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March 03, 2011


cube inada

meme a little meme for ;)


Prokofy Neva

1) why didn't you sufficient sales for 60 days, when you make good things and have cool lots?

2) why did I?

This is just random? Beyond control? Accidental?

3) dead cat bounce?

cube inada

The things i did sell this month were.

1.least expensive
2. smaller sized -one man ships- not larger kits/plot homes etc.
3. less "creative"- more of the 70s reproduction scifi TV kitch spaceships ...--- i admittely steal "others" ip;(-- but i must to pay the 34.95 it now seems.)

ill stop when they

4. could be flood of market--SL marketplace has many more ships listed.. many more /clones of codes and cheaper linden type prices...not freebies but sdo close.... what incentive is there unlist? again this is all about lindens pennies per..not my dimes per...

5. it really also think, that mass newbies that want to grow-spend are shrunk way down... you have die hard fashinistas playing stardoll, or specific roleplayers in a genre--but those are either "outside" media marketed--TREK FANS etc.. or very vertical and adult.

the middle is gone...thats my simple answer for why my sales when from growth up to few hundred usd per month...held through 2007...and now down to 50 bucks at best in last few months.

i just dont see the ROI of updating the orignal stuff... lie greenies or other high concept original IPs before ...they cant grow in LLs garden....

its no accident TAMAGOTHIS are the big content seller... and that they cycle through "architypes"... but not really marketable IPs....

i do think inexpensive, service oriented methods are gonna "win" in the SL LL model... so its no surprise you may do better now.

but we had different goals for what SL "could-would" deliver... and most of my efforts were rapped up in the real world 3d as media circus...and the eventual -obvious to me - non workability of aLL to deliver the way that other tool/platform makers have for professional creatives who "at least tried' to keep a living together thoughout the web for the last decade. well without resorting to pyramids and punditry to bank on.;0

anyhow. oblivion.

Prokofy Neva

Make a space-pet, cube. That will sell. Make its food more interesting than most people make the food. Have it do more.

One thing that none of them have done except possibly sion is to reward the pet when you click on it or feed it or do *something* -- making the pet produce more rares or something.

I simply disagree that the middle is gone. I think the middle is growing made up of maturing newbies but they aren't North Americans.

Prokofy Neva

Larger homes aren't selling because homesteads are flat now.


"I simply disagree that the middle is gone. I think the middle is growing made up of maturing newbies but they aren't North Americans."

lol.. i was going to and now will clarify that comment...i just had to end the post and head out...

yes youre right.. MY middle is gone - western-casual gamer types--copper robots/and robotas etc..---- they have been replaced by non westerners etc. who rpg and play in/with different cultural styles and items....

my stuff was "story centric ip" and in it dosnt play without translations..localizations

money-time. desire--- ROI -thats the question...
i winked at all the issues with original IP in SL in 2006...offered the first 3d printed stuff/toys avatars etc.. watched the SHERPAS redux bad web3d ideas from the decade before...

i "understood" why
LL gave Insilio the free sims...the -buddy FIC or GOMMED ways-- it was always just not worth the dicksuck.... wake me when teh silly animal named sherpas IP? or the Greenies are/were bought by EA..or Disney-wsnt gonna happen---and now an EA ex, resume building at LL....??.of course.

i never saw the tech driven creative IP industry flow any other way.

Remember- tech/culture/media dev isnt about the bunnies... but getting paid to update bunny code for each new marketeting/sales cycle...

so yes.. a new middle..but that is the pyramid game that SL virtuality and now all web virtuality feedds on... and wioll burn through not in old 5 year plans stumbled together, but in looping 6 month plans.. that we now clearly see as our mediaverse culture... ipad2 anyone? now "in white"
henry fords "black" model T ?--- but now after a century of being lobotomized... WE demand it only in black (2010)..or white(2011).:) but heaven forbid a grey one.

brinda allen

Yes, for what ever reason these last two months have done well.

There's one thing that just irks me no end RL, stuff that retails for $00.99, you know $9.99 or $29.95 etc. Finally I see it does work--- cut a parcel, reduce a parcel size from 2048M/5000L$ to 2000M/4880L$ and it sells.

The tunnel vision thing is alive and well with me! Darn it.

do we need names

not easier making a living on programing stuff for google's android, either

"at which point he received some unhelpful "generic information" plus a threat tacked on that if he violated the rules again, he'd have all of his titles pulled. For someone whose Market apps are breadwinners, we can imagine that would be a little scary."

you better get a job for these african dictators, that might be more reliable.

Ann Otoole InSL

Good post Prok. Given some significant progress I see the lab making I might actually start feeling like logging in again. Once I have a viewer that defends against malicious media url assaults.

Darien Caldwell

"basic schemes to keep making money ... planned obsolescence, planned breakage, etc."

This is basically how the real world works these days, especially in the tech world.

Your laptop doesn't have a serial port? you need a new one. Oh wait, now we have moved to USB. time to buy another. USB 2.0, no, now 3.0 is out. Try to keep up!

Now Thunderbolt is the new thing to have past USB 3.0 And of course this is just on interface ports. Same thing for operating systems/storage/3D video, you name it. If you don't keep upgrading, you're obsolete.

Cinder Roxley

The other night I was packing for a move in rl, I went through a big box I had in storage, shrinking down my stuff for the move (I hate filling a new place with clutter) Anyway, going through a big box from around 2002 full of cables, usb, ethernet, tv coax, power cords, cords I have no idea what they go to anymore.

I ended up throwing away all the ones I have nothing to plug into anymore! I must have thrown out ten s-video cables because now my tv has hdmi, and I don't have anything using s-video, but I remember shopping with my friend and him raving to me about s-video and how it was the best picture quality and I had to get them not rca because svhs vcr's used s-video and I didn't want to be left behind, would I? Now I have nothing that uses s-video almost ten years later.

I can't say my sales from marketplace were up despite my front page listing, but my game hall is doing wonderfully 2 or 3,000 L$ a day, even though the product support group for my games has other game operators constantly ranting about JP Linden killing our game industry and how they aren't making anything now.

My only reasoning for that is now that JP handed down the skill game policy, I adapted a way of operation, and they continue to beat their head into their 5 year old business models.

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