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March 24, 2011



"If the Lindens are going to move to a system where all abandoned land reverts to sale for a $1, they are either going to have loads of Governor Linden land for sale sitting there, or a very glutted land market (probably the latter) and they will basically wash out the margins that make a few bot businesses still able to cling to land sales as a business."

If this occurs it will no doubt destroy the last great looking places on the mainland. People pay premium for land next to protected Linden land. The nicest mainland neighborhoods grow around them. Now why would they want to destroy that?
It is an issue that is related to the old infohub model.

The very success of things they don't want annoys the idealogues immensely. So instead of using it, they destroy it.


They aren't suggesting that all Linden land go to sale, i.e. the buffer land that is roads, parks, landscaped areas, etc. They are saying that when land gets abandoned, instead of sitting there for ages waiting for a Linden to manually process it, it will go to sale for $1 a meter -- which is how it was handled before 2006 in fact. It used to go automatically in 16 m2 chunks and go for sale. That's why we ended up with ad farms for 16 m everywhere.

Darien Caldwell

I guess getting something for abandoned land is better than getting nothing at all.

I know LL doesn't get around to abandoned land much. I bought most of a mainland sim about a year ago, and later decided to drop half. I abandoned it, and it still sits there to this day, nearly a year later. That's lost revenue for LL to be sure.

On the plus side, I don't have neighbors using the land and lagging things up. But in a way it's cheating the system as I get the benefit of nearly a full sim's resources, while paying for far less.

I can see why LL would be considering this move.


I think the Metanomics participation today at the military conference explains the renewed drum beat to destroy the land model. The land model requires a proprietary platform.

That isn't something the military wants at the moment.

All the Snowcrash groupies are probably panting at the thought of their hypergrid coming to life with military funding.

cube inada

some folks refuse to have any "memory" :) both ram or rom.:)

after 20 years... the price kinda remains the same in a mass market... but the scope per inch increases.... driven by the demand of technology to have other "bobbles" to sell.... like mesh or normal mappings..etc... etc..

bandwith -"almost" the same-- ex cept for its interference by monopolies given by local goverment to a few corporations.... which sucks commie shit. but is based on local tubes and cables and dirt, so theres SOME reasons... albiet the lack of regulation by the culture-us gov. that makes any sense...

anyhow-- people are what they eat.. and theyve eaten years of hamlets and pork... now they must deal with the artery disease.

the real problem is the tech industries refusal to ethically become a mass medium from any niche media start. they arent guilty alone anymore... but now have cemented the plan that wall street and stock markets devised a century ago.

cube inada

"All the Snowcrash groupies are probably panting at the thought of their hypergrid coming to life with military funding."

not gonna happen beyond VRML/X3D 3.0 crazieness...fostred by the same types that held vrml/x3d from any major use back for 15 years.

besides.. unity and flash will allow constractors to make 3d gamlelike- projects ....and allow all military oldbies contractors to just hire the next kids from tech/art school.

Victor1st Mornington

Ever been to a shopping centre (mall) and seen a parent dragging around a coupleof bored looking kids who would rather be on the XBOX with all the other cool kids?

Ever seen about 1 hour into the shopping trop one of the kids starts jumping out, screaming and shouting about what he wants?

Then the same screamy shouty kid stops screamking and shouting and moves onto something else he wants, totally forgetting about the thing he really wanted 2 minutes ago...walks over to the new item...and starts screaming and shouting again?

THATS Hamlet...

He's a has-been. A washed up, washed out "guru" of the virtual worlds. He dumped LL for Blue Mars laughing at everyone else saying BM wouldnt didnt, he was proven wrong, he crawls back into LL and is now trying to buddy up with Rod Humble.

Hamlet the Has-Been...

Rod isnt stupid enough to listen to Hamlet, right now Rod is playing the age old EA internal game of aural sinking. I used to work with EA types back in the day when i worked in Activision and Rod was a very shrewed community player...he's doing the same here.

Hamlet may think he's back in with "the crowd"...he's not.

Hamlet may think whatever he typed in that tired out old blog of his may cover up the fact the dumped SL and went sailing off to BM, then came back to SL when BM wont.

Hamlet may think he's still the big virtual world guru of SL...he isn't.

Cam ya tell i dont think much of Hamlet the Has-Been? No one else i talk to think much of him now either.

cube inada

there are no old borg;)
the class of 2006 is finally being schooled.


What is "aural sinking"?

