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March 02, 2011


Lum Lumley

"Lithium" really is the most unfortunate choice of names for community forums ever.

They do a lot of business though: Primarily aimed at large customers that just want to throw $10,000+ at a vendor and have it done. (I'm *really* surprised they didn't set up a address for them, though - kinda amateurish there) Among other large companies EA, Nintendo, Sony all use them.

That's just the software, though. The wetware - the moderators and moderation policy - is what I suspect you're more interested in and that's entirely the purview of LL.

Lum Lumley

Hrm. Since I last looked they switched it over to Could have sworn when they went up it was at a address...

Oh well. Bit less amateurish, but still vastly overkill for SL IMHO.

Lum Lumley

Also, it looks like just my glancing that "Your Avatar" is the new "General Discussion".

Not having a catch-all for, well, general discussion is kind of silly, because people will pick one place and do it anyway. If you moderate harshly enough that one place picked may be somewhere outside your company's control, of course. But it'll still happen. Especially in a social game like LL - amazingly, people like to talk to each other!


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Prokofy Neva

Lum, the name of the company that makes this community software is indeed Lithium, it was changed to that name from Scout. And the forum was indeed at that address, as Tateru Nino blogged, probably for the beta, now it's changed.

But isn't it like you to imagine that this is really merely wetware and "policy".

This company is making it easier, with these particular tools, to use that particular wetware.

It's Lithium that has made a tool for reputation advancement. We didn't have that before. It's stupid. It's gamification. That's *your* department.

No, Your Avatar is Your Avatar divided into silly stuff about skins etc.

People simply tried to take it over and turn it into "General" because people always overthrow software, as surely you must know, and as you've indicated, and we'll have to see if a) the Lindens start moderating this harshly b) they create a system from hell that allows smarmy little net nannies and suck-ups like Suella to advance and then moderate their fellow man (I'm waiting to see whether/how that works but that's what people are saying.)

Scylla Rhiadra

The main problem with the lack of a General Discussion forum is that the restriction to carefully chosen "focussed" topics works essentially as a form of censorship. It's all a bit Newspeak-ish: if the category hasn't been sanctioned by LL, then it can't be discussed.

So, it's not merely that we can no longer (apparently) have threads about what one ate for breakfast -- which is perhaps no great loss. But there is now also no home for discussions about such SL-related things as adult issues, or even more general discussion of SL culture. Our chat is now to be channeled in whatever direction LL chooses.

Moderation also seems excessively strict and harsh. Threads discussing the *absence* of a GD forum have been closed by the new mods, and I've seen at least one e-mail go out to the originator of a thread criticizing LL which threatened him with a forum ban.

It may be that all of this will change over time, but as of right now, I don't see much point in posting in a forum that is clearly intended to function as little more than a public relations excercise for LL, and as a sort of sweatshop for unpaid technical assistance.

Laetizia Coronet

Your "rank" depends on your past Forum activity, not on any in-world thing, explains Lexie here (with my reply). Apparently Weber hasn't been active on the Forums, like myself.

Ann Otoole InSL

LL added an Off Topic forum today.

Scylla Rhiadra

Interesting. As of right now, anyway, the Off-Topic forum is (unlike the other forums) invisible unless you sign in. I wonder if it is accessible to a Google search?

There is also apparently some talk of creating an "Adult" forum.

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