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January 01, 2011


Wizard Gynoid

yay! i didn't make any of the lists. /me wipes my worried brow. NOTE: i did notice that wiz norberg made the list twice. he must feel doubly honored.

Toxic Menges

Yay! Lefty Liberalist Enabler escapes the hatchet!

Skylar Smythe

Chuckles. I have to agree with the people of influence for the most part. But they are only of influence to folks that read or partake in the blogsphere...

I forget who it was that said "most of Second Life functions with no awareness of Second Life bloggers or their opinions...."

Still some very respectable writers in that crowd who I admire for keeping us in the know.

I would have added you Wizzy...


Prokofy Neva

That was scary, how fast those people showed up -- within minutes of this post.

Skylar Smythe...hmm...does this person belong on the FIC 2.7 list? She is always commenting on the blogs -- constantly -- and always promoting herself. Well, perhaps in 2011.

There's that other person who is Crap's fangirl, Skye-something. What was her name? She belongs on the Mal list.

Chantal Harvey

I still wonder why you didnt put me on your list? Hamlet didnt put me on his f. list, can I pls be on yours?

Prokofy Neva

And who are you again, Chantal?

Chantal Harvey

Hahahahaha - you just made my day!

Prokofy Neva

I did think about putting in machinima FIC and the Lindon Endowment of the Arts FIC, but since M's departure, the LEA seemed to die, and Bettina Tizzy is no more that I can tell.

Chantal Harvey

Oh but you are wrong, LEA is alive and kicking. ;o)

Ann Otoole InSL

Yay I made a list by posting less filling more content! (btw that is FTC not FCC. The FCC needs to be kept away from the internet and SL in general. The FTC has the area of racketeering and fraud.)

I missed new years in SL this year. After making it to 4 years the other day I'm so SL old and crotchety that I was asleep and missed it all. I woke up at 12:00:30 when someone set off a large explosion nearby. woo hoo redneck new years.

Prokofy Neva

Oh, right. FTC. FCC should be kept far, far away from the Internet, indeed!

Sorry to hear you slept through New Year's -- but not really because you got a good nap.

What is it with this concept of "New Year's=Fireworks." We don't have that up here. Is this a southern thing? or a midwestern thing? Or?

Ferd Frederix

Nice to see so many people on this list that have personally worked with me on the free Google translator. They helped get it into the Help Islands (mal-FICer) and gateways (Bestest), spent hours making Hebrew work with Arabic (Noosphere) which was not easy for us, as small wars tended to break out between the chatters while I debugged, and eventually, into Snowglobe (a Noosphere) and ultimately all the major 3PV (Noosphere).

Now everyone can chat in any of 57 languages......and remarkably, there is one or more of these wonderful, giving people on all 3 or your lists, including the mal-FIC list.

Prokofy Proof that you can be a malicious do-gooder.

Cinder Roxley

i think the "Second Life Experts" deserve a place somewhere on there, but i'm no expert, someone in the wishlist project thinks they are though:

i don't know who jumpman is, he follows me on twitter, i read his feed once. he babbles incoherently, must be code.

Dartagan Shepherd

Not being on your enemies list was something. We all want to see SL succeed.

But Torley? If anyone escapes a label of malevolent, surely it's the king of the tutorials?

Beth Odets

"Remember, there's no limit to the good you can do if you are willing not to seek the credit!"

cause its just true. as soon as we feel like we deserve to be honored for being good, the perspective about what "being good" means... goes out the window.

****Fiddlist seeks window*****

Prokofy Neva

Google doesn't work to translate speech very well. It's useful for individual words, maybe a rough idea for a sentence, but it's really wack for trying to have any kind of meaningful discussion.

The nerdy little two-shoes here who is boasting about his work "for the Noosphere" couldn't be farther from it. He's just a vain self-promoting geek.

Of which there's no shortage from the "helpers" especially on "Help Island". They give to get -- publicity, gratitude, friends, pump-ups.

Like I said -- and I don't know who is responsible for this quote (Brandeis?): "There is no limit to the good you can do if you are willing not to seek the credit.

I especially loathe people who think they are "fixing Middle East peace" by doing some technical dipshit thing like getting Arabic and Hebrew into SL scripts to translate. Ridiculous.

What the hell is the experts' list? I never saw that. I think you may have mentioned it before.

Dartagan, you are an evil prince keeping all the fairies enthralled.

Prokofy Neva

Torley is among the most malevolent forces in SL. Generations of SecondLifers baffled and confused by the desperately cheery tutorials. But it's his fierce protection of the Linden Lab cult that is the most scary, cross that, and you will be banned from town halls, the JIRA, etc. etc. It was only after his star had fallen and some of his protectors had moved on or been fired that I was finally unbanned from the Linden blogs.

Ferd Frederix

This isn't a list of "my enemies," which is a separate list.... or is it?

Prokofy Neva

No, this isn't a list of my enemies. My enemies list is separate. I didn't finish that one yet.

Dartagan Shepherd

Keeping the fairies enthralled? I couldn't if I tried! We've actually done something different there and don't provide them directly, once they were released into the world.

Prokofy Neva

Of course the evil prince will dissemble and distract. You keep their eggs enslaved and keep them all addicted to you artificial food which makes them sicken and die after 6 months.

As for "doing something different," Sion doesn't sell live chickens, either.

Laetizia Coronet

As ever I wonder what it is with you and people who help. I think helping is nice, I think it is necessary in this complex environment, and I think the Help Island crowd - for all it's flaws - is doing good work the Lab has left for anyone to pick up.

Really, some people just help because they like to help. Whether they give good advice or not, whether they expect something in return (from newbs? What?), whether they beat their own drum about it or not really is secondary to the simple fact that they want to help. Which is a good thing.

I will continue to help. It's in my blood. It's needed. Having gone through the newbie entering thing again recently, finally kicked into the world in that hell-hole Waterhead, I know it is needed.

nina stepford

you can access the 'classic' blogs from 2004 > hidden away in 'features' in the date-sort area:

Amanda Dallin

Wow! I missed being FIC by 4 minutes. I posted on Jack's farewell just 4 minutes after Ingrid and nobody tipped me off. I just happened to be looking at the blog when it showed up. Thank God!

All in all a good list. I expect there will be big changes for 2011 with a new CEO who will likely bring in his own people who won't care about old FIC.

Cinder Roxley

i don't know what that experts list is for. I simply stumbled onto it one night. but it's on the official site, so they're the official "experts" in fashion and marketplace i guess. (wishlists is one of those features we were promised for marketplace that has yet to be implemented.) interesting, i thought for them to single out four out of all the fashion bloggers in sl to be the experts.

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