That Rod is playing a game is very, very clear to me -- it's the kind of game strategy that gamerz are good at.

He has VERY studiously gone and buttered up a bunch of leading community voices -- people who whine often but are still addicted, like Toxic Menges. He's written back to all of them on Twitter -- he follows over 200 people in SL -- and makes nice little comments to them all.

He has not made any comments ever to me -- but not to others in the blog and media business. He hasn't said anything to Paisley Beebe (I could be out of date on that). I don't see him shouting out to Pooky Amsterdam (maybe I missed something).

He's buttering up the old FIC -- Phaylen, on the radio show. Cristiano -- by joining Sluniverse. The old FIC is gamer-psychology FIC he can understand -- Cristian is an avid WoW player.

He's making nods to other movers and shakers like Draxtor. His twittering is hugely strategic and is done with marketing people at his elbow telling him what to do -- don't talk to Imnotgoing, he's a BDSM ageplay freak, don't talk to Prokofy, who is too critical, etc. Marketing people view all of us on a "do not touch" list as equal.

That's fine with me, I don't require a relationship with the CEO of the company running the platform to do my SL thing.

I don't see him reaching out to Desmond, however -- perhaps that it's in the work.

I don't see him reaching out to foreign language communities -- the Lindens have closed all their offices abroad and figure that isn't necessary, I guess.

Rod is buddying with Hamlet for only one reason: he is the highest traffic SL blog site.

He is having his marketing pukes bring Pixeleen into the press meeting for only one reason despite the Herald's horrendous hatred of SL: -- they are the second most trafficked blog.

He's going to discos inworld; he's showing up at various functions like car shows and Tweeting to the bitter Mitch Wagner to come back -- etc.

So he's doing all the right glad-handing of "the commuuuuunity" as they think of themselves, and he has his marketing people keeping the top content producers like Ozimals and such happy with special ads.

Now comes the hard part.

The very hard part.

He is going to have to shaft land dealers -- if he moves to another land model or even just closes the auctions and makes a few other changes like that.

So I'd love to hear what Desmond thinks he will do.

Will he accept Hamlet's sinister advice, which is EXACTLY the same wish that Mitch Kapor and some of the other early funders believe in? (And that's why Hamlet persists all these years.)

Or will he ignore him?

Victor1st Mornington

Aural Sinking was first coined in Activision during the heady days of pre E3 (Electronics and Entertainment Expo) when companies like EA, Activision, Interplay and the likes all went out to smaller localised conventions and interacted with each other.

Aural Sinking is the same as a haet sink in a computer. Your ears take the heat of some know it all babbling in your ear...your brain then dissipates the heat and you forget about all that was said the next day.

The art of the gaming industry is buttering up the localised social network within the platform your in, then once youve buttered up as many people in as short a time as possible to make it LOOK like you are interacting with the big hitters and social media folks you then implement some change in the game or platform which folks dont like...BUT...with Aural Sinking you have at least offset the hatred of the community by talking to the folks who run blogs...folks like Hamlet The Has-Been will be scared to REALLY criticise Rod with Harsh words because Rod has done the Aural Sinking...Rod has made Hamlet think he in the "in crowd", Hamlet will now be carefull not to get out of that "in crowd" when in actual fact Prok...

...the in crowd doesnt exist.

It's a very high stakes game Aural Sinking...i done it myself when i worked at Activision about a decade ago.


So, Victor, what's the bad thing that Rodvik is going to do? Put in mesh and destroy the economy and enrich a tiny handful of greedy creator-fascists? Dump all the land in the toilet? What's that bad thing?

Kimberly Rufer-Bach

Perhaps the plan is to move lots of traffic from SL to web pages, which allows for using the data collection/targeted ad business model.

I sort of like Rodvik, because he does seem to understand online community dynamics and appears to be working hard. Always figured that he was inworld long before his official start date, and that is paying off for him now. Of course, that still doesn't mean he will make choices I like, but I suspect his choices won't be ignorant ones.

Texas  Ranches

Conferred approximate nothingness since the early days of the "need" -- nay, the "demand" -- for Linden Lab to dip the land turnover model. Drop it as whether it were uncool! Drop it as whether it were retarded! Drop it as whether it were preventing them from earning more money!

Land Texas

even if the Lindens intentionally spoil the Mainland land market, a thing they've long trusted to perform because they loathe land; it scares them; they dread it; it signifies confidential real estate away from their state, there's still their own want to trade offshore island servers and those offshore island landlords' want to get

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