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February 23, 2011


Rene Erlanger

Oh man, that Lady has serious issues! IMO she should be permabanned from SL official forums. She's a compulsive liar, stalker forum troll type, cheat & deceitful.

Can't we open a JIRA banning her? rofl :) (would be interesting just to see the votes)

Han Held

As they say, Any publicity is good publicity.

Thanks for helping to promote SL Offworld. :)

Prokofy Neva

I have no opinion on whether she "lies" because I just don't have the stamina to track all those forum discussions. I've come across her in different threads and found her to be offensive and outrageous at times.

In the history of my life in online game or world communities, I've never seen a FIC type or suck-up or sychophant go so far as to *put the company in their forums siggie*. In Suspiria's case, she's put an ad for Viewer 2 and the GSA *in her forums siggie* with a phrase also about seeing through the Hubble instead of a straw -- which I suppose is a reference to seeing this issue through her, um, vaunted and broad perspective instead of through this or that user grievance perspective. Despicable.

Her notion that her beloved Hippiestock, where apparently she worked in order to get street cred and rep points if not boot sales, was somehow ill-served by the Herald or even by me is simply at odd with the facts. Her banging on poor Simon is disgusting. It's not every day I need to cross the street to protect a Herald scribbler -- they're offensive as a class, by and large -- but this is a larger matter of principle -- she's just being an asshole.

She's able to be an asshole because no one can call her out without getting banned from the forums. People like that always get their hooks in by literalist interpretations of the rules. They are like bed bugs in that respect, hard to eradicate.

But the way forward is to keep exposing their bad and outrageous behaviour outside of SL until their grip is loosened. It can't be loosened if in fact they've got the company on their side. And I guess that's what I seek more informed opinion on: are the forums infiltrated with deliberate active Linden ages? Or are those just freelancers serving Linden interests?

Han Held is also a recent multi-drug-resistant infection of the forums who is somebody with an old account and old grievances, not sure who, who subtracts at every turn and never ads and also obsesses about me, which is always a signal of a certain kind of sectarian faction.

Prokofy Neva

And to explain again why I would never take part in Hippiestock: because the notion that there is some "peace" or "temporary accord" or "day when we put aside our differences" is reprehensible to me when you have bad-faith actors like Suspiria, or Darrius Goth, or Dartagnan Shepherd maliciously exploiting the forums for their own personal and business gain constantly.

As long as you have vipers like that, you don't pretend that it's merely about "our differences" or that "we've agreed to disagree" like persons of good faith who just have different beliefs or approaches.

No, it's about one set of people in these struggles in profoundly bad-faith actions creating drum-circles to falsely put people together when in fact they don't need to be, and shouldn't.

I'm not goint to sit with this bunch and share tye-died t-shirts and drum circles with them when they behave in bad faith as they do. If they had a belief that Viewer 2 worked better for them; if they were happy with the Lindens deleting all freebies from SL Marketplace to get rid of their competition, I wouldn't agree with their views or support them, but if they merely stated them, even forcefully, on the forums, I would accept that.

But they don't. They work overtime to spread lies, confusion, and hate, and behind the scenes are buttering up Lindens and abuse reporting other people.

Unless you are on a level playing field with such people, where they can't manipulate the rules of a restrictive forum to their advantage, you can't win and can't beat them.

What's appalling is that the offline forums are just as bad. No one is standing up to them there, either, and instead giving them *hugs*.

Storm Clarence

I think your comments on Hippiestock are a tad extreme. I attended, said some hellos, listened to the music, and enjoyed myself. It was a 'positive' and healthy event. You are probably correct to state "it should have been listed in Events."

I seem to infer from your words an indictment of any/all that attended, The 'politics' around the event and the event itself were not considered (by me) until in the SLO forum Suspiria demanded credit. (At least I did not recognize the politics until her posts)
This was not, in my eyes, Suspiria's event - it was Hippies - and others contributed. Suspiria is now making it *her* event and kind of ruining it for others that attended and contributed. (I don't give her the credit you do in establishing and maintaining a conspiracy perpetrated by 'inner' SL types. I just think she is a little self-centered)

Please excuse me as I am still getting use to your writing(s). Many of *us* new people to SL do not know or understand the SL *history* underlying most of your posts. I find it interesting, but somewhat hard to wrap my head around - I am learning.

The other *stuff* in your posts are usually spot-on.

