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February 09, 2011


brinda allen

OK...maybe it's because I'm old.. or misinformed, or just ignorant. I remember a conversation a couple of years ago with Effulgent Brown upon her return after selling out and leaving Secondlife for a year or so. She spoke of how during the early she said, it was a lot like high school. I read the same kind of sentiment from Pituca Fairchang (One of the charter members). When I came in early 2007 we saw Lindens actually in world... and not just at office hours either. While I know now the changes we see today were on the way, there was still the feeling that we had a bit of a say.
This last year has seen a dramatic shift in the very fabric of the perceived democratic feeling. The semblance of any kind of community has been further eroded with the names fiasco. I just wonder why, when there were more of us, that we could at least appear to have a say. Damned sad.


It stinks but it isn't surprising.

In a half-assed way or in a spurt of daydreams, Philip Linden probably toyed with creating a society online. But since he had no interest in actually using what works in actual real life civil society, he and his followers used pie-in-the sky utopian fantasies. Instead of learning and understanding why they got the actual results of CHAOS, they decided to push through with the insanity.

Civil Society 2.XXXXXXXXXX

They forgot the one true flaw in the plan that began with themselves. The terminal thinking built into programming society: forced obsolescence. If it doesn't work, forget it and go elsewhere. Unfortunately that kind of thinking doesn't build a society in real life or the virtual.

Now all they have left is some kind of success, an online community that did share that dream of a society online. But they can't market it because most of it they don't own. All of this, is an effort to take back their platform. I saw the problem the first moment I walked into this virtual world. I knew a company that needs to make money would have to rout out the independent business people inside their product. If their efforts bring no money to the parent company.

Truthfully, maybe it is for the best. We will all do a lot better if we worry about our real US civil society rather than a dream online.

Amanda Dallin

I don't know why but lately I've seen a linden in world more than I have since 2007. I even had a conversation with him about lag and sim xings. He was working on these issues and wanted a resident's opinion. Since then he has contacted me a couple of times as well as some friends of mine. Once on my request, he restarted a sim to free a ghosted avatar. The Lindens in general would have a better image if more of them interacted in world in such a positive manner.

Reading the blog, I'll have to withhold judgment on whether the removal of voting is an authoritarian move to marginalize and hide resident opinion. We can still watch the various Jira which is similar to voting. I would rather keep the voting feature. I suspect some Lindens who didn't like voting are using the revamp of the communication tools to get rid of it.

Darien Caldwell

"We will all do a lot better if we worry about our real US civil society rather than a dream online."

I've come to that same conclusion over the years. The band Megadeth said it best in their song 'Peace Sells':

"If there's a new way, I'll be the first in line. But, it better work this time."

Sadly, LL's society didn't end up working.

As for the JIRA, ultimately the JIRA voting meant nothing anyway. LL freely ignored entries with tons of votes, and quickly fixed entries with a single vote. The only JIRAs I ever pushed through were either on technical merit, or because I was extremely vocal on the matter. Votes never entered the equation.

Saying they will use "Watches" as a new yardstick is of course silly. But there doesn't seem to be any good alternative.

cube inada

silly rabbits, trix are for kids.

since you didnt "realize" what the real game of LL was till uh now? dont get that, while you were played....

you allowed the realworld to look more and more like SL-- er virtuality at its faith based- pre sold- canderous worse.--

LL - 2001-2011 --just think of the westen world through those years... not a pretty site. and of course Egypt- one of the oldest places of human civilization to still exist, is now going to be run by a google exec within 6 months.... thats like giving " Jack Linden" his own rl countris economy to

prok got it, and for that shes a

but i said to the VR cyber sitters at some cyber hollywood event back in 2007 as they all wanted "predictions" to make some bank on....

" forget about making youre avatar look "more" like you --(failed realistic mars etc) in the future you will be forced to making yourself look like your avatar...."

thats where the real bank is, till were just batteries.;)

Darien Caldwell

No, I think many realized all too well. That's why we wanted SL to become a better world than the real one. The real world is FUBAR in a very literal sense. And there is little we can do about it.

But as it turned out, there is even less we can do in the new world SL promised. So again we return the real world, and look for some way to fix the slag heap we have been given.


youll find theres more you can do to change "your" realworld, than youll ever have changing someone elses virtual one.

want is nice, but non delusional is better.;)

Trinity Dejavu

I've created a JIRA about this, vote for it ! Get your alts to vote for it too !

Then again, waste of time all round.

Jira voting is akin to ratings, they served a purpose and were a positive instrument for a while, then we started gaming the system, we devalued the system and it's about time it was scrapped. The original purpose of JIRA votes is still important to the Lab hence watching now being used. That will end up being gamed and the lab will have to look for a way to replace it. It's an arms race and the lab has to strive for continually come up with new ways to get useful information from the noise and chop we as a community manage to produce.

Town halls got junked as they ended up being a waste of time for all involved.

If you want a bigger voice with the lab, go get a job with them. Till you do that you're in the same soup as the rest of us, play the hand you are dealt, don't bitch when the dealer notices you're stacking the deck and calls for a new one.


"Till you do that you're in the same soup as the rest of us, play the hand you are dealt, don't bitch when the dealer notices you're stacking the deck and calls for a new one."

lol. its not too late.. unplug.

"the only winning move is not to play"


[15:49] Oskar Linden: I don't think voting was ever taken into account internally fwiw

(at his OH just now)

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