I haven't been able to talk to everyone I need to in the last couple days. Knee jerk responses are easy; real research is a very different thing. It may take a week at least.

My guess is that Avatar Reality will continue as a company, perhaps a highly successful one, but the virtual world outlook of Blue Mars going forward appears to be pretty bleak at this point.

I can still charge rents, but the question is, is that justifiable under current conditions.

Once I have an idea of what is actually happening with Blue Mars going forward, I'll post a summary somewhere of the conclusions.


Its a real shame what happened to Blue Mars. But really the warning signs were all there and they were ignored by everyone involved.

In my opinion, it didn't exist long enough to see past it's potential. The city areas are still being worked on even after this announcement. Some are still going ahead with rentals even AR for their city.

The avatars were a true mishap for this world. The minds behind it all were the ones who created the strange "actors" in Final Fantasy Spirits Within. And it showed. I always felt as if I was not myself in the BM avatar but a fantasy created by a dev. With a professional skin, clothing and a facial shape, that I worked on meticulously, I managed to get something a little more personal.

But the average person is not going to stick around long enough to figure out the shape problems.

I think VR people should come to grips that they appeal to a very small, very unorthodox group of fans. The masses won't flock to SL, BM etc because it requires something more than "kill me 10 rats and come back".

Prokofy Neva

Translation of Desmond:

"Don't rush to conclusions that I've lost $20,000, I've really only lost about $5,000-$10,000, and this depends on whether I can continue to collect rent. People are unlikely to pay me under these circumstances where the end of the world servicing has been announced, but I'll convert that into an expansive show of my governorly graciousness and decency not to attempt to collect from them when I can't promise the provider's service."

Prokofy Neva

Melponeme, no offense, but as nice as that skin and outfit look, it's the eyes that are a problem. They are too close together, even crossed. The problem with eyes being too close together or even crossed is that they spark a cultural cue in people to view the person as either untrustworthy or loony or retarded. And that little tiny detail may be what caused Blue Mars not to have a stampede of people out of SL in the end.

Desmond Shang

I've already told everyone renting that I'll leave their structures up even if they cease to rent. Some have taken that option. I've already lowered rents to absolute minimum I can, and would lower it to zero if I could (or people can just abandon). That's what I feel rent is worth if the world isn't going to have much of a future.

Most seem to be holding on because, well, my best guess is that they feel very sad about the whole thing and don't want to be seen to be 'cutting and running' right away. Even when I myself doubt the value of continuing in a place that will never have effective vehicles, or ways for people to influence their world very much.

And finally, the one thing that can only be accomplished by renting is product sales; once the shop is abandoned one cannot sell any more. For the clothing merchants, who *may* have a market on whatever iPhone application comes down the pipe, this is a question for them ~ should they continue, even if the world never takes off? I can't possibly tell them.

The least expensive option to me considering time and hours is to walk away, and not spend time on it. But there are those who chose Caledonia on Blue Mars to be the location of their main store, and if they want to remain I'll keep going, even if someday only one person wants to continue there.

Going forward, it won't be a loss (cities are now free) but the 'big reward' might allow me to visit Starbucks now and then at best, or more likely not at all, while putting in a little time to maintain things.

This isn't how I hoped things would go. But I certainly don't expect anyone to continue to pay rent under current conditions. If there is a major turnaround someday and a future for the world, maybe then. But right now I don't see a lot of value. I don't have a final conclusion on Blue Mars yet (the 'world') but things look bleak, and I shall have results from some research into the matter soon.

cube inada

Your Work, Their Control.
just another ghostown on the gold coast.

enjoy the screen caps:)

hawaii must have been nice:)


Yes, The eye problem was a big deal. No matter how far apart I pushed the eyes in the shape, if they were round or almond, they always looked a little cross-eyed. Never could figure out the problem. They also seemed unfocused as well.

Unfortunately, that problem will never be fixed in the PC version. Who knows about the mobile version. I have a feeling the avatar problem will travel.

Darien Caldwell

"There's been a lot of talk about Mineshaft"

I think you mean MineCraft. As far as I know, people can visit your little craterous creation if you let them. But it's not really designed to be a 'social' thing at all. It for OCD ppl to hack away at stuff incessantly. :)

Cinder Roxley

There's a mobile third party secondlife client (*not* a viewer) for android phones called Mobile Grid Client. It's not in the tpv directory because it's closed source, and it's a prepay service (L$450/month or L$4500/year).

It's really not a viewer, more of an sl IM client. I use it when I need to login and have no PC access to talk to someone. There's no 3D, and it's really not a replacement for the viewer.

Despite what Kathrine will tell you, the whole login process is now handled by the mobile device itself, no longer are passwords or their hashes transfered to their servers. (They used to, sl blocked the client, MGC fixed the problem and were allowed to connect again.)

Why do I trust them even without tpv approval? MGC is developed by a real person with a real name and address with real accountability for his service.

Darien Caldwell

yeah, but $450/month is criminal for such a simple app. Better to just buy a laptop that runs the *full client* with 1 month's fee and take it with you if you need to chat.

Amanda Dallin

my reading of Cinder was that it was 450 linden a month. that's approx $2.

Treasure Ballinger

I was really enjoying your '3 words for Rodvik' thread on the General Discussion forum. It had some great posts, and might have actually given him an idea where the residents' heads are in SL. The thread is gone now, or at least I don't see it anymore. I don't know why the mods couldn't remove offensive posts without removing the entire thread. It was a good thread with a lot of positive energy and hope showing.

Darien Caldwell

LOL, I didn't catch that 'L' there. I thought we were talking real American Dollars. The thought of someone charing Linden Dollars for a phone app never crossed my mind.

I take back what I said ;p

Ann Otoole InSL

hmmm people like building roller coasters (minecraft) don't they? I used to enjoy roller coaster tycoon.

hmmm... *gears begin turning*

Cinder Roxley

Oof. For $450 a month I could hire a developer to write an app from the LoveMachine. :)

Danton Sideways

I access SL using the Pocket MV application on iPhone:

All it does it chat, but it can be pretty useful if you want to attend an inworld meeting when you're on the go.

Laetizia Coronet

Happy to see you on the Welcome Area / Infohub bandwagon there Prok. If need be, newbs should be diverted not to 'the nearest' infohub (which is always Waterhead if Help Island is full) but to 'a random' one, or better still 'a good' one. Like Ross, in fact, which is very good indeed.

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