Argus Collingwood

HippieStock was a fun event and a great opportunity to meet GD forum users avatar-to-avatar, share the fun of dressing in theme, listen to live music, take photos, chat a bit, crash a lot [for me at least], decorate a space, and feel a sense of fellowship/shared experience. The opportunity to extend the concept though adding folks to the photo is unique and brought a furthered sense of fellowship. All in all it was a very positive experience. You really should have come and I hope in the future you will. [as to any personal disputes and issues that is another matter and one that is best addressed by those involved]

Prokofy Neva

Storm, you're one of the insular provincials I'm talking about. You *do* realize that nobody in the wider world cares that 140 of you from the forums who could fit on 4 corners went and had a hootenanny? Truly, it's not the center of the Metaverse. It's fine for what it is, but let's not exaggerate all its love and peace.

It's a public relations gambit at some level, and one designed to put peas in the pot of some of the forums worst manipulators.

The politics indeed entered with Suspiria trying to volubly and disgracefully get credit -- but she wouldn't be struggling so mightily for this credit if it were what you all claim, just a nice get together and not, in effect, a merchandising opportunity (for the merchandise of the reputation game, not literal merchandise, although that can be the case too).

I don't know Hippie; in fact he's not the one I saw touting Hippiestock -- it was the other girls around him that did. But so what? Some people do the work, some get the credit. This disgraceful display from Suspiria should lead to 100 people saying "you're impossible, this is too far, you're outrageous" and putting her on mute and boycotting her store. That will concentrate her silly little BDSM queen's mind wonderfully.

Instead, some community people are giving her hugs and saying "awwwww we know how hard you worked.

Doing what? Others chatted the event up much more and used very creative occasions to raise it, i.e. to the new CEO in that thread, etc. Why not? It was marketing.

Suspiria is just a dysfunctional persona, a board ho. She should be clobbered on this one, but people need board hos more than they'll admit, I guess.

As for the conspiracy thing, there is a very long and very sordid history in SL of very conspiratorial doings, indeed. Where once people thought I was a crank for pointing this out when I saw only some people get free sims and some people win the contests and some people get fielded for the RL press interviews, in time this was so blatant and so institutionalized that they had to concede it.

Today, when Blake Linden baldly announces that she is picking only some merchants for a closed focus group and may rotate others in later, no one really blanches. They should. A few do; most merely rush to sign up for the next rotation.

Today, when Jack Linden told us there is an Atlas program of discounts for some larger buyers but not as a given for all if they wish, nobody questions this.

Today, when the Lindens sent out by email an ad for only one pet breeder, people raise an eyebrow, but they don't protest en masse.

The forums is where the struggle for new FICification takes place. Somebody like Suspiria hopes by her bullying on the forums to come to the attention of the company and become one of their people and put in Destination; the library; an ad campaign; a press opportunity; whatever.

NDAs are passed out like candy, and that suborns the population too, so that people are always happy to stay silent, never criticize, and rat out others because they might get into an NDA themselves.

Some people have already seen the new forums software; we haven't. Some people saw mesh before it was ready for beta; we haven't. Some people got to test Havoc 4; not all takers. Some people got invited to the beta test for the ad system; it wasn't something everyone could ask to sign up for. And so on and so forth -- hundreds of little power plays like that all day, every day.

It's the culture of the software industry and California business in general; it's not the culture of the heartland or the East Coast. That's my conviction about it.

Prokofy Neva

No, Argus, I won't be joining your marketing campaign for a forums power grouping. It's discusting. ANY campaign involving events that involve sitting down and breaking bread with a figure like Suspiria is out of the question.

That's not a "personal dispute". It's not "cultural". It's about *principle*. You don't play peace with people who are at war. You don't pretend you can "put aside your differences" with people who advertise viewer 2 in their siggie and browbeat and harass and bully others who question you doing that and dispute your findings.

I can sit and smoke a virtual pipe with someone who favours viewer 2. But not somebody who favours it and runs the company's ad campaign in her siggie and bullies protesters. That's like sitting down with FBI informers and Nixon Administration flunkies. There are principles here.

Treasure Ballinger

Interesting post. I read your blog, Prok, because I learn stuff here. There's a lot in the forums I don't bother with; I very, very rarely look at someone's profile inworld, that posted something in the forums, even if I respond to it there. Of course, I"ve seen Suspiria around the forum threads, don't think I"ve ever responded to anything, can't remember and really don't much care though. I do agree with Storm that I, personally saw Hippiestock (admittedly, from afar, as I wasn't part of it at all) as Hippie's event. Maybe I didn't do enough sleuthing, again, didn't care enough, it wasn't going to be my thing, so just saw it in passing. So now I know that Suspiria has a BDSM connection, according to inworld profile; Ok......meh. Again not my thing, so, ok. (my thing was more Angela Davis and power to the people, than free love and flowers to all. As for viewer 2, I understand enough to log in and use it if I need to. Sometimes I DO need to, I have a board in my service center that uses a screen you can only see on Viewer 2, so it has it's uses for me. I"m fluent, it's just not my favorite language. Sorta like a second language, for viewers, lol. Nothing Suspiria or anyone else says is going to change that opinion, because, it's my opinion from my own personal experience. I'd think everyone has one of those, and that very little prodding, or even insulting, anyone else, can sway them when they have an opinion based on experience. Rambling, I KNOW, here, sorry. Call me if anybody organizes an Angela Davis lovefest.

