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February 25, 2011


cube inada

ill make a smaller version for ya. is that what youd like? a smaller jpg?

i say spread the meme by any (almost any) ways needed...:)

after 20 years of this craziness im broke but still punching.. so ill take whatever in food stamps i can get...

i do have a paypal :) probably one of the first....for the starbase stuff since 96-7 ish.

also.. i "wish" well kinda i was a "real coder" then i could have written myself at 3am some devious crap to ripp off creatives for 20 years... like a fool i only "evangelized" the knowledge that the medium had/ was changing....and that creatives needed to pay attention or else...

today its 'or else " to my chagrin.

fyi all---

kinda sums up what happened in design and content in the last 20 years... im sure Norman has a nice Apple house.... maybe i can use his pond...;)

the next 20 years? i see loop cycle rinse... but at MUCH hotter temperatures and with alot more folks getting shrunk....

unless... unless...

so any cash payments the universe will offer ill take gladly at via paypal.

consider it for logo services rendered...

ps - i would have coded CMT into VRML ISO standard in 95 if i could have... but it wasnt a "technincal" was told.... over and over for 20 years...

getting paid-- being valued-- not a technical issue...:) and THAT was im sure the real "dinner converstion" at the obama dinner of techlords...

back to my 1.00 bagel.

Prokofy Neva


I think I finally got a resized smaller version in there, but it has lost its fidelity I think. I can't tell as I have a crappy computer here.

When I get paid myself, I will send you a contribution for the logo. It's great. And we should spread it everywhere.

Maybe put it inworld on a website advertising your blog?


ah ok. i see you made a smaller one on the left... looks fine..
ill make one with a little more white bleed around it. ill place it.. maybe a sheet of them at the blogsite for anyone to grab...

ill upload a copy too into SL.. ill place it as a jog for grabs in a box at the main starbasec3 shop in minchau. good idea.

i should also place it at the marketplace sell it for 1 Linden. then i can afford that new

i saw an article by lanier about writers not getting paid a few days ago (might have been an older post)-i think i saw it at 1938media blog which i found through an old pal in nyc--i had also seen "lorens" name via your blog/twitters a few times..-- so i followed the links and read wht he had to say about stuff... funny- he seems to have "discovered" the whole net con for content makers in his blog posts from the last few months... i didnt get the "puppet" references though.

anyhow.. viva la living for the ? % who dont want to become their machines.

cube inada

i went to google the "CBM" to find the original tech-law story link..

is the top google spot... so now youve become your own reference.;)

ill look if i can find it ...but things do "disappear" on the day most folk will figure that out too. When they stop believing in

Prokofy Neva


It was a quotation from a lawyer speaking in a lawsuit, maybe the Veoh lawsuit, or a similar one.

You mentioned it in the comments to my blogs in the past so the link is somewhere in 30,000 comments...

Prokofy Neva

Found it!

The string "California Business Model" does not occur. The *idea* is explained wonderfully, however.


ah. good. i couldnt find it.. spent 20 minutes in google "relavance"...ugh

tried every string i could think found alot of lawyers and consultants talking social media...;)

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