Derek Torvalar

Nice piece Prokofy
The individuals antics on the GD forum have been reprehensible and she deserves to be called out and sanctions imposed. I try to contribute to the awareness in my own special way but some would rather smiles through a mouthful of shit.
Derek Torvalar
Vicomte de Vitriol

Storm Clarence

I don't know what to say Prok (I hope you don't mind the abbreviation of your name.) I am trying to figure out if you just dissed me and told me to get my head out of my rectum. Maybe, but I don't feel dissed. I don't know if what you wrote in your response was a compliment, either. Oh well.

I don't read the SL forum in the same light that you do. This does not make either of us wrong - it does make the statement that I am less than 1 year in SL and you have a lot of history.

I, too, am a board ho' I participate because it furthers my enjoyment of SL. I also like to share in laughter. To me it's all entertainment.

You have enlightened me with several of you posts, but I am not a fool when it comes to understanding the 'motives' of several forum participants. They don't trouble me as I *do* realize that in the whole scheme of things, outside our little world, there isn't anybody that really cares.

I look forward to reading more of your essays/blog posts.

Darien Caldwell

Hey that Herald story didn't mention that I had *nothing* to do with organizing it!

Obviously on purpose!
What a douche!


Argus Collingwood

That's fine, Prokofy, but guess what, it was not a Marketing Venture [let alone MY anything], it was a party, no more, no less. To spin it your way, one should never go anywhere in SL at all because there are folks logged in that you do not want to associate with might happen to be where you go. Your World, Your Blog, Your Choice.

Venus Petrov

The only unfortunate thing about Suspiria's bombastic fumigation was that it was done in an even smaller forum as the SL GD forum is read-only now. She railed in a smaller vacuum. Interestingly, all of those she was certain would have mentioned her name to the reporter never directly responded to that assertion. Well, one did couch it in terms of responding to the writer's direct question and that was all.
Suspiria's attempt at bullying others without seeming to bully them into admitting something failed.
Suspiria asserts that the GD forum is 'entertainment' yet she wails when she thinks that someone is bullying her. It must have come as a surprise to her to read that I do not read every post there, much less all of hers, so I did not know the genesis of her dislike for being called 'Sus'. Oh, I am sure she thinks that I knew all along but I did not. She needs a reason to call me a bully and so now she has one.
/me shrugs
I attended Hippiestock. I will not claim to know all who were involved in setting it up and making it happen but I do know that if no one had come, it would not have 'happened'. It was a fun event.

Amanda Dallin

I skim the GD forum occasionally but somehow entirely missed Hippiestock. The first I heard about it was here. Sounds like i didn't miss much. I attended several parties this week that I'm sure I had more fun at than I would have at Hippiestock. Funnily enough, they aren't the center of the SL universe either.

I still prefer V2 to V1 or the tpv's. 2.7 is even better with both pay and delete in the first level menu when you right click an avatar. It's a shame it takes LL this long to figure out basic things like that though. Even though I like V2 I'd never tell anyone else they should. It's just personal preference.

Raul Rehnquist

My Disclaimer: Raul Rehnquist has never been or ever wants to be a Linden. I was never at any time paid by the Lindens to start the SL Offworld Forum. Although if they want to pay me, I'd gladly take their money. Just to re-coup the money I've spent all these years in SL.

I started this forum because I was pissed off at the Linden regime and how they were running their forum. I named it the SLOffworld Forum because I wanted to make sure no one could confuse it with being a part of SL. Because it deals mostly with the issues and people of Second Life. "Where the Lindens can't touch you" is just a built in bonus feature of not being associated with SL.

I did attend HippieStock and it was a wonderful event. I hope to attend it again next year if it comes to pass.

I read Simon Leominster's article in the Herald and think he did a good job on the piece. I've publically stated this in the thread on the SLO forum.

brinda allen

Damn! I was too stoned to get across the country (and broke) in the two days notice prior to Woodstock.... and now I missed it's replay here?
And to top it all off like @Darien I wasn't reported as not being involved!

I love it... great laff.
/me wonders how cold it is in some basements?

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